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Near Death Experiences (NDE)

Updated: Apr 24

"A deep and long research on Near-Death Experiences initiated by a well-known psychologist and author Dr Raymond Moody has revealed God as a being of light and How Soul (we) decide our Next Life after leaving one body"; should have become a headline in every newspaper of the world. What can be more important than an out-of-body, impersonal experience that reveals and proves thereby that we are non-physical and immortal beings of pure consciousness who merely enter this body, experience life, perform karma, and leave the body when it is time to take another body! These experiences also revealed the existence of another world, a world of light and abundance, where the supreme light (God) also resides.

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In the 1970s and 1980s, an initiative study by Dr Raymond Moody examined Near-Death-Experiences of many people recorded after they came back to life. A majority of them reported that they saw a powerful loving beautiful white light, incorporeal or personified (which they recognised as God) who showered them with the most precious experience of unconditional love, acceptance, peace, and comfort. Then they saw their life story and had to go back to the world in order to settle their karmic debts with souls.

Common Reports

Some also reported that they saw a film playing in front of them that shows their life journey. And at the end, they were given two choices; whether to stay or to go back and fulfil their leftover task. This ahead proves that we ourselves decide our birthplace, family, etc. while we are in our higher-conscious state. Most of the ND experiences did experience presence of a powerful light above them, whom now they would call 'god' who would also observe their life journey along with, but does not judge them. While this, they did experience 'unconditional love'.

NDE is the most significant proof of afterlife and of God's existence
Light during Near Death Experience (NDE)

Dr Moody's Nine Elements of NDEs

Dr Raymond Moody is a well-known researcher in the field of out-of-body and near-death experiences, and in fact, the best-known expert in this field. Since 1976, he has been researching the cases of people who went into comma, or in simple words the stage where the body organs hibernated while the brain still functions. This research which he started at the medical college of Georgia in the USA, soon earned the attention of local and international media as he made eye-opening common conclusions after researching (interviewing) dozens of cases.

1. A Strange Sound

A buzzing, or ringing noise, while having a sense of being dead.

Before the subject left his or her body, they heard a soft and high sound. While as soon as they left the body, there was a sense of complete peace and stillness, as if life was merely, a dream.

2. Peace and Painlessness

While people are dying, they may be in intense pain, but as soon as they leave the body the pain vanishes and they experience peace, serenity, and harmony with the entire existance. With this, many reported that they felt a deep connection with the entire world, all living beings. They could feel what other people are feeling in the world. "All life-experiences were merged in a wonderful melody. And I could feel an individual's life as I pay attention to a particular life experience, say of a political leader, of a famous artist, of an average family person, or of a person in pain. I could feel anything and everything as if you can see all the TV channels at once"; reports a young mother who had her NDE while giving birth to her first child. Source: Her NDE (youtube)

3. Out-of-Body Experience

The dying often have the sensation of rising up and floating above their own body, while being detached from the body. Some do experience the feeling of being in a spiritual body that appears to be a sort of living energy field. They could see everything just as they see with physical eyes, but much more. They can see, know, and experience everything as there is no longer a physical restriction. Many reported that they could sense if someone was remembering them, no matter how far physically they are.

Light at the end of Tunnel - NDE

4. The Tunnel Experience

The next experience is that as they move away from their body, they were pulled into a tunnel, at an extremely high speed, until reaching a realm of radiant white light. As soon as they enter the realm, they reported feeling at home, being complete and free from all burdens. Here, some even saw serene nature: vast beautiful gardens where flowers and grasses were all full of life. The sense that everything is made of pure energy.

5. Rising Rapidly into the Heavens

Instead of a tunnel, some people report rising suddenly into the heavens and seeing the Earth and the celestial sphere as they would be seen by astronauts in space.

Angels of Light - NDE

6. People of Light

Once on the other side of the tunnel, or after they have risen into the subtle world, the dying meet people who glow with an inner light. Often they find friends and relatives who meet and greet them. (This reveals that we all have a subtle body of light, which we get for a short time after death and before taking the next birth)

7. The Being of Light (God)

After (or before) meeting the other beings or angels of light, the experiencer often meets a powerful spiritual being, a deeply loving and mighty white light, whom most of them identified as God. They all reported that this white light gave them the highest experience of love, comforted them, and empowered them. This was much like a "refreshment" for the soul, in the presence of the Supreme Soul (God)

8. The Life Review

Then either God himself or a being of light (angel) presents with a panoramic review of everything they have ever done in their life, a LIFE REVIEW if you may. That is, they re-live every act, every moment of their life once again. The amazing aspect of this "life-review" experience was that we get to experience life from the other person's point of view with whom we had an interaction. And the soul concludes that "love" is the most important thing. Having kindness, love and mercy for all was the offering of that moment.

NOTE: The "life-review" experience was brief for almost everyone. This show is only a few seconds but covers all parts of your life. It is FELT more than it is seen.

9. Reluctance to Return

The Being of Light sometimes tells the dying that they must return to life. Other times, they are given a choice of staying or returning. In either case, they are reluctant to return. The people who choose to return do so only because of loved ones they do not wish to leave behind.


At last, as we have to return (back to earth) and take the next life (birth), we are presented with some options on where to take birth. In most cases, there are 2 options. Those options are created as a result of our past life Karmic accounts. Thus, we have to take birth to a family with whom we had the most karmic accounts. And our future life will follow up.

➥ If for instance, a soul had a brief encounter with death and the person died due to an uncalled accident, then as many NDE survivors told, they were presented two options: Whether to go back to their family, or to stay with God in the world of light and bliss. And ofcourse, most of them instantly thought of staying... But as soon as they did, they were shown the scenes back on earth, the situation their families would go through just if they decide not to go back. Seeing this, all of them would opt to return. Though some also reported that they heard a voice (of God) asking them to return. "You cannot stay, you have not yet fulfiled the Purpose", they would hear. And the word "purpose" resonated through their soul, making them willing to go back to earth and fulfil their responsibilities and purpose of life. This is how this beautiful divine experience is created.


In essence, some great secrets of life are revealed:

  1. We are not this body (we are a being of light, a Soul)

  2. After death, we go to God

  3. We see our own life story and judge ourselves (God does not judge us)

  4. God does not decide our fate, our life. We decide.

  5. God is full of love. He grants us all he has and up to us is how to use it.

A collection of NDE stories

Here below, we would present you a video interview of a person (Nadia McCaffrey) who had her Out of Body (Near Death) experience when she was a child. Video interview by 'Anthony Chene'.

NDE video interview

NDE YouTube channels

➤ Follow this YouTube channel for Near-Death Experiences Interviews like the one above.

➤ Watch videos on The Other Side NDE (YouTube channel) with 80+ NDE interviews with animations.

➤ Watch videos on NDE dairy (YouTube channel) for 90+ audio/video interviews with beautiful presentations.

Recommended Book: Awakenings from the Light (12 Life Lessons) by Nancy Rynes.

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