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Mount Abu Videos

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Videos and tour of Mount Abu (madhuban), the main centre of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University. Here are selected videos showing Madhuban (Mount Abu) places like the Accommodation (residence area), meditation hall, Tapasya Dham, Dadi cottage, History hall, and Sakar baba's room. Also through these videos you will know about the day-to-day lifestyle from Amritvela to night, see the atmosphere in our Kitchen (how sattvik food is made in large amounts), and also experience living in madhuban (God's garden) as a visitor. If you wish to know the Procedure to stay in madhuban, visit Mount Abu Accommodation

Following are videos taken officially (by our media department) and also some videos unofficially (by visitors)

1. Scenic Drone-video of Madhuban (entire campus)


Get more such drone scenic videos of madhuban on this YouTube playlist

2. A Virtual Tour to the entire Mount Abu (madhuban)

A MUST watch video (recommended). The below video is an excellent tour guided by a visitor with family - showing places around the madhuban (Baba's room, Kitchen, Tapasya dham, Dadi cottage and Accommodation building)

3. Baba's Room in Pandav Bhawan

Here is an outside and inside video tour of Brahma Baba's cottage in Pandav Bhawan in madhuban, where he used to live... We call this 'Baba's room'.

4. Full tour of Madhuban Kitchen - Shiv Baba ka Bhandara

This is a video of madhuban's kitchen on an occasion of 21 days Yog Bhatti - doing sewa of making Roti (chappati)

5. India's Mega Kitchen at Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu

An overview of the mega kitchen of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris in near Gyan Sarovar, mount abu. See how 'Brahma Bhojan' (Sattvik food) is prepared and served to everyone.

6. Visitor's tour of Madhuban, Mount Abu

A visitor is visiting Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhyalay's main centre on Mount Abu, and this was his experience captured also in this video tour...

7. Dadi Prakashmani's Memorial in Mount Abu

8. Dadi Janki Memorial in Mount Abu

This video explores the memorial (Dadi Janki Park) created in the loving memory of Dadi Janak (Janki), the chief of Yagya (2007-2020)

9. India One Solar Thermal plant in Mount Abu

This video explore the "One Solar" sun-light energy power plant created and maintained in our campus, which also powers the entire campus of 'Brahma Kumaris'.

Useful links

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