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Life: The Law of Karma Explained

Live your life with freedom. But first know the laws of universe & the specially MOST IMPORTANT ONE - The Law of Karma.

Law of Karma BK

Sometimes we experience deep mystery about life events - Why this or that happened to me or the other? Hence we are then attracted towards finding the reason, the cause. In doing so, we often come across asking God. Because you believe God 'decides' you life. But in this article, this will be clarified that God is merely a moderator and does not interfere with our personal karmic accounts. God is a guide. He shows us a better path everytime, help is given.

Good souls experience discomfort when does an inaccurate karma (makes a mistake). So they don't feel that good. This is infact, a sign that depicts your pure nature. And who knows, that asking questions about life will put you directly in front of the unknown which shall completely transform your life.

- Here is a snippet of the original email we received from Davis (Russia) -

''Respected Sister, I started my spiritual enquiry/studies at the age of 22, though I was attracted to religion & philosophy since very young age - I am probably an OLD SOUL on a prilgrimage.

Hindu by birth. Named Davis as per horoscope. As I hold a Christian name many Christian missionaries wanted me to accept their faith but I was never attracted but rather was attracted to iskon initially and later to impersonal concept of God (specifically after this incident in 2003 ) which probably is/was so essential for my soul growth.

I would like to share an incident that happened in my life at the age of 29 (15 years ago) and that which changed the course of my life towards occult science. I am still searching for certain answers and I still couldn't get the proper answer.

What happened: '' Unconsciously, I became an instrument for a financial loss of $500 for a student younger than me who came all along to Russia from India, to study...'' (( Then Davis described this matter in details ))

Though on the exoteric outer part that incident looks like a bad karma but on the esoteric inner level, the higher self is probably very happy with this incident that happened. But the universe could have given me this lesson in which only I was involved and not that I become an instrument/agent for someone else suffering, that too unconsciously).

Initially after the incident I started searching internet for my questions, learned more about the ultimate law of the universe. Then started to meditate on my own to relax my restless mind. Came back to India in 2006 - started meditation in local BK meditation. It was specially arranged by a BK follower (sister) who has arreged a portion in her small house for others for Murli and meditation. So it was through internet that I came to know about BK. Peace...

Thanks !! ''

Our Email Response

To Davis, and Everyone Reading this..

Your long letter is read. as we already guide you to first read the page on Karma. Hope that atleast gave you understanding that Karma is NOT based on what we did with our hands. Karma is based on what was our INTENTION behind it. This is wonderful. This solves most of the difficulties good souls have.

Sometimes we do something that is not bad in our knowledge or we are unaware of its exact result. Hence one may take an inaccurate decision. Here the intention is focussed. If the intention was good, then the instant response is happiness (you experience comfort by doing something with a noble intention) Why?? - Because this is our true nature. Our nature is peace, love and purity. Anything that we do that resembles these virtues, will definitely give you noble results.. no matter what the actual Karma's result was.

That means - if you even kill someone with an intention to save someone's life (you can imagine this play) then this is NOT a bad karma. But wait. Now it goes subtle - You have taken a step as if you are a judge - you decided whose fault it is and then punished. But if for example, you had any trace of harming someone without a proper reason, then that is a sin.

Clarification - 'There is a King who wants to conquer other's land by violence. In his cruel dream, he joins his army and makes them a part of sin. So it is the king because of whom the army is fighting. Now if you go and kill that king, with an intention to save the life of those who were going to be a victim of that cruel king, then it is simply that you became an 'instrument' to save those innocent lives. Here you need to understand 4 things:

1. This is NOT a sin in the name of humanity, in the name of Dharma (the religion of life)

2. This will create a Karmic account of yours with that King, whom you killed.

3. You shall get blessings from those who are happy for king's death.

4. The power of those blessings will then help you while settling the karmic account with that King's soul..

Every Karma is rewarded in 2 parts:

1. Instant - In Hindi, called as 'Pratyaksh Phal' meaning the fruit of karma which is instantly experienced. Eg: one get instant joy after helping others

2. Long-Term - This result is awarded in next birth by God himself. Understand -> someone builds free hospitals for poor. He shall get great health in next birth. Someone donates money - he shall take birth to a wealthy family. Someone donated knowledge - he shall take birth in such well behaved, mannered family.

Hope you understood the circle of karma.

It is extreme difficult to completely understand this karmic accounts and hence in Shrimat Geeta also, it is said by God to Arjun, that : ''These family relationships that you think binds you from doing your dharma, are very temporary Arjun. And you don't even know why are they your family..''

1. God's divine force - truth

2. Maya (5 vices) force - untrue

In the coming time, the world will be clearly divided into 2 groups -

1. Those souls who have a loving intellect & are obedient towards God

2. Those souls who have dis-liking or dis-obedient towards God

You have a good intellect - which is reflected in your writings. So you are chosen by Shiv baba and this all only became a medium to bring you towards your fortune. You have some knowledge, but the ocean is in front of you. After all, the aim of this last birth is also to ''learn all the knowledge God has''

We are his children. We also must have all his knowledge. Knowledge is the source of everything Davis. If you have this divine understanding of Soul, God and world, then only your life is a worth. Knowledge then gives happiness. Souls are praying for peace, when the ocean of peace is their father.

Come and give me you hand. Hand in my hand and conquer this enemy of body consciousness and slave this lust (the destroyer of peace) and I shall take you the home across the ocean of sorrow. Then you shall come back in Satyug and live in a world beyond your dream..'' - Shiv baba, your eternal father

(( A personal message ))

You have a good intellect. You must use it for service of others. First, you learn, then teach.

Welcome you to know About God's coming:

BK Google - Search the Divine - (A personal search engine for BKs)

Waiting for you response - What do you decide to do in this life?


In Godfatherly (Godly) Service



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