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World International Yoga Day Article

INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY ARTICLE, by BK Shivani. and BK Anand, site admin (


Referred to as Yoga Day (Yog Divas), is celebrated annually on 21 June every year since its initiation in 2015 which was declared by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on 11 December 2014. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his UN address suggested the date of 21 June, as it is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and also shares special significance in many parts of the world. Yoga also imparts longevity to human beings. The longer day also represents the sun of knowledge shinning with a victory over the darkness of ignorance.

Raja Yoga - Yog with Shiv baba

'Yoga' – for better health and control over your life and 'Raja Yoga' to become a master of the self (mind, organs, senses)

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So let's begin.


We all live our lives in search of peace, love and happiness. So yoga i.e. our mental energy correctly channelled and connected in a union with something more powerful and divine (God), provides us with that we seek and much more. People also call performing actions as yoga which is called karma yoga, but only performing selfless actions with complete dedication to god.

Nowadays with the stresses and strains of everyday living can be depleting on a mental energy level unless the karma yoga as it is called is accompanied by a mental union or link with the Supreme Soul, while performing the actions, which helps us in remaining unaffected by the stress caused due to being over-busy in those actions. That in the true sense is karma yoga i.e. selfless karma performed in the remembrance of God. This link between me, the spiritual child and God, the spiritual parent, nourishes me continuously and gives me the strength to perform actions with complete accuracy and get the desired success filled result. Do watch the below video of BK Sister Shivani explaining the true meaning of Raja Yoga meditation.

★ BK Shivani's message on 'World Yoga Day'★

Meditation simply means the management of your thoughts. It is to have the ability to think of what you want and when you want, without interference from other thoughts. Meditation is to develop the ability to concentrate on a particular subject without being attracted and influenced by the five senses, the five vices and the five elements. Yoga, which is associated with meditation, simply means to have union or make connection with some object, subject, person or God. However, yoga is usually associated with spirituality.

Yoga is to have connection and to have dialogue or sweet conversation with the divine source of inspiration, whom people call God. Meditation, therefore is a prerequisite or condition that assists spiritual seekers to have unbroken, undisturbed and continuous access with divinity and this experience is called yoga, another form of prayer.

In meditation, I go into the depths of myself, and deep within my inner being, I find the beauty of peace, love and happiness that is there inside me. I also realize that this same beauty lies inside each soul. Then naturally and very easily, without any effort, I get connected to the same qualities in others. In meditation, we learn to observe our inner self and recover the resources that can cleanse (heal) and fill us with virtues like peace, love, truth, wisdom, purity and happiness. Through concentrated thought we learn to let these positive and pure energies manifest (show) themselves in our conscience and in our day-to-day actions.

“Meditation is full attention without tension. Meditation is not simply a dead mind but it is a communication between the self and the supreme soul who governs the whole world and us.”



There are various types of yoga:

➥ Rajyoga

➥ Hatha (penance) yoga

➥ Gyan yoga

➥ Buddhi yoga

➥ Bhakti yoga

➥ Mantra yoga

➥ Karma yoga

➥ Sanyas yoga

➥ Tatva yoga etc.

All of us are constantly living a life of yoga, which in spiritual terms is called a link or connection between two entities i.e. the one which remembers and the other one which is remembered. Examples of what we have yoga with - it could be a person or God (Rajyoga) or your actions (Karma yoga) or spiritual knowledge ( Gyan yoga) or bhakti (Bhakti yoga) or your breath (Pranayama) or your physical body (Hatha yoga) or even a physical object like a candle flame. Rajyoga is the highest amongst all since it is the communion between soul and supreme soul (love borne communion) where in the thirst of innumerable births of soul are quenched and sins of innumerable births are absolved, all the virtues and powers of soul are emerged there by becoming king of kings. All yogas are inherent in the Rajyoga.

So, yoga is life and should not be limited to sitting in a particular posture for a few minutes at a particular time of the day. Basically, remembering anything or anyone is yoga. The word yoga should not be limited to exercise which is a narrow definition of yoga. Focusing on one’s own body is extremely important, but only one aspect of a yogi lifestyle. A complete or comprehensive yogi lifestyle is focusing on pure and constructive sources right through the day including God, because yoga means union or link, a union which will benefit the soul and body positively.

The body and mind must remain healthy for overall progress of a human being. As Hatha yoga is required to keep the body healthy, Rajyoga which is greatest amongst all yogas is equally essential to keep the mind healthy since a healthy mind is the base for a healthy body. If mind is powerful then the body also becomes strong. Therefore it is said “As the mind, so is the body”. It is also said “Conqueror of the mind conquers the world”. The soul acts like a battery in our body which gets discharged through our negative, wasteful thoughts and vicious acts due to which the divine qualities & powers of soul gets depleted and it becomes weaker and victim to vices. Hence it’s charging is must on daily basis for smooth functioning and proper control over mind & body. The mind becomes strong by acquiring powers through the remembrance of almighty Supreme soul. In Rajyoga one learns method of connecting the mind and intellect with the Supreme soul. This dispels anxiety, fear, stress etc. of the mind. Rajyoga is an easy path to calm down and stabilize thoughts. Through it, we gain power to remain happy in every situation of life.

Rajyoga is that yoga technique which is devoid of any rituals or mantras and can be practiced easily anywhere at any time by people of all backgrounds. Therefore it is called as Sahaj (Easy) yoga or Karma yoga.

➥ Practice RajYog with these Guided Commentaries.

At Confluence age incorporeal point light form Gita God Yogeshwar Supreme soul ( Shiva / Allah / Khuda / Jehovah / Omkar ) the resident of the soul world has to reincarnate into an ordinary human medium in every cycle to destroy various religion and re-establish one eternal deity religion ( heaven ) and fulfill the godly duties of imparting spiritual knowledge, teaching Rajyoga and purifiying souls and five elements. Due to which all souls of the world get true knowedge of Soul, Supreme soul, World drama wheel, Abode of souls and achieve godly birthright of Mukti ( liberation ) & Jeevan mukti ( liberation in life ). All souls of the world get relieved from sorrow, restlessness and sufferings of extreme hell and this world gets re-transformed into its original state (golden age), bahisht, paradise or heaven.


✿ Some points of Difference b/w RajaYog and Hatha Yoga ✿

★ Rajyoga is the love borne remembrance of the Supreme soul residing in the Brahm element (sixth element) . This is spiritual yoga or union to become ever pure. ☆ Communion with Brahm or (sixth element ) or any corporeal form is Hatha yoga. All these are physical yogas that are not meant for purity.

★ Rajyoga guides in the easy and best way for God attainment amidst household life. Also imparts deity status in coming future. ☆ Hatha yoga turns human beings into ascetic and sanyasis ( hermits ) for attaining God. ★ The practice of Rajyoga make the soul pure by clearing away the sins, karmic bondages and purifies the five elements of nature thereby transforming the world into heaven.

☆ Through any other yoga it is impossible to destroy not only the sins of previous births but present birth too and it cannot even purify the 5 elements. ★ Rajyoga can be taught only by the incarnated bodiless Supreme soul.

☆ Various types of Hatha yogas are taught by different corporeal or physical gurus. ★ Through Rajyoga, the Supreme soul destroys various religions and establishes one deity religion.

☆ Through Hatha yoga destruction of various religions and establishment of one true religion cannot be done. ★ Rajyoga teaches to realise self as soul and remain in the remembrance of the Supreme. ☆ In Hath yoga the teaching is imparted that Soul is equivalent to Supreme soul.

★ In Rajyoga, a direct connection between soul and the Supreme soul is established due to true and complete identity of Supreme soul based on clarity in form, relations, location, time and acts due to which the soul regains its lost original qualities and powers by stabilizing in its original form. ☆ In Hatha yoga there is a freedom to concentrate on any place or object, relation is established with the guru (spiritual guide) and deities. In other words emphasis is not given on merging the mind in the remembrance of the incorporeal form of Supreme soul with the understanding of his real identity.

★ In Rajyga the main focus is especially over the practice of elevated and powerful thoughts. ☆ In Hatha yoga importance is given to thoughtless stage.

★ The practice of Rajyoga destroys body consciousness and get established in soul consciousness state. ☆ In Hatha yoga body consciousness is not eradicated due to connection with corporeal beings.

★ A Rajyogi can celebrate easy communion with God through angelic form in subtle world and soul form in soul world. ☆ Due to lack of true introduction of Supreme soul and his dwelling place, the Hatha yogis cannot establish loving relation with the Supreme soul due to which the true communion does not happen.

★ A soul attains Satopradhan ( intense pure ) stage after eradication of five vices i..e lust, anger etc. through the practice of Rajyoga. ☆ Through the practice of Hatha yoga it is never possible for a soul to attain complete viceless and intense pure stage.

★ A soul remembers it’s true religion through Rajyoga and remain stablised in the everlasting peace. ☆ The Hatha yogi sanyasis go to jungles in search for peace but they acquire only momentary peace.

★ A soul attains salvation through Rajyoga which means it enjoys complete peace and happiness in Satyuga and Tretayuga ( Golden & Silver age ) for 21 births. ☆ A soul can attain happiness for only one birth through Hath and Karma yoga.

★ Rajyoga does not demand tight and strict sitting posture, one can sit in any comfortable physical position and remember Supreme father and 84 birth cycle. Since this is an easy remembrance technique. ☆ The Hatha yogis adopt cross leg sitting posture and perform yoga followed by Pranayama or breathing exercises.

★ After learning Rajyoga, the deities in Satyuga become ever healthy and attain longevity without any disease, old age or sudden death. ☆ Through Hatha yoga one remains healthy for short term period.

★ Rajyoga rishis celebrate communion with God through all sort of relations. ☆ The Hatha yogi sage believes element to be God. They do not attain God.

★ In Rajyoga practice is done to attain bodiless or soul conscious stage by forgetting the body. ☆ In Hath yoga importance is given to physical postures or actions.

TODAY ONWARDS LET'S be a blessing to this world by meditating daily... TODAY LET'S sit in MEDITATION at least for 15 minutes in the evening (7 pm - 7:15 pm) and give the world the blessings of peace and happiness...!Yogis are a boon to this world!


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