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Husband Wife Relationship management tips

Here is a question asked by Charitha Nidhi on 16 July 2018.

'' I am Dr Charitha . my husband always fight with me for all matter and talks ironically. he is not earning and I have adjusted to all these situations. I know it's my past karma for which I am suffering. I feel lonely in my life always. please guide me.'''

Our Answer:

Dear Divine Sister

You have understood the law behind Karma, isnt't it? If you understand, then you also know that this will soon change, As soon as the karmic account is finished, you will be liberated from the person. This has to happen. But you can certainly handle more better. You should NEVER react to anger. Anger is our enemy, not a human being. No. It is anger who destroys our wisdom. Hence you need to control the senses and have love for everyone, including your husband.

You understand that you the soul and your husband's soul would have a relationship in past life that was some unpleasant. and today's worlds is Tammo and hence this small problem may also seem a big one. Due to impure atmosphere only the soul consciousness is not felt.

If you practice soul consciousness, then you will get instant peace of mind. Soul is peace. I am Shanti (Om Shanti). Wise person should not speak much. Always remain in silence whenever possible. Do speak only when needed. Practice this.

Who am I ?:

Further advice:

Learn Raja Yog meditation. We will always advice everyone to learn, no matter they are in a problem or not. Raja Yog is the source of all powers and virtues that we received from our supreme father (Shiv baba) through his remembrance.

Learn What is Raja Yog:

This is our advice in essense:

1. Accept the karma and its result. Do no mistake of giving sorrow to anyone.

2. Become very very sweet. Speak very less and always use peace.

3. Practice soul consciousness. We are a soul. Always see yourself, not other's fault.

4. Learn Raja Yog.

This is Godly advice. Now do your best and see.


In godly world service



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