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HOLI - Spiritual Meaning and Significance

This article is to shed light on the spiritual significance behind celebrating HOLI (festival of colours). What are the three meanings of the word 'Holi'? How to celebrate Holi in the true sense? And the divine message of God's arrival.

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Spiritual Meaning of HOLI festival

India is a land of festivals, in which the festival of Holi has a special place in our hearts. We all celebrate Holi with great joy, do Holika Dahan & colour each other with a lot of love… Have we been celebrating this festival in this way just like that or is there a deeper secret hidden behind it?

➔ In fact, all our festivals are closely related to our own journey of life, they are memories of our divine transformation! India’s rich culture consists of 33 crore deities, and all our festivals are related to the deities in one way or the other. We also know that there was a time when India used to be a Golden Sparrow, the time/era which we call Paradise/Heaven/Satyuga, and at the same time, there were 33 crore deities on this land of India. Do we know where those deities are now??

➔ Change is the only constant in life! Golden Age - Silver Age - Copper Age - Iron Age (Satyuga - Tretayuga - Dwaparyuga - Kaliyug) while passing through the ages, life after life, we souls drifted away from our divinity and became ordinary human beings from deities. Once who used to be embodiments of Purity, Peace, Love, Happiness & Prosperity, started falling into 5 vices (lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego), and started experiencing sorrow (Shokvatika / Kaliyug / World of Sorrow). But after every dark night the sun rises again and a beautiful day shines! Transforming this world from Iron Age and establishing Golden Age again on this earth is not a task of an ordinary soul. And that is why in the present time, at the end of the cycle the incorporeal God Shiva Himself appears on this earth to re-establish Heaven for us! From the beginning of His divine incarnation to the beginning of the Golden Age is called Confluence Age/Sangam Yug which is of about 100 years. (Yes, God has descended!). All our festivals are memorable of this Sangam Yug when we make our life pure & blissful by directly connecting to the Supreme Being and become the masters of Heaven again! Refer to: World Drama Cycle.


✿ Holy - पवित्रता ✿

Lust has been called our 'greatest enemy'. We have lost our beloved Paradise by falling in lust (which is also mentioned in The Holy Bible - “They ate the forbidden fruit & lost Paradise.”) It is only by conquering our vices that the world transforms & Heaven establishes. When we change, the world changes. God reminds us of our innate qualities, in which Purity is the main. Purity is the mother of happiness and peace, the key to all attainments. The true meaning of purity is not just celibacy, but becoming pure in thoughts-words-actions. When we receive His divine message (refer: Shiv Baba's Message), observe Purity in life & emerge our divine qualities, Heaven comes on this earth. The festival of Holi is our memorable of becoming Holy & imbibing Purity in practical life!

✼ Ho li... - Past is Past... ✼

A lot of things come up in our lifetime... Many years go by, but we say - "This will never be forgotten"... And we keep holding onto it for years although we also know that it harms our mental well-being, physical health, and relationships. God reminds us that we are all children of Him, brothers among ourselves, & the whole world is one family. Whatever has happened in the past, put a fullstop and move ahead with life waiting to give you a greater gift...

★ Ho li... - I Belong ★

"तुम्ही हो माता, पिता तुम्ही हो... " - The time has come to live what we have been reciting in our prayers! A Father, Mother, Friend, Teacher, Life Partner - We surely have experienced all these beautiful relationships with Him once, and that’s why we all had been calling out to Him to come again & make us experience it! In fact, our true & eternal relationship is with that One (God) only. We had been looking for Him for ages... and now when He has arrived, we merge ourselves in love with our long lost and now found beloved father, and enjoy the super-sensuous bliss of his presence… HO-LI means "I belong to Him" or as we will say in Hindi: "मैं आत्मा परमात्मा की हो ली"… Surrendering to God means - Following His Shrimat (the Highest’s opinion) for the welfare of ourselves & the world.

✲Spiritual Significance of HOLI in essence

➔ As it is said - "जैसा संग वैसा रंग". By staying in God’s company we become like Him - we start becoming enrich of purity, of peace, of love, and fill the self with his light & might... and then we also apply these divine colours of purity, peace, love and joy to others, to all those who come in our company. This is why the world applies colours to each other to celebrate Holi. It is merely a remembrance of this time when God the Supreme Soul applied the colours of all virtues and powers to all of us souls (children).

➔ Staying in constant remembrance of the Supreme Being is called Yoga-fire, which destroys the sins of our many many births, the soul becomes free from all vices and thus become pure. In memory of this yoga-fire, people light up fire on the festival of Holi. Holi comes first and then Dhuleti (colouring each other) is celebrated - that is, only by burning our 5 vices we can truly rejoice in the colours of bliss and spiritual powers.

(video) BK Suraj sharing the secret of HOLI festival

--- Samadhan episode ---

(video 2) Holi celebration with meaning ➔

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