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9 May Essence of Murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris essence of bk murli today in English for 9 May 2018 - BapDada -Madhuban -

Sweet children, in order to make Bharat into heaven, have loving intellects at the time of destruction and promise to remain pure. This is how you help the Father.

Q- What is the main basis of learning the spiritual drill of the power of yoga?

A- In order to do this drill, you have to break your intellect's yoga away from everyone else. Break away from everyone else and connect yourself to the one Father. Only when you have true love for the One can you perform this spiritual drill. This is the power of yoga with which you claim a kingdom of the world for 21 births.

D- 1. While performing the drill of the power of yoga, become non-violent instruments to benefit everyone._________2. Make a true bargain with the Father, the Innocent Lord. Give Him all your old rubbish and claim your fortune of the kingdom of heaven. Break your love away from the old world and connect it to the one Father.

V- May you be a master bestower of happiness and by staying in imperishable supersensuous joy give everyone happiness and receive happiness.______“Supersensuous joy” means imperishable, soul-conscious happiness. The senses are perishable and so the happiness received from them would also be perishable. Therefore, constantly stay in supersensuous joy and there cannot then be any name or trace of sorrow. If others cause you sorrow, do not take it. Your slogan is: Give happiness and receive happiness. Do not take sorrow, do not cause sorrow. If someone does cause you sorrow, transform it and give them happiness in return. Make that one happy and you will then be said to be a master bestower of happiness.

S- Instead of speaking too much and wasting your energy, experience an introspection and taste its sweetness.


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