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I cannot Focus on Study -Answered

Do you have the same problem? We have answered it. What is education and how to love what we study and learn at school? What is there to learn and understand? Know and Become.

Email from Khushi Singh on 7 Sep 2018:

Hello sir/mam, i am a 17 yrs old girl residing in India. I am in need for desperate help. I CANNOT STUDY. no matter how much my parents and teachers council me it has stopped affecting me. I am an intelligent girl but because i don't study my grades are dropping. dropped from a 90-60% kindly help. board exam in 6 months.

Our Response, as an Answer and complete Guidance:

To: Everyone reading

Sweet Divine Sister

Your letter is received and read. You are a bright student but unable to focus on education.

Ask yourself. You inner being knows the reason. You have not yet told the cause why your concentration breaks? Have anything changed? Tell.

Secondly, it is not to worry that your passion has changed. One should surely explore all possibilities of life (all Positive possibilities). So you already have experienced the joy of learning the history and geography of this world. Now it is time to know the history of world (World Drama Cycle of 5000 years)

Also understand that the present, education is worth not a penny. They do not teach us what is important in LIFE, to live the life. You also know that.

What is true Education?

Education means:

1. How to live

2. Knowledge of the Self (the Soul)

3. Knowledge of world around me

4. How to manage our relationships

5. How to contribute our best to the world

and not least, most important

6. How to think.

This is true education that one must learn. But as you know, none of it is taught at any schools today. If it is, then not taught properly.

Hence, to sustain yourself and for your parents, you must study, but for your inner self, study the Godly education that God himself is giving. This is highest knowledge where all students are tested daily and results are given instantly. You can listen Gyan Murli daily here:

Always remember, there are 2 ways every time you do something - one of them is the right way.


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