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4 Nov 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 04/11/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 24/02/84

Brahmin birth is the birth of incarnation.

BapDada comes into sound to take everyone into the stage beyond sound. He comes to the corporeal world and enters a corporeal body to make you avyakt. Are you always incarnated in your corporeal bodies whilst being in the avyakt stage and considering yourselves to be subtle angels? All of you are incarnations that incarnate. By performing every deed in this awareness, you become the karmateet incarnations who are free from any bondage of karma. An incarnation means someone who comes down here from up above in order to perform elevated deeds. All of you too with your high stage from up above, take the support of a body, enter an old body in the old world in order to perform actions for service. However, your stage remains that of up above and this is why you are incarnations. An incarnation always brings a message from God. All of you confluence-aged, elevated souls have also incarnated in order to give God's message and to enable everyone to meet God. That body is now no longer yours. You have given even your body to the Father. You said: Everything is Yours and therefore nothing is mine. The Father has given you that body on loan for service. You can have no right to something that you have taken on loan. Since that body is not yours, how could there be body consciousness? The soul belongs to the Father and the body also belongs to the Father. So, where did "I" and "mine" come from? There is now just the unlimited consciousness of "I". "I" belong to the Father. As is the Father, so am I the master. Therefore, this is the unlimited consciousness of "I". A limited consciousness of "I" brings obstacles. The unlimited consciousness of "I" makes you free from obstacles and a destroyer of obstacles. In the same way, a limited consciousness of "I" brings you into the spinning of “mine,” whereas the unlimited consciousness of "I" liberates you from all spinning for many births.The unlimited consciousness of "mine" is "My Baba". So the limited is renounced. Become an incarnation, take the support of a body and come to perform actions for service. The Father has given you a loan, that is, He has entrusted you with something for service. You cannot do it for anything wasteful. Otherwise, that would create an account of dishonesty with regard to the treasures entrusted to you. An incarnation doesn't create an account of waste. An incarnation comes, gives a message and leaves. All of you have taken this Brahmin birth for the sake of service and to give a message. The Brahmin birth is the birth in which you have incarnated; it is not an ordinary birth. Therefore, always consider yourself to have incarnated in order to be a world benefactor, a constantly elevated, incarnated soul. Maintain this faith and intoxication. You have come here for a temporary period and you then also have to go back. Now, do you always remember that you have to go back? You are an incarnation. You have now come and you then have to return. This awareness will give you the experience of going beyond and having limitless attainment. On the one hand, beyond and on the other hand, limitless attainment; the two experiences are simultaneous. You are such images of experience, are you not? Achcha.Now, put into a practical form everything you have heard. To listen means to become. Today, Baba has especially come to meet His equals. You are all equals, are you not? The true Teacher has come to meet the instrument teachers. He has come to meet His service companions. Achcha.To those who are always embodiments of the awareness of the unlimited consciousness of "I", to those who remain constantly stable in the unlimited powerful form of "Mine is the one Father alone", to the children who remain stable in an elevated stage, those who take the support of bodies and incarnate as incarnations, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.BapDada meeting teachers:This is the gathering of those who are constantly serviceable souls, is it not? Do you always consider yourselves to be unlimited world servers? You are not limited servers, are you? Are all of you unlimited? If any of you were to be sent from one place to somewhere else, are you ready? Are all of you flying birds? Are you flying birds despite the branch of body consciousness. The branch that pulls you to itself the most is this consciousness of the body. The slightest attraction towards old sanskars means that there is the consciousness of the body. "My nature is like this. My sanskars are like this. My way of living is like this. My habits are like this." All of these are signs of body consciousness. So, have you birds flown even from this branch? This is called the karmateet stage, no bondage at all. Karmateet doesn’t mean that you become free from performing actions, but free from any bondage of action. So, actions of the body; this means, for instance, some have the nature of living comfortably, of eating comfortably at the right time, and of doing everything at the right time. This bondage of karma also pulls you to itself. Go beyond this bondage, that is, the habit of even this karma, because you are instruments.Until all of you instrument souls become free from any bondage of karma and sanskars and nature of the body, how would you free others? For instance, illness of the body is the suffering of karma. In the same way, if any bondage of karma pulls you to itself, that suffering of karma also creates obstacles. When a physical illness, some suffering of karma, repeatedly pulls you, it is pain that pulls you, isn’t it? Then, you say: What can I do? Otherwise, I am fine, but there is severe suffering of karma. In the same way, if any particular old sanskar, nature or habit pulls you, that is also the suffering of karma. Any type of suffering of karma will not allow you to become a karma yogi. Therefore, go beyond this too. Why? All of you are souls who are going to claim number one. The meaning of number one is: those who win in everything. Nothing is then lacking. The meaning of teachers is to be those who with their own image constantly give the experience of karmateet Father Brahma and loving and detached Father Shiva. So you have this speciality, do you not? You are friends, are you not? How do you become friends? You cannot be friends with someone without being equal. Therefore, all of you are the Father's friends. You are Godly friends. To be equal is to have friendship. You are those who place your footsteps in the Father's steps because you are friends and also lovers of the Beloved. So the lovers always place their footsteps in the steps of their Beloved. This is the system, is it not? What do they make a couple do when they are getting married? This is what they make them do, is it not? So where was this system created? It was created by you people. Yours is the foot of the intellect but they have understood it to be physical feet. You are the instrument souls with special relationships who fulfil the responsibility of every relationship.The instrument teachers have a much easier method than that of others. Others still have to maintain their relationships, whereas your relationship is always with service and the Father. Even when you are carrying out a worldly task, you always remember when it is the time, for you to go on service. Whoever you are carrying out worldly work for, you automatically have the awareness of that one. For instance, in the world, parents earn an income for their children and so they automatically remember them. Therefore, when you are doing your worldly work, who are you doing that for? Are you doing that for yourself or for service? The more you use for service, the more happiness you have. Never work while thinking that you are doing worldly work. This too is a means of service. It has a different form, but it is still a form of service. Otherwise, if it were worldly service and you didn't have the facilities to serve, you would think about where you could obtain something from, how would you obtain something. “I am unable to manage. I don't know when it will happen.” Do these thoughts not waste your time? Therefore, never say that you are doing a worldly job. It is a non-worldly job. It is for the sake of service. You will then never feel it to be a burden. Otherwise, you sometimes become heavy: “For how long do I have to do this? What will happen?” This is the way for all of you to create your reward easily.There are the three things: body, mind and wealth. If you are using all three things for service, then who will receive the fruit of all those three? Will you receive it or will the Father receive it? To be able to create your reward in all three ways is an additional reward to that of others. Therefore, never get heavy about this. Simply change your motives. It is not for worldly but for non-worldly service. Change this motive. Do you understand? You then become doubly surrendered. You surrendered with your wealth. Everything is for the Father. What is the meaning of surrender? Whatever you have is for the Father, that is, it is for service. This is surrender. Those who are not surrendered, raise your hands! We will have a ceremony for them. You have also created children and you are saying that you are not surrendered. You celebrate your wedding anniversary, so don't say that you are not married. What do you think: the whole group is surrendered, is it not?BapDada praises a great deal the double-foreign children and the teachers who are instruments at the double-foreign places. He isn't praising you just for the sake of it, but you do make special effort with a lot of love. You have to make a lot of effort but, because of love, you don't feel that to be effort. Look, you prepare the groups and bring them here from so very far away. Therefore, BapDada surrenders Himself to you children because of the efforts you make. The double-foreign instrument servers have one very good speciality. Do you know what that speciality is? (Many specialities emerged.) Whatever specialities emerged, check yourself and if they are missing, then fill yourself with them because many good things emerged. BapDada is telling you that He saw one speciality of you double-foreign servers: whatever directions BapDada gives, you do it and put it into a practical form. No matter how much effort you have to make, you definitely have to make it practical. This practical aim is very good. Just as BapDada says that they have to bring a group, so they bring groups.BapDada said that you have to serve VIPs and, initially, you used to say that it was very difficult, but you maintained the courage of having had to do that. So, now, for two years, groups have been coming. You used to say that it was very difficult for VIPs to come here from London. However, you have now shown the practical example. This time, even those from Bharat brought the President here. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm you double foreigners have of definitely having to carry out whatever direction you receive and the love you have for doing it is very good. Seeing the practical result, BapDada sings praise of your speciality. To open centres is a thing of the past. You will continue to open them because you easily have all the facilities there. You can go from here and then open them there. Bharat doesn’t have these facilities. Therefore, to open centres is not a big thing, but you now have to prepare such very good heir-quality souls. One is to prepare heir-quality souls and the other is to prepare those who are powerful in spreading the sound; both are necessary. Heir quality – for instance, with the zeal and enthusiasm for doing service, you have surrendered your body, mind and wealth with your intellect - this is known as heir quality. So you also have to make heir-quality souls emerge. Let there be special attention paid to this. At every centre, let there be such heir quality souls. That centre will then become number one of all the centres.One is to be co-operative in service and the other is to surrender yourself completely. How many such heirs are there? Are there such heirs at every centre? There is a long list that you have created of Godly students and of those who are co-operative in service, but only some are heirs. Whoever receives a direction at any moment, whatever shrimat you continue to receive, continue to move along according to that. So keep both aims. You have to create this type and also that type. One such heir-quality soul can become an instrument to open many centres. This will continue to happen in a practical way when you have the aim. You have now understood your speciality, have you not? Achcha.You are content anyway, or do you need to be asked? You are those who make others content. So, those who make others content would be content themselves anyway, would they not? You do not fluctuate when you see that there is very little service sometimes, do you? When there are obstacles at the centre, you do not then become afraid on seeing the obstacles, do you? For instance, if the biggest of all obstacle comes or a good hand becomes anti and causes a disturbance in your service, what would you do then? Will you become afraid? One is to have mercy for that one while having benevolent feelings – that is a different matter. However, if your stage fluctuates or you have waste thoughts, then that is fluctuation. So, do not create a world with your thoughts. Do not let those thoughts make you fluctuate. This is known as an unshakeable and immovable stage. Let it not be that you become careless by thinking that it is nothing new. Do service, be merciful towards that one and do not fluctuate. So, do not be careless and do not start having any type of feeling. You can always be in any type of atmosphere or environment, but remain unshakeable and immovable. When an instrument person advises you, do not get confused by that. Do not wonder why that person is telling you or how it would happen. Those who are instruments are experienced and out of those who are moving along practically, some are new, whereas others are a little older. So, when any situation comes in front of them, then, because of that situation, they do not have such clear intellects to understand the beginning, middle and end. They can only know the present and so, just seeing the present, the beginning and middle are not as clear to them and so they become confused. At any time, even if a direction is not clear, do not become confused. Just say with patience that you will try to understand it and give that person a little time. At that time, do not be confused and say, “Do not do this” or “Do not do that”, because double foreigners have a free mind to a greater extent, and they can even say “No” with a free mind. Therefore, whenever anything comes your way, first of all think about it with maturity for there is definitely some significance hidden in it. They can ask, “What is the significance of this?” What would be the benefit of this? Explain to us more clearly. You can tell them this. However, never refuse any direction. It is because you refuse it that you become confused This little extra attention is given to the double foreigners. Otherwise, what will happen is that they will not try to understand the directions of you instrument sisters and will start to fluctuate. These sanskars will be filled in those for whom you are the instruments when they see you. Sometimes, some will then sulk and at other times, others will sulk and these games will then continue at the centre. Understand? Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a mahavir who passes through every adverse situation in a second with the powers of knowledge and yoga.

A mahavir means to be a constant light-and-might-house. Knowledge is light and yoga is might. Those who are full of these powers are able to pass through every adverse situation in a second. If you develop the sanskar of not passing on time, that sanskar will then not allow you to pass fully in the final moments. Those who pass fully on time are said to have passed with honours. Even Dharamraj honours that soul.

Slogan: Burn the seed of vices in the fire of yoga and you will not be deceived at that time.


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