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29 May 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 29/05/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, make effort using the force of 20 nails and claim your full inheritance from the Father. Imbibe this knowledge and inspire others to imbibe it.

Question: By knowing the value of which aspect can you children become instruments to benefit many?

Answer: The Father has had many beautiful medals (badges) made for you. You children should value them a lot. This badge is your true Gita. By using it, you can explain to anyone the secret of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. You should always have this sign with you. Baba has had these things made with a lot of thought. They will be praised a great deal.

Song: Mother o mother, you are the bestower of fortune!

Om Shanti. You children heard the song because you are now sitting personally in front of Baba. You also know that the mother of all of you is Jagadamba. However, not the whole world is able to recognise her. It is only in Bharat that they have the picture of Jagadamba and her praise is here too. Abroad, there is greater praise of Shiva because He is the Father of all. Here, there is Jagadamba. Who gave birth to Jagadamba? It would definitely be said that the One who created Jagadamba is the unlimited Father. The mother came later. There is so much praise of the mother. All of you are also mothers. It is said: Salutations to the mothers! Kumaris then become mothers. So, this is the praise of Jagadamba. You children know the full biography of Jagadamba. When you go to the Jagadamba Temple, you would say: All of these are now sitting in the living form. Especially Mama is praised on Wednesday. Shiv Baba's day is Monday. He is also called Somnath (The Lord of Nectar). On Mondays, people pour a small urn (of water or milk) on Shiva. This urn should be poured every day. Why should it be Mondays in particular? Some days are fixed. You understand the meaning of that. Why is He given the names ‘Rudra’, ‘Somnath’, ‘Shrinath’? You children know that the Babul tree has thorns on it. It is only the Father who changes thorns into flowers. You now understand the meaning of that. The whole praise is of Bharat. He only comes here. Christ is compared to Krishna. They make small forms of Christ. They also crown him, but he didn't receive a crown. Everyone praises their own religion. It is only those of the Hindu religion who don't praise it because they don't know their religion. This is why the Father says: They are irreligious. There is might in religion. We are not called those of the Hindu religion now. We are receiving so much power from Baba. So, this is Mama's praise. If it weren't for the Father, how would there be the Shiv Shaktis? The mothers would not have then become worthy of being saluted. God says: Salutations to the mothers! Sannyasis defame women, but their path of isolation is fixed in the drama. The Father comes and explains: That too is a good path. Religions are all good at first. All the new souls that come down are good; they make an impact. For example, there was Arbindo Ghose (1872-1950); he was praised so much! A small sect was established by him. Baba has explained: When new souls come, they come and establish their own sects and cults. For instance, there are the Arya Samajis. It has now been some time since Dayananda (1824-1883) existed. They are all the twigs and branches of the end. They are like mosquitoes that take birth and die. They do make their own impact. For instance, Chidakashi (a religious group) has existed for 100 years at the most. They have expanded so much! There is so much praise. Because those of the Hindu religion do not know themselves, some become converted to other religions. You now know that this drama is predestined and it repeats. Look how many different religions are established! Eventually, the world definitely has to become old. The Father says: I alone make it new. At this time, all are in their stage of total decay. It is now the end of the path of devotion and the beginning of knowledge. This knowledge doesn't continue in the golden age. Baba only gives knowledge once. Then there isn't any need for knowledge for 21 births. You will have received your inheritance from the Father by then. This study doesn't exist in the golden and silver ages. This imperishable study is studied with the eternal Father. You receive the fruit of this for 21 births. Whatever people study is for temporary happiness for one birth. Then they don't have to study. Each one creates his reward of happiness. In worldly relationships, only sons receive an inheritance from their father or grandfather. Here, Baba says: Both males and females can claim their inheritance from Me, according to the effort they make; it is numberwise. (Today, BapDada brought a basketful of various flowers from the garden into the gathering) Look, this flower is Mama. A sitar is also given to Saraswati. For Baba, this rose is fine. Each one of you can also understand how fragrant you are. Shiv Baba is the Master of the Garden; we are His gardeners. Only the one Baba is the Master of the Garden. You know that Baba is making us into flowers. The greatness is not of Jagadamba or Jagadpita. The greatness is of Shiv Baba. If it weren't for Him, they couldn't be praised. It is by remembering Shiv Baba that you receive such a high status. He is God, the Highest on High. He resides in the supreme abode. OK, they say: Goddess Lakshmi and God Narayan. Where do they reside? They are residents of the human world. Who made them so elevated? You are now becoming that. The Creator of the world is truly the Father. God and goddess become the surnames. For instance, when someone becomes a barrister through a barrister, his surname becomes Barrister. Lakshmi and Narayan are the emperor and empress. First of all, they have to become a prince and princess. So Lakshmi and Narayan are the highest of all in the human world. “Shri Shri 108 Jagadguru” is the praise of Shiv Baba. The rosary of 108 is created. That rosary is the highest of all. That is then remembered as the rosary of Vishnu. There is also the rosary of Rudra. Then, the rosary of Rudra becomes the rosary of Vishnu. The rosary of Rudra and the rosary of the devotees are remembered. No one knows the meaning of them. There is a religious book for those of the rosary of devotees, whereas there is the Gita for those in the rosary of Rudra. So, the Father sits here and explains everything very clearly. Baba has had these pictures made in order for you to explain to others. Baba has also had lockets made. On one side is the Trimurti and on the other side is Krishna. This picture is very good. You can do a lot of service using it. You receive a prize from the Government. Baba made effort and had these lockets made for you; they are first class things. Show people this locket and tell them: Come and we will tell you the secret of the whole world through this. We can make you trikaldarshi, trilokinath and the masters of the world. It enters your intellects that the knowledge in them (the lockets) is very good. We give you the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world through these: who rules in the golden age and who rules in the silver age. I make you into spinners of the discus of self-realisation through which you will then become rulers of the globe. Baba has now come and is once again giving you the divine third eye of knowledge. We truly were with Baba in the incorporeal world. These things cannot remain in the intellect of anyone else. Whatever you are taught is new. Although there is that Gita, we do not take that up. Otherwise, they would say: You only take up things from the Gita that suit you. Baba knows that some children are very good and serviceable. There are many in the army. This one is in the Pandava Army. The Father says: Such-and-such a child is very good. He himself imbibes knowledge and also inspires others to do the same. You have to claim your inheritance from the Father by applying the force of 20 nails. Otherwise, there will be great repentance. There will be a special tribunal for you children. You will be given visions. Look, so much was explained to you! On the path of devotion, you have been singing birth after birth: I will surrender myself to You and I will remember You alone. You now understand the meaning of that. You also used to say: God gives everything. Then, when God takes their child back, they begin to insult God. They say: You are this and You are that. You also cause sorrow. They say of the One who gives happiness that He causes sorrow! Therefore, the unlimited Father explains: You have become so senseless! Baba explains to you so clearly! The knowledge in the locket is very good. It has the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures. However, children don't give that much importance to the locket. They don't have such far-sighted, broad intellects. There is an image of the Trimurti on the locket and beneath the image it is written: Godfatherly birthright. They say: God, the Father, the Supreme Father. They definitely say "Father". Father means that we are His children. Devotees are children of God. It isn't that devotees are God. They have brought God on to the path of devotion. So, in that case, who would give those on the path of devotion the fruit of their devotion? However, none of them can understand anything unless it is explained to them. Hardly anyone can understand anything from the literature. You can explain using the lockets. This is the Highest on High, God, the Father. We can tell you the secrets of the life of God, the Father. What task does God, the Father of All, carry out due to which He is called the Father? Then, Brahma and Saraswati are called Adam and Eve and Adam and Bibi. God, the Father, creates creation through them. That God, the Father, is the Father of all souls. This one is Prajapita and we souls are his imperishable children. So then, as you come into the cycle, this one is Prajapita Brahma who is called the great-great-grandfather. Shiva cannot be called the great-great-grandfather. Shiva is just called the Father. He is the Father of all souls. When the genealogical tree of the human world is created, first of all, there are Brahma and Saraswati and then there is further growth through them. The Highest on High is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. The deity religion is established by Him. Then the other religions are established, numberwise. Brahma is always shown as an old man. He is the great-great-grandfather. You children know that Shiv Baba has made you belong to Him through Brahma. We are now claiming our unlimited inheritance from Him. The agent receives his commission by making effort. It is sung: You found the Satguru through the agent. You cannot say this for sannyasis. They don’t know about these things. The Father sits here and explains this. This should sit in the intellects of you children. You can explain: There are so many of us Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. The name of Prajapita Brahma is well known. Baba has had many good cards printed. All the knowledge is included on them. These things are made with so much thought put into them, but they are not valued that much. Those in the military who receive medals wear them. You just have the one medal. They have different inscriptions on their medals. Here, you just have the one inscription. You should show them your card and sit down there and explain to them. The time will also come when there will be a lot of praise of your medals and cards. Baba continues to explain to you very clearly. Some children ask: Baba, how can I have yoga? You have been given an aim. You have to claim your inheritance from your Grandfather. Not everyone in a family would receive an inheritance. Here, everyone has a right. Look how, in the beginning, whole trees (families) came. Then, from those trees, the legs of some were cut off and the arms of others were cut off. However, those who were to become Brahmins are claiming their inheritance. It isn't that the tree will not go to heaven. It will go there, but those who study well will become part of the rosary of victory and the rest will become subjects. Yes, amongst the subjects too, those who want to become wealthy can be shown the way. You can also become one of the very wealthy subjects. Some subjects have even more property than the kings. From the copper age, when kings have a shortage, they take loans from the wealthy. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Baba has come to give us our inheritance. Therefore, apply the full force of 20 nails and definitely claim your full inheritance from the Father.

2. By having remembrance of Shiv Baba, become a fragrant flower and also make others that. Be far-sighted and have a broad intellect and do very good service using the locket.

Blessing: May you remain carefree by having faith in the intellect and the awareness of Karavanhar and being a constantly carefree emperor.

Brahmin life means to be a carefree emperor. Father Brahma became a carefree emperor and sang the song “I have attained what I wanted; what else remains now?” Whatever work of service remains, Karavanhar is making it happen and will continue to do so. When you always have the awareness that the Father becomes Karavanhar and makes everything happen through us, you will then become carefree. You have the faith that this task has to happen and is already accomplished and you therefore have faith in the intellect; you remain free from any worries and carefree.

Slogan: In order to step away from all your weaknesses, imbibe an attitude of unlimited disinterest.


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