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26 Aug 2018 BK murli today in English

26/08/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 31/12/83

If the hand of shrimat is in your hands, you will continue to move with your hand in His hand throughout the whole age.

Today, the Beloved has come to the shores of the ocean, that is, to the shore of Madhuban to celebrate a sweet meeting with His spiritual lovers. All of you have come from so far away to celebrate a meeting. Why? You will not find such a wonderful Beloved throughout the whole cycle. There is just the one Beloved, but how many lovers are there? The one Beloved has so many lovers. So, today, Baba has especially come to the gathering of lovers. You celebrate in a gathering; you don't have to say anything. So, today, Baba has not come to speak knowledge to you; He has come to meet you and to celebrate a meeting. The double foreign children have especially come to celebrate today. You have come with the thought of celebrating the New Year. In this New Year, BapDada is also giving you greetings filled with love and co-operation. The confluence age is the new age. The future golden age is the reward of the present new age and new life. For Brahmins, it is now the new and elevated age. The new age, the new world, the new days and new nights began for you the moment you became Brahmins. Every moment of this new age and new life is worth multimillions; it is worth diamonds. In the golden age you won't sing the song: This day feels like a new day, this night feels like a new night. This refers to the present time. From the beginning, with which song did BapDada awaken you? Do you remember that song? Awaken o brides, awaken! Why should you awaken? Because the new age has come. This is the song of your childhood, is it not? You have now created new songs. The original song that the Father played was that one, was it not? So, when is it the new age? Now! Beside the old, this is new, is it not? Your old world and old life have now changed. You have come into a new life. You were unconscious. Were you aware of who you are? So you were unconscious, were you not? From being unconscious, you became conscious. You experienced a new life, did you not? As soon as you opened your eyes, you saw your new relationship and new world, did you not? So, greetings for the New Age and the New Year, in this new age.In the world outside too, people say to one another "Happy New Year!" In fact, they are never ever happy, but they say, "Happy New Year!" Now, not only will all of you genuinely say "Happy New Year!" but you will say "Happy New Age!" The whole age is an age of happiness. When you say "Happy New Year", what do you do when you give these greetings? The custom abroad is to first of all shake hands. How does BapDada shake hands with you? They shake hands physically for just a second. However, BapDada shakes hands with you throughout the whole age, that is, He gives you His hand of one elevated direction (shrimat), shakes hands with you and takes you back with Him at the end. You always have the hand of shrimat with you and this is why you continue to move along with your hand in His hand throughout the whole age. To walk hand-in-hand is also a sign of love and co-operation. Whenever someone walking gets tired, another person holds his hand and they walk together. The spiritual Beloved never lets go of the hands of the lovers. His promise is that you will have His hand and company till the end. All of you lovers have caught hold of His hand very firmly, have you not? You are not holding it loosely, are you? You are not going to let go of it, are you? Those who let go of it and then hold onto it again, raise your hands! Is there anyone here who sometimes holds it and then sometimes lets go of it?This is their speciality; they are not those who hide anything. They are those who speak honestly and, just by them speaking about it honestly, half the obstacle is thereby removed. However, for how long will you continue with a weak bargain? In the old year, you are going to finish all the customs and systems of the past, are you not? Or, will the same customs and systems continue in the New Year? Whatever has happened up to now, put a full stop to that and, from now on, apply the tilak of awareness of constantly holding His hand and keeping His company. On an important day or a day of happiness, they especially apply a tilak as a symbol of happiness, and fortune. It is also the symbol of being wed. On the day of a special bhatthi of remembrance, you apply a tilak of awareness, do you not? Why do you apply it? Why do you especially apply a tilak on the day of a bhatthi? You apply a tilak on that day as a symbol of the determination to remain the embodiment of an easy and elevated yogi throughout the whole day. So, today, those who are a little weak, with your determined thoughts, put a tilak as a full stop and secondly, apply a tilak of your form of power. Do you know how to put a full-stop? Do the Pandavas know how to apply a full stop? Achcha, do the Shaktis know how to apply a full stop? An indelible full stop? What did all of you promise this morning? You are going to celebrate a ceremony, are you not? (We are going to have a marriage ceremony.) Are you not already married? Have you not produced any children yet? You are already married, but you have come to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Those who are not yet married, raise your hands! No matter how much mischief you get up to, the Beloved is not going to leave you alone, because He knows that, if He lets go of you, where would you go? Nowadays, the custom abroad is that they leave the family and become hippies. So, do you want to be a hippy? Do you want to become ever happy or a hippy? Look at their condition; you can't even bear to look at them. All of you are sovereigns. This is why BapDada knows that you sometimes become mischievous. However, BapDada has promised you that He will take you back with Him and so He cannot break His promise. This is why you have to go with Him. Achcha.What newness will you bring about in the New Year? You will do something new, will you not? Have you made any plans? Have the instrument teachers made any plans? You will reveal in this land who the God of the Gita is, but what will you do abroad? To put into a practical form the things that are still missing is very good. According to the time, everything is becoming practical. With this aspect, you will beat the drums in Bharat. You will awaken the religious leaders and also create a lot of upheaval. When someone has woken up a little and says "This is very good" and goes back to sleep, then, when they don't wake up from sleep again, you pour very cold water on them. So by especially pouring very cold water on the people of Bharat, they will awaken. Achcha. So what newness will you bring about this year?In the world outside, wherever there is an upheaval, you have to hoist at that place the flag of a constantly unshakeable stage of happiness. The Government may be in upheaval, but let the incognito jewels of God constantly keep flying the flag of being complete and unshakeable. Let the Government's attention also be drawn to the unique incognito souls in this country who are completely unique and lovely to the whole world. Make those who consider themselves to be poor become full to overflowing with imperishable wealth, and give them the experience of being the most overflowing souls who are constantly multimillionaires. Spread such a wave that they forget the sorrow of their poverty. Let whoever comes here feel that they have become overflowing with limitless treasures and also experience that there is another type of wealth - that with this wealth, physical wealth will automatically come close to you. It doesn't cause you sorrow. Achcha. So, what newness will you bring about abroad in the New Year? Centres continue to open and will continue to be opened. Now, this year, abroad too, let there be especially be quality service in a unique way. All of you have a special quality anyway, but now all of you quality souls have to prepare a special group of even more quality souls who can become co-operative in the task of establishment. Now prepare such a group abroad from people from all around the world, so that this group can especially become instruments to serve the people of Bharat. The well-known ones who spread the sound are a different group. However, this group has to be of those who are in a relationship with you, whereas the other group is of those who are only in contact with you. This group has to be of quality and in closer relationship. You are experienced in the special transformation of life. Therefore, through your experience, enable more heir-quality souls, with even more quality, to continue to emerge. That is the group who are instruments for service and this is the group of heir-quality servers. They need to be well known and also heirs. When such a group is prepared abroad, let them go on a tour of this land. With the power of your experience, inspire all the politicians, religious leaders and all types of souls to want to have the same experience. Therefore, now prepare a group of heir quality serviceable souls who can tour around. Do you understand?The facilities to spread the sound abroad everywhere are easy. This is why the sound is spreading abroad and will continue to spread. However, the facilities to spread sound in Bharat are not so easy. You need to do personal service to awaken the people of Bharat. In that too, let it be service through your very simple experiences. People of Bharat especially will be transformed when they hear about the special experiences of transformation. People of Bharat are much more attracted when they hear the experiences of experienced people who have stories of such powerful transformation in their lives. In Bharat they have the system of listening to stories etc. Do you understand? What do the people abroad have to do? So many teachers have come, so prepare such a group and bring it here. Achcha.BapDada is giving a rosary of blessings as the special gift for the New Year. When a ceremony takes place, you are garlanded. BapDada is giving all you lovers a gift of a rosary of blessings. "May you always remain content and with this contentment make others content. Let every thought be filled with speciality. Let every word and deed be filled with speciality. Remain constantly full of such speciality. Always have an easy nature, easy words and actions filled with easiness. Remain embodiments of such easiness. Always follow the directions of the One, have all relationships with the One, have all attainments from the One and have the easy practice of being constantly with the One. Remain constantly happy and distribute the treasures of happiness. Spread waves of happiness over everyone. In the same way, let the smile of happiness sparkle on your face. Always remain cheerful in this way. Always stay in remembrance and make progress. Always keep the rosary of blessings with you. Do you understand? This is the gift for the New Year. Achcha.To those who constantly have all blessings, to the elevated souls who are immortal with their hands in His hand and are in His company, to those who bring the speciality of newness in every thought in their practical lives, to such special souls, immortal love and remembrance for the New Year of the New Age; love, remembrance and namaste for the flying stage.Personal Meetings:Do you constantly consider yourselves to be charitable souls? The greatest charity of all is to give others the Father's message and make them belong to the Father. You are the charitable souls who perform such elevated actions because a charitable soul at this time becomes a soul worthy of worship for all time. Only a charitable soul becomes worthy of worship. Charity for a short time too enables you to attain fruit. That is for a temporary period whereas this is imperishable charity because you make them belong to the eternal Father. The fruit received from this is imperishable. You become souls worthy of worship for birth after birth. Therefore, constantly continue to perform charitable deeds whilst considering yourselves to be charitable souls. The account of sin has ended. The account of past sins has also ended, because by performing charity, the weight of charitable deeds becomes greater, and the sins therefore decrease. Continue to perform charitable deeds and the balance of charity will increase and that of sins will reduce, that is, it will end. Simply check that every thought is a charitable thought and that every word is a charitable word. There mustn't be any wasteful words. Sins will not be cut away with waste and you won’t receive the fruit of charity. Therefore, let every action, every word and every thought be of charity. Always remember that you are such elevated, charitable souls who constantly perform elevated actions. What is the work of the confluence-aged Brahmin souls? To perform charity, for the more charitable work you do, the more happiness you experience. When you give someone a message whilst simply moving along, that happiness lasts for so long. So charitable deeds always increase your treasures of happiness, whereas sinful deeds make you lose your happiness. If your happiness vanishes, then understand that even if you have not committed a big sin, a small sin has definitely been committed. To become body conscious is also a sin, because when you don't remember the Father, that would definitely be sin, would it not? Therefore, may you be a constantly charitable soul. Achcha.Midnight greetings to all the children:To all the loving long-lost and now-found constantly serviceable children, greetings for new zeal and a new life filled with new enthusiasm and for the New Year. The confluence age is the New Age in which every moment is new. Every thought brings newest zeal and enthusiasm. In such an age, BapDada constantly gives you congratulations for the New Age. Nevertheless, He is giving special love and remembrance on the special day, so that you too always make new service plans for yourself and put them into a practical form. Also continue to inspire others with your new life. BapDada received letters of love and remembrance and greetings cards for the New Year from all the residents of London and all those abroad. He also received several gifts. In such a New Age, BapDada is especially giving greetings filled with blessings for the New Year to the children who perform elevated actions and who create the New Age. All of you are doing very good service with love and effort. May you always remain busy in service and, through your service, enable others to have the right to receive the inheritance from the Father. Achcha.To all the children in this land and abroad, special good wishes over and over again filled with love and remembrance. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be constantly co-operative and accumulate everything by using what still remains of your body, mind and wealth for the Godly task.

Each one’s finger has been shown in the memorial of lifting the Goverdhan mountain. This is a sign of your co-operation. In the picture of the memorial, they have portrayed the Father’s company and also service. You children are now co-operating with BapDada and this is why the memorial has been created. However much of your body, mind and wealth you used on the path of devotion, 99% of that was wasted. Apply the remaining one per cent for God’s task with a true heart and you will once again accumulate multi-million fold.

Slogan: Those who are humble automatically receive respect from everyone.


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