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25 Nov 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 25/11/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 01/03/84

The Account of One.

Today, Baba is pleased to see all the easy yogi and constantly co-operative children. All the Father’s children who have come from all directions constantly have one faith and one Support. They follow the directions of One and are constant and stable. They sing praise of the One alone. They fulfil the responsibility of all relationships with the One. They always remain with the One. They all belong to the one family of God and all have the same aim and the same qualifications. They see everyone with the same pure and elevated good wishes. They constantly enable everyone to fly high with the same elevated pure desire. They all belong to the one world and experience all attainment in this one world. As soon as they open their eyes, they only see the one Baba. Whilst performing every action, they only have one Baba as their Companion. When coming to the end of the day and ending their karma yoga and service, they become absorbed in the love of One; they become merged in the love of One, that is, they become merged in the lap of love of the One. Their whole timetable is around spending the day and the night with the One. Whilst coming into connection with others in terms of service or as a family, whilst seeing all the many, they see just the One. This is the family of the one Father and the one Father has made them instruments for service. They come into connections and relationships with others in this way and see the One in the many. In this Brahmin life, in the life of playing a hero part , in the life of passing with honours , what is the one thing that you have to learn? The account of One. That’s all! When you know the One, you know everything. You have then attained everything. To write One, to learn about the One and to remember the One is the easiest of all.In Bharat, they have a saying: “Don't speak of three or five. Simply speak of One.” It becomes difficult to speak of three or five. To remember One and to know One is extremely easy. So, what do you learn here? You learn the lesson of One. Multimillions are merged in the One. This is why BapDada shows you the easy path of One. Know the importance of One and become great. All the expansion is merged in the One. All knowledge is included in this, is it not? You double foreigners now know the One very well, do you not? Achcha. Today, Baba has come just to give regard to you children. In welcoming you, Baba has told you the account of One.Today, BapDada has just come to meet you all. Nevertheless, for the sake of the long-lost and now-found children who came yesterday and today, Baba has spoken something. BapDada knows how, out of love, you find so many different ways and make so much effort to come here. Because of your efforts, you children have with you the Father's multi-million fold love. This is why BapDada is welcoming all of you children with love and golden versions. Achcha.To all the children everywhere who are merged in love, to all the children who are friends of the heart and who remain absorbed in love, to the children who always sing songs of the one Father, to the companion children who always fulfil the responsibility of love, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.BapDada's chit-chat with brothers and sisters from abroad – 03/03/84:“Double -foreign” means those who constantly experience the land of the self and the sweet home . You are constant residents of that land, the ones who reside in the sweet home and have come to this land abroad, to a foreign kingdom to establish self-sovereignty, that is, to establish the soul-conscious kingdom, the kingdom of happiness and have taken the support of nature (matter) in order to play your parts in an incognito way. You are residents of the land of the self, you are playing your parts in a foreign land. This is the land of matter. The original land is the land of souls. Matter is now under the influence of Maya. It is Maya's kingdom and this is why it has become a foreign land. When you become a conqueror of Maya, this matter will become your server and give you happiness. When you become a conqueror of Maya and a conqueror of matter, it will become your kingdom of happiness, the satopradhan kingdom and the golden world. Do you have this awareness clearly? You simply have to change your costume in a second. You have to renounce the old costume and adopt a new one. How long will it take? It takes just as long to become a deity from an angel as it does to change your costume. You will also do this via the sweet home. However, at the end, you will have the awareness that you are now about to change from an angel to a deity. Do you have any awareness of the deity body, the deity life, the deity world and the time of satopradhan matter? Do the sanskars of the kingdom you have had many times, and the deity life with which you are filled, emerge? Because, until the sanskars emerge in you who are to become deities, how would the golden world emerge in the corporeal form? By your thoughts emerging, the deity world will be revealed on this earth. Do these thoughts emerge automatically by themselves? Or, do you feel that there is still a lot more time? Your deity bodies are invoking you deity souls. Can you see your deity bodies? When will you adopt them? Your heart is not attached to the old body, is it? You aren't wearing your old tight costume, are you? You are still wearing your old body, your old costume, which you are unable to renounce in a second at the relevant time. To be free from bondage means to wear a loose dress. So what do the double-foreigners prefer: loose or tight? You don't like tight, do you? You don't have any bondage, do you?Are you yourself ever ready? Put time aside. Don't look at the time: this is now to happen; this is yet to happen. Time knows and the Father knows. Service knows and the Father knows. Are you content with service of the self? Put aside world service; look at yourself. Are you content with yourself in your own stage and in your own independent kingdom? Are you able to rule your own kingdom well? Are all your workers, all your ministers and senior ministers under your control? There isn't any dependency, is there? Do your own ministers and senior ministers sometimes deceive you? Sometimes, internally, your own workers don't secretly become companions of Maya, do they? In your own kingdoms, is the ruling power and the controlling power of you kings working accurately? It isn’t that you order pure thoughts to come but waste thoughts come instead, is it? That you order the virtue of tolerance and the defect of upheaval comes instead, is it? O self-sovereigns, are all your powers and virtues under your control? They are companions in your kingdom. So, are they all under your control? When kings issue an order, everyone says, “Yes, my Lord” ("Ji hazoor") in a second and salutes the king. So, do you also have such controlling power and ruling power? Are you ever ready in this? Your own weaknesses and your own bondages do not deceive you, do they?Today, BapDada is asking you self-sovereigns about the welfare of the kingdom of the self. All of you sitting here are kings, are you not? You are not subjects, are you? To be dependent on something means to be a subject. To have all rights means to be a king. So, who are all of you? Are you Raja Yogis or praja yogis (subjects)? The court of all kings is held now, is it not? In the court of the kingdom of the golden age, you will have forgotten everything. You won't recognise one another as the same confluence-aged souls. It is now that you become trikaldarshi and know and see one another. Each one's court of the kingdom now is even more elevated than that of the golden age. Only at the confluence age does such a royal court exist. So, the condition of everyone's kingdom is fine, is it not? You didn’t say loudly that everything is fine!BapDada too loves this royal court. Nevertheless, check yourself every day. Hold your royal court every day. If any one of your workers became even a little careless, what would you do? Would you sack him? All of you have heard about the divine activities of the beginning, have you not? If a small child was being mischievous, what punishment was he given? To stop his food or tie him with string was a common thing, but the punishment given was for him to sit in solitude for many hours. He was a child and children can't sit still. Therefore, his punishment for him to sit in one place for four to five hours without moving at all was a big thing! So they were given such royal punishment! Therefore, here, too, if any of your workers cause mischief, make them sit in the furnace (bhatthi) of introversion. You mustn't become extroverted. Punish them in this way. If any come out, send them back in. Children do this, don't they? When you make children sit down, they still do whatever they want and you then make them sit down again. Therefore, in this way, you will develop the habit of becoming introverted from extroverted. A habit is instilled in little children: Sit down and remember Baba. That child will not want to sit down, but you will again and again make the child sit down. No matter how much the child moves his legs, you would still say: No, sit like this. In this way, make them sit in the bhatthi of the practice of introversion by tying them properly with thoughts of determination. You don't have to tie them with any other string, for the thought of determination is itself the string. Make them sit in the bhatthi of the practice of introversion. Punish yourself. What would happen when others give you punishment? If others tell you that these workers of yours are not good and you should therefore punish them, what would you do? You would feel a little like this: “What is this one talking about?” However, if you yourself give yourself punishment, it remains for all time. By others telling you, it won't remain for all time. Until you have made the signals from others your own, they won't last all the time. Do you understand?How are you kings? You are enjoying the royal court, are you not? All of you are great kings, are you not? You are not small kings, you are great kings. Achcha. Today, seeing the double foreigners, Father Brahma especially had a chit-chat. Baba will tell you about that later. Achcha.To the souls who are constantly conquerors of Maya, conquerors of matter and those who have a right to self-sovereignty, to those who always use the treasures of virtues and all powers by right, to those who, with self-sovereignty, make all their workers into their loving companions for all time, to those who are constantly free from bondage and remain ever ready, to the contented souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.BapDada meeting a group from Australia:You are souls who receive blessings from BapDada and all souls by constantly keeping a balance of remembrance and service, are you not? It is a speciality of Brahmin life that, together with making effort, you always receive blessings and also continue to make progress. These blessings work in Brahmin life like a lift. You will continue to experience the flying stage through these.Why does BapDada have special love for the residents of Australia? Because each one of you always has the courage and enthusiasm to bring many others. The Father loves this speciality because it is also the Father's task to enable the maximum number of souls to receive their right to the inheritance. Therefore, the children who follow the Father are especially loved. As soon as you come, you have great enthusiasm. This is a blessing that the land of Australia has received. One becomes an instrument for many. BapDada continues to turn the beads of the rosary of the virtues of each child. Australia has a lot of specialities. However, Maya too loves those from Australia a lot more. Those who are loved by the Father also become loved by Maya. So many good ones, even if only for a short time, have become Maya's, have they not? None of you are weak like them, are you? You are not going to get caught in any spinning, are you? BapDada remembers those children even now. What happens is that, because of not understanding something fully, they have questions of "Why?" and "What?" So, the door for Maya to enter opens. You now know the door for Maya, do you not? So, don't get caught up in “Why?” or What?” and Maya won't then receive a chance to come in. Always put on the double lock. Remembrance and service is the double lock. Just service by itself is a single lock. If there is just remembrance and no service, that too is just a single lock. Let there be a balance of the two. This is the double lock. Your photograph is being taken on BapDada's TV. Later, BapDada will show you: Look, you are in this picture! Achcha. With your courage and your faith, there is still a good number. You are very much loved by the Father and this is why Baba told you the way to remain safe from Maya.

Blessing: May you be a destroyer of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance who puts a full stop in a second with the power to pack up.

At the end, the question in the final paper will be: Put a full stop in a second! Let nothing else be remembered, but just “The Father and me, and no third thing”. In a second, you belong to the Father, “My Baba and none other”. It takes time to think it, but you have to become stable in that stage and not fluctuate at all. Let there be no questions of “Why?” or “What?” for only then will you become a destroyer of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance. So, practise coming into expansion when you want and packing up everything when you want. Let your brake be powerful.

Slogan: Those who have no arrogance of their self-respect are always humble.


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