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24 Dec 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today English text 24/12/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, you have received the easy mantra from the Satguru to discipline the mind: Remain in silence and constantly remember Me alone. This is the great mantra that will control Maya.


How is Shiv Baba the most innocent Customer?


Baba says: Children, I take all the old rubbish you have, including your bodies, and I take that when you are about to die. Your white dress is also a sign of death. You now sacrifice yourselves to the Father. The Father then makes you prosperous for 21 births. The Father fulfils everyone’s desires on the path of devotion. Then, on the path of knowledge, He gives you the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world and also makes you trikaldarshi.

Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Om Shanti . You children are sitting in front of the Innocent Lord. Businessmen say: Send me a simpleton, an innocent customer, who will buy goods worth one or two thousand and give us a lot of money. O God, send me such a customer! The Father, the Innocent Lord, explains to you children the beginning, the middle and the end of the world and makes you trikaldarshi. Could you ever find such a customer as Me? You surrender yourself to Him. You sing a lot of praise on the path of devotion. The praise of the Innocent Lord is: You are the Mother and Father. He comes and teaches you Raja Yoga and gives you the kingdom. You say to the Father: We sacrifice all this old rubbish to You. You make us prosperous for 21 births. Stockbrokers make deals and take a commission. That One also says: Whatever rubbish you have, I take all of that, including your body, when you are about to die. Here, the costume of you Brahma Kumaris is white. It is as though you are dead. A corpse is always covered with a white sheet which is completely without a stain. At this time, everyone has the black mark of Maya on them. These are called the bad omens of Rahu. The moon too becomes dark when it is eclipsed. So, this eclipse of the omens of Maya also makes the whole world dark. All the elements are also included in that. The Father sits here and explains: This is your Raja Yoga. Through Raja Yoga, you have to claim your kingdom in heaven. You become kings of kings and you have the intoxication of becoming Narayan. You change from ordinary man into Narayan. The kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan is in the golden age. So, I definitely have to come at the end. At this time, it is the path of devotion. On the path of devotion, people bow their heads and continue to stumble around from door to door. God is the Protector of the devotees. He comes and gives the fruit of devotion. All are devotees, but not all of them receive the same fruit. Some receive visions, some have a son; all of that is temporary. I fulfil all their various desires. No one in the world knows that God has come to teach Raja Yoga. They think that He came in the copper age and taught Raja Yoga at that time. How could you have become Narayan from an ordinary man there? It is now that the Father teaches you Raja Yoga and makes you into kings of kings. Here, you just have to remain in silence. Manmanabhav: this is the easy mantra given by the Satguru that disciplines the mind. There is a lot of income through this mantra. This is the mantra with which you control Maya. You become conquerors of Maya and conquerors of the world. Those on the path of devotion say, “When you conquer your mind, you conquer the world”. This is why they do hatha yoga etc. However, they don’t do that to become conquerors of the world; they do it for liberation. The Father comes and says: Children, renounce your body and all bodily religions. Renounce everything such as: I belong to such-and-such a religion, I am so-and-so. Consider yourself to be a soul and constantly remember Me alone. That’s all! Simply follow the directions that I am giving you. You now have to renounce all the different dictates you have been following up to now. So, your knowledge is completely new. People think that what you tell them is new. Before you children explain to anyone, you should first of all feel their pulse. You mustn’t say the same things to everyone. People have so many different directions. Yours is one direction, but it is numberwise. Those who stay in yoga well and who have dharna will definitely explain well. Those who have less dharna will explain less. Tell only one simple thing to whoever comes to you. Although you may be living at home with your family, you have to remain like a lotus. You know that each lotus has many progeny and so an example is given of that. The Father too has many children. The lotus flower remains above the water and all the rest of its progeny is below the water. This is a good example. Baba says: Live at home with your family, but remain pure. This is a matter of purity. In this, remain pure in this final birth and also constantly remember Me alone. You definitely also have to sustain your creation. Otherwise, this would become like hatha yoga. Many people in the world remain pure. Someone who is celibate from birth is like Bhishampitamai. A good example of celibacy is when a husband and wife live together and remain pure. Pure marriage is even mentioned in the scriptures, but no one knows about it. The Father explains this. Baba says: Children, now, instead of sitting on the pyre of lust, both of you tie the bond of sitting on the pyre of knowledge. You Brahmins are doing such good work. You have to promise to remain pure. By cautioning one another, both of you will go to heaven. Here, you demonstrate how you remain pure while living together and this is how you can claim a very high status. Your example would be given. You sit on the pyre of knowledge and claim a high status in heaven. A lot of courage is required for this. If you continue to move along very firmly, your status will be very high. Then, it also depends on service. Those who do a lot of service and create subjects will claim a good status. You should even go higher than Baba and Mama. However, just as Baba says that if both Christians (Russia and America) were to unite, they could become the masters of the world, in the same way, such a couple should emerge who go higher than the mother and father. However, there isn’t anyone like that. Only Jagadamba and Jagadpita are well known. No one would be able to do service like they do. They have become the instruments. This is why you should never have heart failure in this. OK, if not like Mama and Baba, you can become the second number. Everything depends on the service to create subjects and heirs. So, everything of ours is new. The Father definitely has to come here to create the new world. He alone is the Creator. Those people say that God is beyond name and form, but He is not like that. They cannot be blamed. Only if it is in their fortune would they understand. Many come who think that this is right. Some say that a soul doesn’t have a name or form. So, what is it that is called a soul? There is the name ‘soul’. Tell everyone that this is Raja Yoga. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, comes at the confluence age. It would definitely be at the confluence age that He teaches Raja Yoga because only then can He make impure ones pure. So, the things here are unique. The Father says: Simply consider yourselves to be souls. You have to go to the Father. There is no need to ask any questions about this. They say: Do not hurt my soul. This one is a sinful soul. This one is a pure soul. No one can say that a soul has no form. When Vivekananda was sitting in front of Ramakrishna, he had a vision. He saw a light entering him. They say something like that. Tell them: Ours is Raja Yoga. Here, you have to forget your body and all bodily friends and relations etc. We souls are His children and we ourselves are a brotherhood. If everyone were to become the Father, the Father would be praying to the Father. We are now studying Raja Yoga. This is the yoga to become the kings of kings. There is no kingdom now. So you have to explain: We stay in silence and simply remember Shiv Baba. We consider ourselves to be separate from our bodies. Souls say: I shed a body and take another. So, the sanskars of knowledge remain in the soul. Good and bad sanskars are in the soul. The soul is not immune to the effect of action; this has to be explained. Souls take rebirth. A soul has to take organs repeatedly. A soul is a star; it resides in the centre of the forehead. When they have a vision of a soul, they believe that you have such power in you that you enabled them to have a vision of a soul. However, the soul resides in the centre of the forehead. What does it matter whether you have a vision or not? The soul himself says: I am a star. I have a part of 84 births in me. If souls were to take 8.4 million births, they would have so many sanskars, you don’t know what would happen! You can believe that a soul takes 84 births. You cannot believe that anyone could take 8.4 million births. We are now becoming pure. Baba has made us pure in order to change us from ordinary humans into Narayan. You should have this great intoxication. You don’t need to debate with anyone. Renounce your body and all religions of the body and consider yourself to be a bodiless soul. Although we have studied the scriptures etc., why should we discuss them, since the Father has said: Constantly remember Me alone. His second order is: While living at home with your family, remain as pure as a lotus. Only through the fire of yoga will your sins be burnt away. God speaks: God is the Supreme Soul. He too is called a star. There are many points, but they can’t all be brought up at the same time. You have to see the personality of the person in front of you and take up everything tactfully. Tell him: We also study the scriptures, but the Father’s order is to forget them all and constantly remember Him alone. He is incorporeal. Everyone believes in the soul. Even those who believe in Vivekananda will believe in the soul. Everyone has a soul. Therefore, souls would surely have the Father who is called the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. All of these are points. By churning these, you will constantly find new points. The steamer will continue to be filled. This is like the goods of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. Note down the points and then revise them. These are jewels. You should have a keen interest in imbibing them and writing about them. Explain to everyone very clearly: There is a soul in everyone, but it doesn’t have a physical name or physical form. You cannot say that since a soul has a form, why doesn’t God have a form? He is called the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the One who resides in the supreme abode. So much is explained to you children. So, now demonstrate this by doing service. Baba gives a prize according to the service you do. He enables you to be decorated with so many jewels of knowledge. We don’t want to become multimillionaires here. We want the sovereignty of the world. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.Sweet Elevated Versions of MateshwariOnly God knows His ways and means of granting salvation.Only You know your ways and means: in whose memory is this praise sung? Because the way God grants salvation is only known by God. Human beings cannot know this. People only have the desire for happiness, but how can they receive that happiness? Until people burn their five vices and make their actions neutral, they cannot receive that happiness. The philosophy of action, neutral action and sinful action is very deep. No human being, only God, can know the consequences of these. Until God tells us of these consequences, human beings cannot receive liberation in life. This is why people say, “Only You know Your ways and means”. God has the ways and means for granting salvation to this one. It is the duty of God to give the teachings of how to make actions neutral. Human beings do not have this knowledge and, because of this, they continue to perform wrong actions. The first duty of human beings is to reform their actions for only then will they be able to take the full benefit of human life. Achcha.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Churn the ocean of knowledge and imbibe the jewels of knowledge that you receive. Always remain full of the jewels of knowledge.

2. Stay in the intoxication of becoming Narayan. Don’t speak of useless matters to anyone. Practise becoming bodiless.

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of Maya and remain constant and stable by considering Maya to be co-operative in teaching you a lesson rather than your enemy.

Maya comes to teach you a lesson and so do not be afraid but learn a lesson. Maya comes sometimes to make the lesson of tolerance firm and sometimes the lesson of being an embodiment of peace firm. Therefore, instead of considering Maya to be an enemy, think of her as being co-operative and you will not become nervous or be defeated. You will learn the lesson and become as unshakeable as Angad. Never become weak and invoke Maya and she will bid you farewell.

Slogan: Let there be the greatness of determination in every thought and you will continue to receive success.


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