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22 July 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 22/07/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 23/12/83

Through the double-light stage labouring ends.

Today, BapDada, the Resident of the faraway land, has come to meet His children from faraway lands. All of you have come from faraway lands and BapDada has also come from the faraway land. The furthest of all and the nearest of all is BapDada's land. It is so far that it is beyond the boundary of this corporeal world; it is a different world. All of you have come from the corporeal world and BapDada has come from the land beyond this corporeal world via the subtle region and has brought Brahma Baba with Him. It is so close that He can reach here in a second. It takes you so many hours to reach here and you have to spend so much hard-earned money. How long did it take you to save all of that money? Coming and going to the Father's land incurs no expense. With the treasure of love, you can reach there in a second. It doesn't take any effort, does it? BapDada knows that after you children lost your fortune of the kingdom, you have been working very hard with your bodies, minds and wealth for many births. You were the masters of the world who had a crown and throne and were the masters of the treasure-store of all attainments. Even nature served you. You were such self-sovereigns who ruled the kingdom, but now that you have become subservient, what do you do at present? You now have jobs. So, this is labouring, is it not? There is so much difference between kings and those who have become the government's servants who have to earn an income. For so many births, you have been doing so many things for the livelihood of the body, you have been making so many different types of spiritual endeavour to connect your minds to the Father, you have been performing many different types of devotion and have also been doing so many things in the different births to accumulate wealth. Look at all the different things that you, who had been crowned and seated on a throne, have had to do in order to sustain yourselves in happiness and comfort! So, seeing you children labouring, BapDada liberated you from that labour and made you into easy yogis. He made you have the right to self-sovereignty in a second. He liberated you from making effort. All of you are thinking that Baba didn't liberate you from your jobs. However, whatever each of you is doing now, you are not doing it for yourself. You are doing it for God's service. You are not working considering that to be your job. You are doing it as a trustee. This is why the labour has changed into love. Out of love for the Father, for service and for celebrating a meeting, you don't feel that to be labouring.Secondly, the Father is Karavanhar (the One who inspires you and makes you act) and you are the instruments to carry out the task. You are those who carry out the task in name with the power of the Almighty Authority Father, that is, with the connection through your awareness. Many big machines function on the basis of the connection of electricity and so the basis is light (electricity). All of you also become double light on the basis of having a connection whilst performing every action, do you not? When you have a double-light stage, the words "labour" and "difficult" end. You haven't been liberated from your jobs, but you have been liberated from labouring. Therefore, the feelings and motives have changed. There is the awareness of being a trustee and a deep feeling for God's service. Therefore, it has changed, has it not? Do you have the feeling of belonging now? You consider the three square feet you have received to be Baba's home. You don't say that it is your home, do you? You do not live in your own home. You live in the Father's home. You do everything according to the Father's directions. You do not do anything according to your own desires or your own needs. You carry out the Father's directions whilst remaining carefree and detached. Whatever you have received, it belongs to the Father and it is for service. Even if you use something for the body, the body is not yours either. You also gave that to the Father, did you not? You have given your body, mind and wealth to the Father, have you not? Or have you kept some things aside for yourself? It is not like that, is it? Seeing the effort of many births of you children, BapDada has now liberated you from labouring for many births.This is the sign of the love between the Father and the children.Just as all of you have come especially to meet the Father, so BapDada has also come especially to meet you. He has also brought Father Brahma from the subtle region. Father Brahma has greater love for you. The Father has love anyway, but Father Brahma has greater love. Why does he have special love for the double foreigners? Brahma said: I have been invoking the double-foreign children for a long time. I invoked the children so many years ago. It is due to that invocation that you have come from abroad and reached the Father here. So, there must definitely be special love for the children who have been invoked for a long time and who have come after having been invoked for a long time. Father Brahma has invoked you with a lot of love in order to make you into heirs in the corporeal form. Do you understand? You continue to hear how you were given birth so many years ago, do you not? You had already entered a womb, but you took birth in the physical form later. This is why Father Brahma has special love. He has love because he knows the fortune of the future.To Dadi Janki: Just as double foreigners are happy to see the Father, they are also happy to see you because it is from you instrument children that they learn practically about the sustenance received from the Father through the corporeal form. Therefore, everyone also has special love for you. The speciality visible in Dadi and Didi and you instrument souls is that everyone sees the Father in all of them. This is the special experience of the Father's sustenance that they have. Whenever you look at Didi or Dadi, whom do you see? The Father who is meeting you through the physical support. This is what you experience, is it not? The sustenance they receive through you special souls is that you disappear and the Father becomes visible because you have the Father in your every thought and word and you constantly speak of "Baba, Baba" in everything. Therefore, others too only see and hear the word "Baba". Today, Didi is also being remembered. She has become an incognito Ganges. In any case, out of the three rivers, they say that one river is incognito. Didi is now merged in Dadi. In a subtle form, she too is giving her feeling and experience, because she is not a soul bound by any bondage of karma. She has gone to play a part in a relationship of service. Souls who are tied in the bondage of karma can only perform tasks where they are, whereas karmateet souls can play their parts of service everywhere from one place, because they are liberated from karma. This is why Didi is with all of you. It is not difficult for a karmateet soul to play a double part. Their speed is very fast; they can go wherever they want in a second. Special souls constantly play their special parts. This is why she went away like the wind. It was as though the eternal, imperishable programme was predestined. This too was a unique part. From the beginning, Didi had a unique part of going into trance. At the end too, she became transferred through a unique form of trance. Achcha.To all the chatrak (birds who are thirsty for drops of rainwater) children of this land and abroad, to all the long-lost and now-found children of this cycle, to the souls who remain lost in love of the one Father, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.Personal meeting: BapDada selected you from so many different places and planted you in Allah's garden. Do you have this happiness? All of you have now become spiritual roses. You are spiritual roses who always give others spiritual fragrance. What does anyone who comes close to all of you or into connection with you experience? They feel that you are spiritual and non-worldly; all worldliness has ended. Whoever looks at you only sees an angelic form. You have become angels, have you not? You are always seen as angels who are stable in a double-light stage. Angels always live up above. When you see pictures of angels, you always see them with wings. Why? They are flying birds. Therefore, birds always fly up above. You have found the Father, you have found an elevated place, an elevated stage. Therefore, what else do you need?In response to letters from the double-foreign children:Baba received everyone's letters of love and remembrance filled with love from their hearts. Children have very sweet heart-to-heart conversations and sometimes they also make sweet complaints: When will You call us? Why do You not help us so that we can come there? The Father loves such complaints because if you did not tell the Father, who else would you tell? This is why BapDada is pleased with the love and affection of you children. Therefore, you are loved by the Father and, because of being constantly loving to the Father, you also receive love and co-operation from the Father in return. Achcha.Become full of the power of spirituality.According to the time, souls of the world now want to see you souls as samples of spirituality. Therefore, become full of the power of spirituality. For this, simply pay attention to the one expression, “Commitment to One”, and repeatedly underline this within yourself and become completely pure. Just as spiritual drishti and the power of spirituality make an impact on service abroad - even though they don’t understand the language, the angelic stamp of spiritual drishti from your face and eyes is applied - so now go into the depths of spirituality and reveal your angelic form. The power of spirituality can do the task many times more than words can do. Just as you have developed the practice of coming into sound, so also increase the power of spirituality and you won’t feel like coming into sound.The vision and attitude of those who completely surrender themselves become pure and have the power of spirituality in them. They don’t look at the body. First, one’s sight sees and then one’s attitude is drawn there. Spiritual drishti means to look at oneself and others as souls. Now, have such a practice that you see but don’t see the body. According to the time, everyone now wants to see a new sparkle. Therefore, imbibe the power of spirituality in your every, thought, word and deed. However, there will only be spirituality all the time when you consider yourself and whoever you are an instrument to serve to be BapDada’s valuable jewels, entrusted to you to look after. Whatever thoughts you have in your mind, always think that your mind is something entrusted to you and that you must not be dishonest in looking after it. Consider yourself to have received your mind, body and anything else, such as students, centre or physical things, for you to look after in name only. You have been entrusted with them to look after them. By considering something to be entrusted to you, you will remain free from attraction. By being free from attraction, there will be spirituality. The clearer your divine eyes become, that is, the more they are filled with spirituality, the more you will be able to reveal the images of BapDada and His creation and the three worlds - the corporeal, subtle and incorporeal - through your eyes. It will be as clear as if they are seeing a projector show. It is now time to become filled with the power of spirituality. If there isn’t spirituality you will be coloured with many different types of Maya. Now become ready to take the test papers, that is, become filled with the power of spirituality, for only then will you be able to pass every type of paper. You have been entrusted with your body for God’s service as a valuable thing to look after. Whenever you see something that has been entrusted to you, you automatically remember the One who entrusted it to you. Therefore, that is something valuable that belongs to the spiritual Father. By considering it to be valuable, there will be spirituality and, through this, the intellect will always feel reassured and comfortable and not feel tired. You become confused instead of being spiritual, if you are dishonest in the way you look after something entrusted to you; you become afraid instead of feeling reassured. To remain constantly cheerful is a virtue of knowledge. Those who are cheerful will definitely make others cheerful, no matter what the state of their minds are. However, just add the word spirituality to this. To have the sanskar of being cheerful is also a blessing that helps you at the time of need. Constantly be loving - this is the method to free you from all weaknesses. When you remain in the company of the One you love, you will be coloured with spirituality by that Company.When something spreads into the atmosphere, its effect is felt some distance away. In the same way, so many of you easy yogis and elevated souls make the atmosphere spiritual in such a way that, because of the spirituality, the atmosphere around you draws souls to itself. The foundation of the atmosphere is one’s attitude. Until you have made your attitude completely powerful with the power of spirituality, there won’t be the expansion of service that you wanted. Whenever any person has to be caught, they surround him so completely that he cannot escape. In the same way, when you encompass the atmosphere with your attitude, no soul can come out of that enclosure created by that spiritual attraction. Now, do such service! No matter with what type of authority or mood someone comes to you, let that person bow down to the personality of your virtues, the personality of your spirituality and the personality of all of your powers. Those people will not be able to influence you with their own personality. Rather, the power of spirituality will transform their internal attitude. Just as fragrance is merged in flowers and is not separate from them, in the same way, let the fragrance of spirituality be merged in you. Fragrance is such that it attracts others from a distance. People at a distance would wonder where the fragrance is coming from. Your spirituality will attract the world. So, as well as being merciful in a knowledgeable way, also have the authority of spirituality. According to the present time, there is a great need for the power of spirituality. All the fighting and battling is because of people not having spirituality. So, be a spiritual rose and spread the fragrance of spirituality. This is the occupation of Brahmin life.

Blessing: May you be worthy of worship and worthy of being remembered and one who donates and performs charity through your powerful stage.

In the final period, when weak souls experience even a little attainment from you complete and perfect souls, they will take their sanskars of the final experience with them and rest in the home for half the cycle. Then, in the copper age, they will become your devotees and worship and praise you. So, be a great donor and a bestower of blessings for these weak souls at the end and donate your experiences to them and accumulate charity. This donation and charity of a second through your powerful form will make you worthy of being worshipped and remembered for half the cycle.

Slogan: Instead of becoming afraid in adverse situations, become a detached observer and you will become victorious.


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