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20 Sep 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 20/09/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, one drop of knowledge is to consider yourself to be a soul and to remember the Father. With this one drop, you can attain liberation and liberation-in-life.


In which effort is progress for oneself and others merged?


1) The effort to stay in remembrance. It is in this that progress for oneself and others is merged. When you children sit in remembrance, it is as though you are giving others a donation of peace. 2) Stop talking of body conscious and worldly things and speak of spiritual things and you will continue to make progress. You have to show (reveal) the Father. To the extent that you reveal the Father and show everyone the path to peace and happiness, to that extent you will receive a reward.

Song: You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop.

Om Shanti . People have been singing this on the path of devotion. People have been praising Him. Praise is of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Just as there are many types of praise and festivals on the path of devotion, so there is this praise too. This cannot be praise of any human being, sage or holy man. They sing: You are the Ocean of Knowledge. If we receive even one drop of knowledge, we will go away from here. Where will they go? To the land of liberation or liberation-in-life. They continue to praise Him but people don't know His praise. You know it, numberwise, according to the effort you make. The significance of the two fathers has also been explained to you. One is your physical father and it is called body consciousness when you remember him. A soul remembers the father who gave him a body and he forgets his spiritual Father. This is the mistake. In fact, they haven’t forgotten, but the mistake they have made is saying that each soul is the Supreme Soul. They even say that they are living, embodied souls. “Do not distress my soul!” It is the soul that is distressed. A soul receives punishment in the jail of a womb and so he experiences sorrow while in a body. A soul feels that he is receiving sorrow when he is given a vision in the physical form. It has been explained to you children: First of all, practise: I am a soul. When you become body conscious, you remember your relatives: This one is my paternal uncle and this one is my maternal uncle. When you don't have a body, you don’t have any relatives. This knowledge is of the soul. You wouldn't call anyone Great Supreme Soul. After someone has died, the soul of that person is invoked. It wouldn't be said that the Supreme Soul of such-and-such a person is invoked. Under no circumstances would any human being be called the Supreme Soul nor does the Supreme Soul enter into the cycle of birth and death. The Supreme Soul is beyond birth and death. Souls continue to take rebirth. You have understood that, first of all, there are the souls of the deities. The 84 births are only remembered in Bharat. You children know that the Ocean of Knowledge is now sitting personally in front of you. Only the Purifier is called the Ocean of Knowledge. Only the Father is called Gyaneshwar (God of Knowledge). Ishwar (God) has the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the world. God alone creates the world and this is how He has knowledge of creation. He is called the Creator and so the world He created definitely does exist; this is why He is called that. A creator is called a father. Brothers and sisters cannot be called a creator. It is always a father who is a creator. You children know that the Father is personally sitting in front of you. Someone may be sitting abroad and he would say that he is far away from his father, but he would still remember him, would he not? You too have to remember Him, but when you see your lokik relatives, you forget the parlokik Father and this is why Baba says: While sitting, standing and moving around, practise remembering the Father. I, the soul, am walking with this body. You have knowledge of the soul. You know that souls and the Supreme Soul remained separated for a long time; it is not said that the Supreme Souls remained separated from the Supreme Soul for a long time. It is said: Souls and the Supreme Soul. The Father is now sitting personally in front of you children. They say: Just one drop from You is enough. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the Father of us souls. That is all. This is called knowledge. No one else would have the courage to say: I am the Father of all of you souls. He alone is called the Ocean of Knowledge and the Purifier. No one else would know how to say this. The Father Himself says: I am your Father. Truly, that great war is just ahead. There are the Yadavas, the Kauravas and the Pandavas. Everything depends on how you explain all of this. It is difficult for anyone to understand just by looking at the pictures unless a teacher explains them to him. Teachers explain at school: This is India and this is London. Nothing would enter anyone’s intellect without an explanation. When the name is written on a map, there is just the name, so one cannot understand where it is or who rules there. Here, too, everything has to be understood. Nowadays, there first of all has to be some splendour, so that people will come when they see that display. Very good people are needed to explain there (at exhibitions). Only children would explain that this one is Jagadamba, the one who fulfils everyone's desires. They have shown Kamdhenu sitting under the tree. Therefore, many would come to meet her. There is Jagadpita (World Father) and so there must also be the World Mother. However, that one is called Jagadamba because the urn is given to you mothers. Jagadamba has been remembered as the main one, and then there is also her army. When you children hold exhibitions, very good children are needed to explain there. Baba has said: The main thing is to give the Father's introduction. First of all, explain that there are two fathers: one is your lokik father and the other is your parlokik Father. You have been receiving a limited inheritance from your lokik father for birth after birth. Now claim the unlimited inheritance. A lot of time has gone by, a little remains. There is a huge burden of sins on your heads. Your sins can only be absolved by having yoga. This is not like going to your aunty's home! As yet, one karmic account or another still remains and this is why you have to suffer for your past actions. It takes so much effort. If you come late, how many of your sins would you be able to have absolved? This is a difficulty, is it not? You have to beat the drums so that no one can complain later. You can say: We used to beat the drums and have it printed in the newspapers. As far as possible, everyone should receive an invitation. Make effort to claim the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. Distribute lots of invitation letters. The maximum service can take place in Delhi. Delhi is the capital of the whole of Bharat. The agents of all the newspapers live there. You also have to make this announcement in the newspapers: You have been claiming your inheritance from your lokik fathers for birth after birth. Now claim your inheritance from the parlokik Father. Come and claim from the Father the inheritance of the Paradise you have been remembering. Have it printed in all the newspapers: Bharat is the birthplace of Shiv Baba. There is only the one Father who will uplift everyone. The greatest pilgrimage place is that of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the Purifier. However, no one knows this. Christ, Abraham, Buddha etc. have all been taking rebirth and are now in their final births. Christians themselves say that Christ exists here in some form. They also believe in the tree. Otherwise, where else do all of these souls come from? There are definitely sections where they come from. History will then definitely repeat. This tree is something very good, but children value it numberwise. Children hold exhibitions to explain to other people. You don’t have to have an art show. In an art gallery they have useless pictures and they call it art. They paint many different pictures of deities with slim waists. There, the deities have natural beauty. At this time even the five elements are tamopradhan. In the golden age the five elements are satopradhan. The beautiful Krishna and the ugly Krishna have been remembered. There, you don't need to do anything to your body. Here, you have to do so many things for your body in order to look after it. There, even when someone becomes old, he would have all his teeth. If someone's tooth were to be broken, he would be disfigured. There, they remain absolutely first class, 16 degrees full. There are no handicapped or crippled people there. Here, just look how babies are born handicapped or crippled. You are becoming the masters of such a land of angels. The one Traveller comes and takes you to the land of angels. You travellers become impure while playing your parts here and souls become ugly. The Father is ever beautiful. He never has alloy mixed in Him. I am real gold and this is why people call out to Me. They call out to the One who is ever pure: Baba, come. Come and make us equal to You. You would not become ever pure, but everyone does have to go into the satopradhan stage. However, it is numberwise in that too. There are various actors in a play. Those who play the hero and heroine receive a lot of money. Now, the Government makes raids on everyone's money. It is said: Some people's wealth will remain buried in the ground and some people's wealth will be looted by the Government. Only that which is used in the name of the Lord will be used in a worthwhile way, because the Lord has come to establish heaven. Only the wealth of those who become the Father's helpers will remain safe. You will have plenty of wealth there. There will be so much gold and so much diamond jewellery. However, you are not concerned about that at all. No one is going to loot you there. You will receive new mines of diamonds and gold. The diamonds will be lying there like stones. You are going to receive all of that. Just as palaces of brick are built, similarly, you will continue to build palaces of gold. Even the wealthy subjects will build golden palaces. Those who are full donors will have them built with real gold. Baba continues to tell you everything. He doesn't tell you to starve to death. You have to look after your children etc. It is a creator’s duty to look after everyone and not make them unhappy. You mustn't starve anyone to death. Be merciful. People are so unhappy. You know that when there is to be famine, so many will suffer. They will cry out in distress and then there will be the cries of victory. All souls will receive happiness. The Father is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. There are two types of happiness: One is to reside in the land of peace and the other is to reside in the land of happiness. There is everything – purity, peace and happiness – in the land of happiness. The Father says: I come every cycle. My part is at the time when people are very unhappy. This is why My name is, the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness, the Bestower of Peace to All and the Bestower of Happiness to All. You know that, together with Baba, you donate peace to everyone. The more you stay in remembrance, the more donations you will continue to give others. You give them knowledge for happiness. Therefore, you children have to reveal your Mother and Father. The more you reveal them and show the path of happiness and peace to many, the more reward you will receive. Baba tells you so many new things of the new world. He gives you visions of the old world and the new world. He will give you even more visions, but only to those who are real, strong children. The Lord is pleased with an honest heart. You will see a great deal. Just as you were shown them in the beginning, so you will be shown them at the end. So many programmes used to be given to you and you were also given visions. You were decorated so beautifully; you were given crowns etc. You will be shown them once again in different ways. It is said: Happiness to the hunter and death for the prey. At the time of partition, it was death for the prey. You weren't concerned about anything. It was as though you had died alive. Baba says: Children, make full effort. Make effort: I am a soul. Continue to speak of spiritual things with one another. All worldly things, body-conscious things, have to end. Those who were amazed and then ran away will not see any of these things. You have seen the past and you will also see new things. Make effort. The Father loves the sweetest children a great deal. Lovely children receive a lot of love. Those who do good service receive love and also a status. Don’t forget: The incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is teaching us souls and making us into heirs of heaven. You have to have divine virtues. Previously, everyone had devilish traits. Baba is now sitting personally in front of you. There is love for the One from whom you receive the inheritance, not for the agent. The agent is just in between. Your bargain is made with that One. Therefore, remember the Father. Continue to renounce body consciousness. Mine is only one Shiv Baba. No other bodily being should be remembered. Baba has entered an old boot. I have taken it on loan. Baba would have spoken these words in the previous cycle. He is also saying them now. These things were explained to you on this day and I am now explaining them to you again. Such a good, broad and unlimited intellect is required. Lakshmi and Narayan became number one. They would definitely have created a good reward. This is the Godfatherly Salvation Army to give the salvation of liberation and liberation-in-life to the whole world. Rama is the Bestower of Salvation for All. The whole world has to go into liberation. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Together with the Father, donate peace to the whole world. Become a remover of sorrow and a bestower of happiness, the same as the Father.

2. Have full love for the one Father. Don't speak of body-conscious things among yourselves. Only speak of spiritual things.

Blessing: May you be an easy yogi (sahaj yogi) and, instead of being one who is separated (viyogi), become a co-operative soul (sahyogi) who makes preparations instead of waiting.

Some children wait. They think: if this one lets go, I will become free; if this one stops this conflict, I will become free. However, it doesn’t work like that. These obstacles or test papers of Maya are definitely going to come in one form or another from time to time. So, do not wait and think “When this person lets me pass”, or, “When this situation passes by”… no. I have to pass through them. Make such preparations. Constantly move along, holding onto the finger of shrimat. Become co-operative and so an easy yogi. It should not be that you are sometimes co-operative and sometimes separated.

Slogan: To increase the zeal and enthusiasm of many souls with your zeal and enthusiasm is true service.


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