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20 May 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English Murli today - BapDada - Madhuban -

20/05/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 01/12/83

The three rights of happiness, peace and purity.

Today, BapDada is seeing His loving, long-lost and now-found beloved children. Each child has reached his home to celebrate a meeting with deep love. This land is said to be your home, the doorway of the Bestower. This praise belongs to this sweet home. The sweetest Father is celebrating a meeting with His sweet children in the sweet home. Today, BapDada is especially seeing three lines of special rights on the forehead of each child. There are three lines on each one’s forehead because each one is a child. In terms of being His child, everyone has rights, but they are numberwise. In the case of some children, their fortune and the line of their right to happiness are very clear and deep. No matter how many adverse situations arise or how many waves of sorrow come to create sorrow in them, they are ignorant of the word "sorrow". Even in adverse situations, with the rights attained from the Ocean of Happiness, with the enlightenment of the knowledge of "Wah, sweet drama! Wah, the part of every actor!" and with the happiness of their rights, they transform any sorrow into happiness. With their rights, they transform the darkness of sorrow, they become master bestowers of happiness and they not only constantly swing in the swings of happiness themselves, but also become instruments to give vibrations of happiness to others. In this way, the lines of their right to happiness are very clear and deep and so no one can erase them. Those who try to erase them would change, but they themselves wouldn't. They take a drop of happiness from the master bestowers of happiness. Baba saw those with these types of lines. This is called being number one fortunate. You were told that the sign of number one is to win. The second line is that of peace. All of you believe peace to be your original religion, do you not? This is what you tell everyone, is it not? What has been said in terms of religion? "You will not renounce your religion even if you have to die." You may lose your head but you won't let go of your religion. Those who have a right to the inheritance of peace and happiness can never let go of peace. Those who make peaceless ones peaceful, who constantly give rays of peace to others, can never let go of their religion of peace or their right to peace, no matter what happens. This is called being number one in the line of the second right. The third is the line of the right of purity. All children are pure souls. Nevertheless, which child has the fortune to claim the number one right? One through whose behaviour and face one can experience the personality of purity and royalty. In worldly life too, worldly personality and royalty are visible, but spiritual personality and the royalty of purity are visible in the fortunate children. This is called the line of the number one fortune of purity. Today, Baba was seeing these lines of rights of all the children. All of you can also see your lines of rights, can you not? Check whether you have attained all three rights. Have you claimed the full right or a percentage of it? If you have even a percentage at the confluence age, there will be a percentage throughout the cycle. There will be a percentage of the worthy-of-worship status. There won't be full worship, and there will be a percentage even of the reward. Achcha. Today, the majority are new ones (in knowledge) and so old ones. Call yourselves new children or the children who have a right every cycle, you have come to your place once again to claim your rights. Who has the greatest happiness? Each one of you would think "I have!". Do you believe this? Or is it that some have greater happiness and others have less? Even BapDada has to come especially to give the children who have all rights a right to a special meeting. Does the Father have greater love for the children or do the children have greater love for the Father? Who has unbroken love? BapDada places the children ahead of Himself. Children first! If the children didn't remember Him or love Him, to whom would the Father respond? This is why the children are at the front and the Father is behind them. The children always have to be made to walk at the front and the Father walks behind them. This is why BapDada is also pleased to see such children. There are even such children who are merged in unbroken love. There is also a rosary of such children. Whether in this land or abroad, in both places, there are such children who can't remember anything except the Father and service. BapDada meeting Jagdishbhai: You saw such children, did you not? You had a good tour, did you not? You put into the corporeal form the special blessing you received from corporeal Baba. You experienced success as your birthright, did you not? Out of all kinds of success, what is the sign of special success? The elevated success is that BapDada becomes visible. When the Father is visible in you, that is elevated success. This is the means of revelation. Whoever goes on a tour, to be able to give the experience of being equal to the Father is the sign of success. As you progress further, this is the sound that will continue to spread everywhere even more. When a child has courage, the Father definitely helps. Karavanhar (the One who acts through others) makes it happen. Achcha. To those who are always completely fortunate, to the rightful children who have total rights, to those who constantly stay in the combined form of “the Father and I”, to the lucky and lovely children who constantly remain merged in the Ocean of Love, love, remembrance and namaste from the Bestower of Fortune and the Bestower of Blessings. (Jagdishbhai gave BapDada news of the tour abroad and gave personal remembrance by name of all the brothers and sisters). The news of everyone's love continues to reach BapDada and it has reached even now. BapDada especially congratulates all the children abroad in all the different places. Congratulations for what? In transforming your sanskars, language and way of life, the majority of you have been intense effort-makers. It is as though someone goes away to a completely new world. You adopt new systems and customs and relationships and, even then, you always move along whilst considering yourselves to be the rightful souls of the previous cycle. Therefore, special congratulations on being able to transform yourselves. You remember BapDada with so much love and that always reaches BapDada. You even forget yourselves and always remember the Father in everything; this is the special transformation. You move along on the basis of this love. You sustain this love. The sustenance of subtle love makes you move forward. Achcha. To all those who have sent love and remembrances, the Father, the Ocean of Love, is also giving aprons full of love to all of them. The children from Bharat are no less. The people abroad become happy when they sing about the fortune of Bharat. It was because the people of Bharat awoke that they were able to awaken those abroad. It is those from Bharat who awoke. If all of you didn't exist abroad, how could there have been so many centres? This is why you have all been spread everywhere. You open a centre in such a short time. You take birth, you grow up a little and you open a centre. You do that standing on your own feet and not depending on anyone. You don't even have the support of waiting for an invitation. You use everything you have in a subtle and physical way and open a centre whilst keeping courage. However, it is the responsibility of all of you to sustain them. They do not lack courage. However, to give help is also the task of all of you as well as the Father. They became happy when they listen to the depths of knowledge. They move along on the basis of yoga and love. However, to go further into the depths of knowledge will make them instruments for further service. The depth of knowledge is required to prepare the mind. The result of being able to give the experience of knowledge and the Father is good. When anyone goes there, they become so happy. Their experience is as though a star from the sky has come down to earth. Achcha. BapDada speaking to Dadiji and Dadi Janki: The third image (Didi) is merged in both of you. You are equal to the Father. It is not that you have to become that, you already are. Do you experience this? Just as the Father takes the support of Brahma to do service, in the same way, you are also instruments for the Father. At the present time, the Father, Karavanhar, is enabling His task to be carried out through the instruments. You are special instruments. He is enabling the task to be carried out through Brahma in the subtle form and through you in the corporeal form. BapDada gives you love and remembrance even more times than multi-million times every second. You are the decoration. You are the special decoration of the Father and of Madhuban. BapDada is pleased to see you at every moment. Achcha. Plan to serve the leaders of religions: That form is especially needed to serve the leaders of religions, because they too are clever when it comes to matters of religion. They also listen to you with love, but they themselves lack the practical aspects. Let them have a vision of what you were told today, let them experience practically that those in front of them are not ordinary and they will then bow down. They bow down to experience, not to words. They would say that you too are doing a very good job and that you should also continue to receive blessings. They will make you happy by saying this, but let them consider you to be special. To strike someone at their weak spot is to gain victory. It is remembered in the scriptures that the deities attained victory when they became aware of the weak spot (of their opposition): this is also a matter of spirituality. So, the leaders of religions will also definitely come, but only when they see something new. Now, they simply say that the knowledge is good, that you are good and that they are also good. However, it has to emerge through their lips that this is the only way. There are many paths and yours is just one of them; this has to change. When they are touched that it is only here they can receive liberation and liberation-in-life, they will then bow down. So, now there has to be some newness. You have now become engaged in households. However, just as you tell others that, whilst being in a household, they have to remain detached from it, also teach yourself this lesson every day. The households are going to increase, but you have to remain detached from them whilst living in them. You will have to pay a little more attention and underline this. Each one of you has become busy in your own service, but there has to be the intoxication of the unlimited world. Whilst looking after all of that, let your intellects remain free for unlimited service. The body, mind, wealth and intellect remain engrossed in the creation a lot more. You saw corporeal Baba. Even whilst looking after his business, he kept himself free. He never allowed any name or trace of being busy to show on his face. Even though he had responsibility for the Brahmin family, what did he have in his intellect? The unlimited – that he had to give power and sustain them. His only concern was that he had to awaken souls. So, this is what needs to happen now. This is still lacking. The especially beloved children have to get together and create such an atmosphere. Each one of you is a lighthouse equal to the Father. Wherever you go, let others receive light, power and zeal and enthusiasm. You mustn't do what ordinary souls do. The words, thoughts, vision and attitude of corporeal Baba were unique; they were not ordinary. Therefore, create such a stage. This is why service is still at a standstill. There is so much expense and hard work and yet, how many emerge? Now, according to the time, even the advance party is becoming stronger. So those in the corporeal form have to be even faster. Everything is to happen suddenly. You won't be given a date. Test papers will definitely come. Some will even come to check your thoughts. They will come to test you. The more that revelation takes place, the more papers will come. They will come practically to check your lives and see what the difference is between your yoga and other yogas and between your knowledge and other knowledge. They won't check your words. For this, so much preparation has to be done in advance. Something or other will happen in ’84. Test papers will also come. This is a means to prepare for spreading the word. In the early days, you used to practise walking in such a way that even though the body was moving, others would feel that a light was going by, and they wouldn't see the body. When you first went to your friends and relatives, what was the test paper you had? That they should not see your body, but a light. That they should not see you as their daughter, but as a goddess. You took this test, did you not? If they saw you in the form of your relationship with them, as their daughter, then you failed. So such practice is needed for this. Very bad times are coming, but your stage has to be such that others always see a form of light; this is your safety. As soon as they enter, let them see a fortress of light. Why should your wealth that could be used for Godly service be wasted just like that? Let them not see a cupboard, but a fortress of light instead – there has to be this much practice. The splendour of the form of a Shakti has to be increased. Have the aim that you do not appear ordinary. There will be many types of attack – through wandering souls, through those who have impure vision, through calamities and illnesses, but the way to be protected from all of those is to become very special, that is to be able to do what others cannot do. Simply remember that you are very a special soul and you will remain loving and detached. Achcha. For the success of the ’84 Conference: For as much as possible, let there be an atmosphere of silence. Let those who come here return with the experience that this is God’s knowledge and God’s place. Let there be such an atmosphere in which you have the aim of giving an experience. Don’t get involved in just giving interesting points but, whilst speaking, continue to give them an experience. Keep the aim of making everyone say that this is the path to God and that God has come. They already say that this is very good, but now let them say that God is teaching you. They say that the knowledge is good, but now let them experience who the Bestower of Knowledge is. Now lay this foundation. Completion will take place when the Seed comes up above. If the Seed hasn’t come up yet, how can the tree be transformed? Since they are coming to this place out of their own interest, then let them see and experience the speciality of this place. You mustn’t change your views on hearing their views, but you must now make such a plan that they change their views on experiencing your views. When you have the aim of giving a lecture, their attention is then drawn to the points. However, when you have the aim of revealing the Father, only the Father will be visible. As is your aim, so will be the result. Achcha.


May you be a master trikaldarshi (knower of three aspects of time) and become a conqueror of Maya by knowing the past, present and future.

The children who know the three aspects of time can never be defeated by Maya because what the present is and what is going to happen in the future is very clear in the intellect of a soul who is a trikaldarshi. “What I am and what I am going to become” - they have the intoxication of both the present and the future. They continue to fly with the happiness of that intoxication and this is why their feet are always above the ground. They are not attracted to their bodies, bodily relations or old possessions of the body.


Those who have the virtue of easiness find it very easy to conduct themselves in a gathering.


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