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2 Sept 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English -02/09/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 12/01/84

Always have powerful thoughts and speak powerful words.

Today, the Father who lives beyond sound has come into the world of sound in order to take all the children into the stage of being beyond sound, because there is the experience of deep happiness and peace in the stage of beyond sound. By becoming stable in the elevated stage of being beyond sound, you experience yourself to be equal to the Father in your perfect stage. People of today try many different things in order to attain the true peace of being beyond sound. They continue to adopt so many different methods. However, all of you are embodiments of peace, children of the Ocean of Peace, master oceans of peace. You stabilise in your stage of being an embodiment of peace in a second. You are experienced in this way, are you not? Do you practise coming into sound in a second and then going beyond and stabilising in your original religion beyond sound in a second? You are masters of your physical senses, are you not? You can come and perform actions whenever you want and then stabilise yourself in the karmateet stage of being beyond actions whenever you want. This is known as being detached one moment and being loving to all through action the next moment. You experience such controlling power and ruling power, do you not? Things that people of the world say are difficult are not only easy for you elevated souls, but they are extremely easy, because you are master almighty authorities. People of the world think: How can this be possible? They continue to wander around with their intellects and their bodies in that confusion, whereas what do you say? Can you have the thought: How will this happen? To ask how means a question mark. So, instead of saying, "How?", the sound that emerges from you once again is, "This is how it happens". To say, "This is how" means a “full stop”. So, the question mark changed and you put a full stop. What were you yesterday and what have you become today? There is a great difference, is there not? Do you believe that there is a great difference? Yesterday, you used to say, "Oh God!", and today, instead of saying "OK!” you say, "Oho!". Oho, sweet Baba! Not God, but Baba. From Him being far-away, you found the Father to be close to you. You searched for the Father and the Father found you in different corners. However, the Father didn’t have to work hard. You had to make a lot of effort. The Father had your introduction, but you didn't have it. All of you sing songs of love. BapDada also sings songs of love for the children. BapDada sings the greatest song of love of all every day and, when you hear this song, the minds of all you loving children continue to dance in happiness. He sings these songs every day and this is why, as a memorial, a lot of importance is given to songs. The memorial of the Father's song has been made into the Gita. From hearing the songs of the children and seeing the memorials of the different experiences of dancing in happiness, of being in happiness, bliss and joy, they created the Bhagawad. So, there is the memorial of both. Do you consider yourselves and experience yourselves to be such elevated, fortunate ones? There are many who consider themselves to be this, but only a handful out of multi-millions who experience themselves to be this. To be an image of experience means to be an experienced image who is complete and equal to the Father. Let there be the experience of every word and every relationship. Let there be the experience of the different attainments from each relationship. Let there be the experience of every power. Let there be the experience of every virtue. You can adopt the jewellery of virtues whenever you want. All of these virtues are the variety jewellery. According to the time and place, you can decorate yourself with the jewellery of virtues. Not only can you decorate yourself, but you can also donate virtues to others. Together with the donation of knowledge, the donation of virtues also has great importance. A soul who is a great donor of virtues will not imbibe the defects of others, even whilst seeing them. Such a soul will not be influenced by the defects of others but instead, by donating virtues, will transform the defects of others into virtues. Just as you give money to beggars and make them rich, in the same way, donate virtues to those who have defects and make them into images of virtues. Just as the donations of yoga, powers and service are very well known, the donation of virtues is also a special donation. By donating virtues to souls, you are able to make souls experience the sparkle of zeal and enthusiasm. So, have you become images who are the great donors of everything, that is, have you become images of experience?Today, Baba has especially come to meet the double-foreign children. BapDada has already told you the speciality of the double-foreign children. Nevertheless, BapDada calls double-foreign children those with far-sighted intellects. Even from far away, you recognised the Father with your intellects and claimed all rights. BapDada has special love for the children who have far-sighted intellects, numberwise, according to their specialities. Are all of you those who have become moths and have come flying from your country to surrender yourselves to the Flame, or do some of you simply circle around? To surrender means to become equal. So, are you those who surrender yourselves or those who simply circle around? Which type is greater in number? Whoever you are and whatever you are like, BapDada likes you. Anyway, you have at least reached here having made such a lot of effort. So, always consider yourself to belong to the Father and you will always belong to the Father. This determined thought will constantly enable you to move forward. Don't think about your weaknesses too much. By thinking about your weaknesses, you become even weaker. By saying that you are ill, you become doubly ill. "I am not that powerful. I am not able to have such good yoga. The service I do is not that good. Am I loved by Baba or not? I don’t know whether I will be able to continue or not." These thoughts make you even weaker. Maya first tries in a very light form, and you then give it a bigger form and Maya takes her chance to become your companion. She is simply trying you out, but you don't recognise this and think that you are like that and this is why she becomes your companion. Maya is the companion of the weak. Don't repeatedly voice your weak thoughts or even think weak thoughts. By your thinking about it again and again, it becomes your form. Always think: If I don't belong to Baba, who else will? I belonged to Baba. It was I who belonged to Baba... I will belong to Him every cycle. This thought makes you healthy and a conqueror of Maya. Weaknesses come later. You don't recognise this and consider that to be the truth and so Maya makes you belong to her. They put on a play about Sita. He (Ravan) wasn't a beggar, but Sita thought he was a beggar. He had simply come to test her and she thought he really was that. This is how, seeing her innocence, he made her belong to him. Here, too, wasteful and weak thoughts take on the form of Maya in order to test you. However, it is because you become innocent that she makes you belong to her. "I am like that!" Then, by making you say that, Maya creates a place for herself. You are not weak like that. You are powerful. You are master almighty authorities. You are the handful out of multi-millions who have been selected by BapDada. How could such souls be weak? To think in that way is to give a place to Maya. You give her a place and then you say that you have to get rid of her. But, why do you give her a place in the first place? None of you is weak. You are all masters. You are always courageous and always mahavirs. Have this elevated thought. You are constantly the Father's companions. When you are a companion of the Father, Maya cannot make you her companion. Why have you come to Madhuban? (To leave Maya behind.) Madhuban is the great sacrificial fire, is it not? So, you have come to sacrifice everything in the great sacrificial fire. However, BapDada says: All of you have come to celebrate Vijaya Ashthmi (Dashera). You have come to celebrate the ceremony of applying the tilak of victory. You have become victorious and have come to celebrate the ceremony of applying the tilak of victory. All of you are clever at copying and saying, "Ji ha". This too is a virtue. Here, too, all you have to do is copy the Father. To follow him means to copy him. This is easy, is it not? You have come here having left your country and so BapDada also leaves His land behind and comes here.Does BapDada not have a family? He puts aside the task of the whole world and comes here. The household of the whole family is the Father's family, is it not? For the Father, all are His children. He has to give a drop to everyone. He doesn't give them the inheritance, but He does give them at least a drop. Achcha.To the most elevated souls who have all rights and are equal to the Father, to those who are constantly great donors, the bestowers of blessings, to those who constantly experience themselves to be great by knowing the great difference, to those who are conquerors of Maya by constantly recognising Maya, to the elevated souls who are embodiments of all powers, to all the children in this land and abroad who remain lost in love, who have heart-to-heart conversations with the Father, who celebrate meeting the Father, who give their love and remembrance and also send it through letters, to all the children who write very sweet news and also give news of their loving efforts for the self, BapDada is seeing all of you personally in front of Him and giving love and remembrance. Together with this, He is also giving love-filled remembrance and saying namaste to the children who become moths and surrender themselves to the Flame, that is, to those children who become equal to the Father at every step.Seeing all the maharathi brothers and sisters:There is also a rosary of the children who are instruments for service. All of you special jewels have become instruments. The speciality of an instrument makes you an instrument. Brahma Baba has great pride in all of you because of one thing. What is he especially proud of? Brahma Baba has special pride in the form of unity that you children have demonstrated from the beginning by harmonising one another's thoughts. Unity is the foundation of this Brahmin family. Therefore, Brahma Baba is proud of you children. Even though he lives in the subtle region, he sees all the activities.BapDada meeting the London group:All of you are those who become spiritual roses and, as flowers of the imperishable garden, give fragrance to others, are you not? All of you are spiritual roses and, seeing you spiritual roses, the whole world is attracted to you. Each of you spiritual roses is so valuable. You are invaluable and this is why, even now, the non-living images of all of you have value too. They give or receive each non-living image with so much value. It is just ordinary stone, silver or gold, and yet it has so much value. How much value would they place on a golden idol? How did it become so valuable? By belonging to the Father, you became constantly elevated. Constantly continue to sing songs of this fortune. Wah, my fortune! Wah, the Bestower of Fortune! And, wah, the confluence age! Wah, sweet drama! You know how to say, "Wah, wah!" for everything, do you not? You constantly sing songs of "Wah, wah!" do you not? BapDada is proud of the residents of London. London is the seed of the tree of service. Therefore, the residents of London are also the seed. Those from the UK means those who always remain OK; those who constantly keep a balance of studying and doing service; those who constantly experience progress at every step. Since you belong to the Father, you constantly have His company and His hand; every child has this over them. Do you experience this? Those who have the Father's hand over them are always safe. You are those who are always safe, are you not? Maya cannot come to the group that is OK. Maya also says, "OK! OK!" for all time and bids you farewell and goes away. The UK, that is, the OK group has very elevated company. You have very good company and a powerful atmosphere and so how could Maya come? You remain constantly safe. The OK group means the group of those who are conquerors of Maya.Speaking to the Mauritius group:Do you always consider yourselves to be greatly fortunate? What did you receive as your fortune? You attained God as your fortune. You received the Bestower of Fortune Himself as your fortune - what can be greater fortune than this? So, you constantly have this happiness: We souls are the most fortunate souls in the world with the greatest fortune. Not just “we” but “we souls”. When you say “souls”, you will not have the wrong type of intoxication. By being soul conscious, you will have elevated intoxication – spiritual, Godly intoxication. Souls are fortunate and, even today, their fortune is being remembered. The Bhagwad is the memorial of your fortune. It is such imperishable fortune that it is remembered even today. Continue to move constantly forward in this happiness. Kumaris are free from bondage - free from the bondage of the body, free from the bondage of the mind. Only those who are free from bondage are able to experience the flying stage. Achcha.

Blessing: May you remain detached from your part and loving to the Father, while playing your part in service, and become an easy yogi.

Some children say that they are sometimes able to have yoga but not at other times. The reason for this is a lack of detachment. Because you are not detached, you do not experience and, where there is no love, there is no remembrance. The greater the love, the easier the remembrance. Therefore, do not play your part on the basis of your relationship but play your part in terms of service and you will remain detached. Be like a lotus and remain detached from the atmosphere of the old world and be loving to the Father, and you will become an easy yogi.

Slogan: A gyani soul is one who merges the word “excuse” and finds a solution for every situation.


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