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18 Feb 2019 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in ENglish text 18/02/19 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, may you be spinners of the discus of self-realisation. You have to become lighthouses. Consider yourselves to be souls. Don’t be careless about this.


How are you the most wonderful students?


You stay at home with your family and you work for eight hours for the livelihood of your body. However, together with that, to provide for your future 21 births, you also do eight hours of service to make others equal to the Father. While doing everything, you remember your home and the Father. This is your wonderful student life. Knowledge is very easy; you simply make effort to become pure.

Om Shanti . The Father says to you children, numberwise, according to the effort you make: You must also remember the incorporeal world, numberwise. You children must also remember that, originally, you are residents of the land of peace and that you then go to the land of happiness. You probably understand this inside you. It is also in your intellects how this world cycle turns from the time you come down from the incorporeal world. At this time we are Brahmins. Then we will become deities, warriors, merchants and then shudras. Your intellects should rotated this cycle. You children have all of this knowledge in your intellects. The Father has explained this to you. Previously, you didn’t know. Now, only you know this. Day by day, the number of you will continue to grow. You continue to teach many others. Certainly, you will become spinners of the discus of self-realisation first. While you are sitting here, your intellects know that He is your Father. He is also the Supreme Teacher who teaches us. He has explained to us how we go around the cycle of 84 births. Your intellects would definitely remember this. Your intellects have to remember this at every moment. This is not a big lesson; it is a lesson of a second. It enters your intellects where you are residents of and how you then come here to play your parts. This is the cycle of 84 births. In the golden age, there are this many births; in the silver age, there are this many births. You do remember this cycle, do you not? Your intellects would definitely remember the positions you received and the parts you played. You would say that you were double-crowned and that you then became those with single crowns. You then lost the whole kingdom and became tamopradhan. This cycle has to spin. This is why you are called spinners of the discus of self-realisation. The soul has received knowledge. The soul has had a vision. The soul knows that he has been around the cycle in this way and that he now has to go home. The Father has said: Remember Me and you will reach your home. It isn’t that you are sitting in that stage now; no. Many outside things enter your intellects: some would be remembering one thing and others would be remembering something else. Here, the Father says: Merge all other things and only remember the One. You have to follow the shrimat that you receive. You have to become spinners of the discus of self-realisation and make effort till the end. Previously, you didn’t know anything. Now the Father is telling you. By remembering Him, you come to know everything. All the secrets of the Creator and the beginning, the middle and the end of creation enter your intellects. You are taught these lessons. You can remember Him at home too. This is something to be understood with your intellects. You are wonderful students. The Father has explained: You may rest for eight hours and work for the livelihood of your body for eight hours. You also have to do that business etc. Together with that, the business that the Father has given you of making others the same as yourself is also for your livelihood. That one is for a temporary period whereas this livelihood is for your bodies for 21 births. This too has great importance in the parts you play. However much effort someone makes, he is accordingly worshipped later on the path of devotion. You children have to imbibe all of this. You children are actors. Baba simply plays the part of giving knowledge. However, you do have to make effort for the livelihood of your bodies. Baba will not do that. The Father comes to explain to you how the history and geography of this world repeat and how the cycle turns. He just comes to explain this. He continues to explain it tactfully. The Father explains: Children, don’t be careless about anything. Become spinners of the discus of self-realisation and lighthouses. Consider yourselves to be souls. You know that a soul cannot play his part without a body. People don’t know anything at all. Although they come to you and say that this is good, they cannot become spinners of the discus of self-realisation. You have to practise this a lot here. Then, wherever you go, you will become like an ocean of knowledge. It is just as when students study and then become teachers and teach in colleges or occupy themselves in business. Your business is to become teachers and make everyone into a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Some children have made a picture of how the kings with a double crown become kings with a single crown and that is fine, but from when to when did they have a double-crown? From when to when did they become those with a single crown? Then, when and how was their kingdom snatched away from them? You should write those dates. This is a big unlimited drama. It is certain that you are once again becoming deities. You are now Brahmins. Only Brahmins belong to the confluence age. No one knows this until you tell them. This is your alokik birth. You receive an inheritance from the lokik and the Parlokik. You cannot receive an inheritance from the alokik. The Father gives you the inheritance through this one. It is sung: Oh Prabhu (God)! It is never said: Oh Prajapita Brahma! You remember your lokik fathers and the parlokik Father. No one else knows these things. You know them. You receive the imperishable inheritance from the parlokik Father and perishable inheritances from your lokik fathers. Someone may be a child of a king and receive an inheritance of five million. However, if you put the inheritance you receive from the unlimited Father in front of you, you would say that, in comparison with that other one, this inheritance is imperishable, whereas that one will finish. Maya clings to the millionaires of today; they will not come here. The Father is the Lord of the Poor. Bharat is very poor. Many people in Bharat are poor. You are now making effort to bring benefit to many. Generally, those who are ill have disinterest. They think: Life is not worth living. Let me find such a path that I can go to the land of liberation. They ask for liberation in order to be liberated from suffering. In the golden age, they don’t ask for anything because there is no suffering there. You understand these things now. The number of Baba’s children will continue to grow. Only those who are to become the sun and moon dynasty deities will come and take this knowledge, numberwise, according to the effort they make. No one except the Father can give you this knowledge. You will now not leave the unlimited Father and go anywhere else. Those who love the Father can understand that this knowledge is very easy, but it is in your becoming pure that Maya causes obstacles. If you are careless about anything, you are defeated by that carelessness. The example of boxing is a good comparison to make. In boxing, each one tries to beat the other. You children know that Maya defeats you. The Father says: Sweet children, consider yourselves to be souls. The Father Himself understands that effort is required for this. The Father shows you an easy method. I am a soul. I shed this body and take another one to playing my part. You have to make it very firm that you are the children of the unlimited Father. Baba feels that Maya breaks your intellects’ yoga. It is numberwise. The kingdom is created on this basis. If everyone were to be the same, there would be no kingdom created. Kings, queens, wealthy ones and subjects are all to be created. No one, apart from you, knows these things. We are establishing our own kingdom. Amongst you also, only the special, beloved ones remember these things. These things should never be forgotten. You children know that you forget. Otherwise, there would be a lot of happiness knowing that you are becoming the masters of the world. You can only become that by making effort, not just by speaking about it. As soon as Baba comes here, He asks: Children, be cautious! Are you sitting here as spinners of the discus of self-realisation? The Father who is also the Spinner of the discus of self-realisation enters this one. People think that Vishnu is a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. They don’t know that he (Vishnu) is Lakshmi and Narayan. Who gave them knowledge through which they received the status of Lakshmi and Narayan? They portray Krishna killing devils with a discus of self-realisation. You are amused by those who make those pictures. Vishnu is the symbol of the combined family ashram. The image is good, but it is not a correct image. Previously, you didn’t know that. How could someone with four arms come here? You also know these things, numberwise. The Father says: Everything depends on the effort you make. Your sins are cut away by having remembrance of the Father. This effort has to be the maximum, number one. The Father has given you time. You have to live at home with your families. Otherwise, who would look after your children etc? You have to practise this while doing everything. However, there isn’t anything else. They have portrayed Krishna killing the devils Akasur and Bakasur etc. with a discus of self-realisation. You now understand that there is no question of a discus etc. There is so much difference! Only the Father explains this. Human beings cannot explain to human beings. Human beings cannot grant salvation to human beings. None of them are able to explain the secrets of the Creator or the beginning, the middle and the end of creation. Only the Father has explained to you the meaning of the discus of self-realisation. They have written such stories in the scriptures, don’t even ask! They have shown Krishna to be violent. Here, you have to churn the ocean of knowledge in solitude. It is a very good time for those who do security duty at night; they can have a lot of remembrance. While remembering the Father, also continue to spin the discus of self-realisation. If you stay in remembrance, in happiness, you will even lose your sleep out of happiness. Those who receive wealth remain very happy; they would never nod off. You know that you are becoming ever healthy and wealthy. So, you should occupy yourself in this very well. The Father knows that, according to the drama, whatever happens is fine. He still continues to inspire you to make effort. The Father is now giving you teachings. There are many who neither have knowledge nor yoga. If an intellectual person or a scholar etc. comes, they would not be able to speak to him. Serviceable children know who the good ones are and who are good at explaining to others. Then, when the Father also sees that the one who has come is an intellectual, well-educated, good person but that the one who is explaining is a buddhu, He can intervene and uplift that person. So, true children would say that they didn’t have enough knowledge, but that the Father sat and explained to that one. Some people become arrogant. For Him to come and help is fixed in the drama as His part. The drama is unique. A very broad and unlimited intellect is needed to understand it. You children know that you are now establishing that kingdom in which everyone is beautiful. There is no one ugly there. You can also make a picture and write: Ugly and beautiful. By sitting on the pyre of lust for 63 births, you have become so ugly! Souls have become that. They have even made an ugly image of Lakshmi and Narayan. People don’t understand that it is the souls that become ugly. They were the masters of the golden age, they were beautiful and then, by sitting on the pyre of lust, they became ugly. The souls take rebirth and become tamopradhan. So the souls become ugly and the bodies become ugly. You can jokingly ask them: Why have they shown Lakshmi and Narayan beautiful in some places and ugly in others? What is the reason for that? They don’t have any knowledge. Why do they make a beautiful image of Krishna and then an ugly image of Krishna? At this time you know that. You have now received the third eye of knowledge. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. In order to remain full of happiness, sit in solitude and churn the wealth of knowledge you have received. In order to become pure and constantly free from disease, make effort to stay in remembrance.

2. Become a master ocean of knowledge, like the Father, and make everyone into a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Become a lighthouse. In order to earn for the livelihood of your body for your future 21 births, definitely become a spiritual teacher.


May you be an elevated Brahmin soul who transforms a storm (Tufan) into a gift (Tohfa) by having imperishable zeal and enthusiasm.

Zeal and enthusiasm are wings for the flying stage of Brahmins. Constantly continue to fly with these wings. This zeal and enthusiasm is the greatest of all powers for you Brahmins. Your life is not a dry one; you always have the juice and sweetness of zeal and enthusiasm. Zeal and enthusiasm make something difficult easy. Souls with zeal and enthusiasm never become disheartened. Enthusiasm transforms storms into a gift. Enthusiasm makes you experience any tests or problems to be entertainment. Those who maintain such imperishable zeal and enthusiasm are elevated Brahmins.


Keep the incense of peace constantly ignited and the odour of peacelessness will finish.


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