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17 Sep 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 17/09/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, your future status depends on how you study. Study and teach others. Go to every street and give everyone the Father’s introduction.

Question: Which desire should you children stay beyond while remaining engaged in service?

Answer: You children are merciful. You shouldn’t have the desire to ask anyone for money. Remain beyond this desire and remain engaged in the service of donating and making others similar to yourselves. Let it remain in your intellects that if it is in their fortune they will definitely sow a seed. Those who are not able to serve through their words or deeds can co-operate with money. It is the poor children who give a handful of rice and receive a palace in return.

Song: Come and meet us, o Beloved!

Om Shanti . One call of the lovers is sufficient. Who called out and to whom did they call? Only you children know this, because you have come to know the Father from the Father. The Father shows the son and the son shows the Father. This is the law. All the lovers are now calling out to the Beloved. This song is sung for Krishna. Everyone has love for Krishna anyway. Devotees of Krishna believe that Krishna taught Raja Yoga. In fact, there is only the one Beloved for all. There is only the One who is the Purifier of all. It is the incorporeal One who is remembered, but they don’t know the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, accurately. What is the accurate meaning of “incorporeal One”? They don’t know this. The Father explains that, in fact, there is only one Rama. When they call out, “O God! O Prabhu! O Ishwar!” they are calling out to the same One. They are not calling out to a physical human being or deity. The intellects are drawn to the Incorporeal. God, the Father of all, is the same. They do understand that they are brothers, but that is only in the form of souls. They all belong to different religions. Brothers and sisters within the same religion continue to quarrel. When everyone becomes unhappy, the Father says: Remember Me, because I am the Purifier of all. There is only the one Beloved for all the lovers. The brides remember their Bridegroom. All the lovers remember Him: Come and meet us, o Beloved! It is the soul that remembers and calls out from his heart. It is the soul, not the body, that calls out. A human soul speaks to another human soul. Because human beings of the world are body conscious, they consider themselves to be bodies. You children have to understand very firmly that it is the living soul that calls out. It is the soul that loves. The body does not love the body. The soul adopts a body. The love of this time is impure. The love between deities is very pure. People think that love is only for vice, yet there is love in the golden age and there is no vice there. The Father saves you children from that vice for 21 births. Whomever you explain these things to will be very happy to hear them. Some of you say: Baba, service isn’t taking place. However, you have been shown many ways to do service. Dashera is now coming. The goddesses are worshipped in many different places, and so you should go and explain to the people there. You have to give the Father’s introduction: He is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the incorporeal Father. We souls reside in the supreme region. That region is also called the home. The Father of us souls also resides in the supreme region. The Father sends you children down here. This happens automatically according to the drama and He also has to come at His own time. There is only the one Father and all the rest are souls. This is the human world. Lakshmi and Narayan were human beings with divine qualities and they existed in the golden age. However, there are no human beings with eight to ten arms. Where did they come from? Wherever there is worship taking place, you should go there and innocently ask them: What is this? Many sacrificial fires of Rudra are created. Wealthy people have many sacrificial fires created. You can go anywhere and think about these things. You are wandering yogis. You can do service in whichever country you live. Ask them: Who is that person you are worshipping? What did he do here? Whose child is that person? You can ask such questions. Then, explain to them because you have to bring benefit to all. You have to be merciful. They waste money unnecessarily. There is a great deal of service that you children can do. Now that Dashera is coming you can explain why people burn an effigy of Ravan. Ask them when the kingdom of Ravan began and when it ended. Ask them: For how long did the kingdom of Vishnu last? That is the day of Brahma and the other is the night of Brahma. You should also go to the Government and explain that this is surely now the kingdom of Ravan. That is the community of Vishnu, the divine community, whereas this is the devilish community. You should go and explain these things to important people. You should take the pictures with you. Try and shoot such arrows that Baba’s name is glorified. Big titles are given to people in Benares such as Saraswati etc. However, Saraswati is Jagadamba, the World Mother. All the people of Bharat believe that Jagadamba is the mother who creates the world, and so there must definitely be the father as well. Brahma and Saraswati are called Jagadpita and Jagadamba. Saraswati is the daughter of Brahma, a mouth-born child of Brahma. Who is it that creates Brahma? The expression “Salutations to God Shiva” has been remembered. The other expression is “Salutations to the deities” and so the Creator of the deities is Shiva, the Supreme Soul, from whom they received their inheritance. Therefore, you children should go outside to explain these things. Those who are sensible serve others. The Father will not go to every street; it is the children’s task to do this. If you don’t do service, it is understood that you are not serviceable and so your status will be accordingly. You might have become Baba’s children but everything depends on how you study. Those who study more will claim a higher status. Uneducated ones will have to bow down in front of the educated ones. You have to make effort to claim a high status. Shiv Baba is personally explaining this. Children who live outside also understand that Shiv Baba must be conducting the murli in Madhuban. Children become distressed if they don’t receive the murli. They ask, “Why hasn’t Shiv Baba’s murli come?” This is because it is through Shiv Baba’s murli that our lives become like a diamond. You should listen to the murli every day. If just seven days’ murlis go to someone and he studies them, he can experience so much happiness! You definitely have to study. Anyone who is dumb or crippled can also study. No matter how high your fever might be, or how ill you are, you must definitely study the murli. Simply tell them that they have two fathers, and then those who want to claim their inheritance will understand everything from those two words. This knowledge is so easy! By you remembering the Father, the whole cycle enters your intellect. By turning the cycle around in your intellect you will become rulers of the globe. The Father says: You should explain to those who are My devotees and those who believe in Lakshmi and Narayan: You were deities. You have been around the cycle of 84 births. You now have to become those deities again. This Baba too was a devotee of Lakshmi and Narayan. From being worshippers you become worthy of worship. Lakshmi and Narayan were worthy of worship. When you go to the Lakshmi and Narayan Temple, you should say: Yesterday we used to worship them and today we are becoming like them. It is very easy to explain. You children have to become merciful. Those who have an interest in doing service will stay in the company of the teacher who teaches them and will ask her to explain everything to them. You are eating from Shiv Baba’s treasure-store and so you have to do Shiv Baba’s service. Everyone gives to Shiv Baba’s treasure-store. They understand that they are eating from Shiv Baba’s kitchen, and so you should serve through your thoughts, words and deeds. You experience so much pleasure here. You do not experience such pleasure at home. You also have to serve through your mind and have remembrance too. You also have to become pure. You also have to blow the conch shell. You must serve the yagya physically as well. In the beginning, Mama and Baba also used to wash the dishes. They also used to make fuel bricks from cow dung. They did everything in order to shed body consciousness. Now, day by day, body consciousness is increasing in many. If you eat from the yagya, you must also serve it. By remembering the Father, your sins will be absolved. How can sins be absolved by calling Him omnipresent? Your intellect can have no yoga if you believe in the notion of omnipresence. Therefore, you have to serve everyone. You have to make donations. If you cannot do that service, then do physical service. If you are not even able to do that, then serve with your wealth for that too is considered to be service. When a seed is sown, the fruit definitely emerges. Here, by giving a handful of rice, you receive a palace in return. You must not tell anyone to sow a seed. If it is not in their fortune, it just doesn’t enter their intellect. Wealthy people insure themselves for five hundred thousand rupees, whereas someone poor would take out insurance for 500 rupees. Here, it is the poor who insure themselves the most. A handful of rice of the poor is equal to the wealth of the wealthy. Look what Mama insured. See how much service she did through her mind and body. Those who serve by giving a lot of money will not receive a status like hers. You are the ones who are becoming Narayan from an ordinary man. This knowledge enables you to have yoga for self-sovereignty. The intellect of each one of you can understand whether or not you are following Mama and Baba. You have to make effort. That Ocean of Knowledge will not go to the different streets, nor can Baba give a public lecture. The Father says: I sit in front of you children and speak. I am everyone’s Father. It is you mothers and kumaris who have to go and give lectures. You are called Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. They hold such huge melas for Jagadamba, so she must have done some service before departing. You can explain this to them. You can do a great deal of service there. Serviceable children will automatically continue to serve by themselves. Those who act without being asked are called deities. Go early in the morning and return at night. You need courage to do service. There are many good children but they have one bondage or another. Many obstacles come to innocent ones in this sacrificial fire of knowledge of Rudra. You can see this in a practical way. If you want to claim your inheritance from the Father, then remain present on service. Follow shrimat. Yes, if you have a physical mother and father, you must look after them but, together with that, do this service. Many people go to the Amba Temple in Bombay. You can go there and do service. Yes, even the Government is prepared to give a livelihood to those who do service in this way. Although some appear not to understand anything at all, you must make effort, because someone or other will emerge. Many surgeons are required. You are sticks for the blind. There is a great deal of service for you children to do. You should not have the desire to ask anyone for money. You have to become merciful. The children of the merciful Father are also merciful. Those who show the path to many will claim a high status. There are many who listen but, as soon as they leave here, they forget everything. Everyone imbibes this, numberwise. You have to make very good effort in this. You receive your fortune of a kingdom for 21 births. That is no small thing! Even the Government says it is a waste of time to sleep. The Father also says: Become those who conquer sleep. Earn an income even at night. When someone leaves his body, it is understood that he only had that much part to play in the drama. Very special children come here. They shed a lot of tears and repent. They say: I did not do any service. I didn’t listen to the Father. There are many varieties of children. Baba gives them a vision and says: You were told so much to do service and make others similar to yourself. You did not do anything and now you are crying. They will even cry in front of Dharamraj and experience punishment. Once the examination has taken place and the results are out, is there any point in crying? The Beloved has now come to take you lovers back. He says: Come and I will make you into an empress of the world. Those who make effort will become this. Stars are also numberwise. Some shine a great deal. You are now making effort. On the ceiling there is the memorial of your result at the end. There is now an eclipse. While moving along, you experience bad omens, and so you are not able to come out of the storm. There is an eclipse and you fall. Many experience such bad omens. Bad omens also make you forget the Mother and Father. No one has yet become complete. Maya becomes powerful and fights the powerful ones. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Become wandering yogis and serve everyone. Remain busy in any type of service through your thoughts, words or deeds.

2. Stay awake at night and earn an income. Become those who conquer sleep. No matter what the circumstances are, you must definitely study the murli.

Blessing: May you have the power to pack up and pack your bags and baggage on time and become ever ready.

Those who pack the bags and baggage of their bodies, bodily relations, possessions and sanskars with the power to pack up and are ready are said to be ever ready. This is why the power to pack up has been portrayed in the pictures with an image of a packed suitcase. Let there not be even a thought that you have to do this or become this or that this still remains to be done. Be ready in a second. As soon as there is the call of the time, you are ever ready. Do not remember any relationship or possession.

Slogan: To inculcate God’s virtues and powers into oneself is great tapasya.


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