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16 Sep 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 16/09/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 16/01/84

Self-sovereignty is your birthright.

Today, BapDada is seeing the gathering of those who have a right to the kingdom. Throughout the whole cycle, it is only at this confluence age that the biggest gathering of those who have a right to the kingdom takes place. BapDada is seeing the gathering of Brahmin children from all over the world. All of you who have a right to the kingdom are set on the seat of your perfect stage, numberwise. Look how you are all sitting like carefree emperors with the spiritual intoxication of your self-sovereignty! The jewel sparkling in the centre of each one's forehead looks so beautiful. Baba is seeing on each one's head a crown of light that is sparkling numberwise. All of you have a crown, but you are numberwise. Because remembrance of BapDada is merged in each one's eyes, the light of remembrance is spreading everywhere through your eyes. BapDada is very pleased to see such a beautifully decorated gathering. Wah! My children who have a right to the kingdom, wah! All of you have received this self-sovereignty, the kingdom of those who have conquered Maya, as your birthright. The children of the Creator of the world automatically have a right to self-sovereignty. Self-sovereignty has been the birthright of all of you many times over, not just now. However, do you remember your rights that you attained many times in the past? You do remember them, do you not? You have attained the kingdom of the world many times through self-sovereignty. You are double sovereigns. You have self-sovereignty, and also the kingdom of the world. Self-sovereignty makes you into Raja Yogis who have a right to the kingdom for all time. Self-sovereignty makes you into one with the third eye, a knower of the three aspects of time and knowledgeable of the three worlds, that is, a master of the three worlds. Self-sovereignty makes you into a soul who is one of the souls selected out of millions of souls and a special soul among those selected few. Self-sovereignty puts you in the garland around the Father's neck. It makes you part of the rosary of which devotees turn the beads. Self-sovereignty seats you on the Father's heart-throne. Self-sovereignty makes you into masters of all the treasures of attainments. It makes you firm, unshakeable and constant and enables you to attain all rights. You are such elevated souls who have a right to self-sovereignty, are you not?You now know very well the answer to the riddle "Who am I?" do you not? The rosary of the title "Who am I?" is so long. Continue to remember this and turn each bead. There will be so much happiness. Become aware of your own rosary and you will experience so much intoxication. Do you have such intoxication? Double foreigners would have double intoxication, would they not? You have imperishable intoxication, do you not? Can anyone reduce this intoxication of yours? In front of the Almighty Authority, what other authority is there? It is just that you fall asleep in the deep sleep of carelessness and so Maya steals the key of your authority, that is, your awareness. Some sleep in such a way that they are not aware of anything. This sleep of carelessness sometimes deceives you so that you feel that you are not sleeping, but are awake. However, even when something gets stolen, you are not aware of it. In fact, there is no other authority in front of the constantly ignited light of the Almighty Authority. No authority can shake you even in your dreams. You are such sovereigns who have a right to the kingdom. Do you understand? Achcha.Today, Baba has come into the gathering to celebrate a meeting. Just as children are waiting for their turn to meet Baba, in the same way, the Father also invokes the meeting with you children. The loveliest work that the Father has to do is to meet you children, whether it is in the subtle form or the corporeal form. The most important task in the Father's daily schedule is to meet the long-lost and now-found loving children, to decorate them, to sustain them, to make them similar to Himself and make them instruments in front of the world. This is His work. This is what He is always busy doing. He inspires scientists, but that too is for you children. Even when He gives devotees the fruit of their love and devotion, he keeps you children in front. None of them knows the Point; they only know the deities. He reveals “Himself” to only you children even before the devotees. He takes everyone else into liberation, and that too is in order to give you children a happy and peaceful kingdom. Achcha.To those who constantly have a right to self-sovereignty, to those who remain constantly stable in a firm, constant, unshakeable stage, to those who constantly remain in spiritual intoxication eternally, to those who have a right to the double kingdom, to the lights of the eyes who are merged in BapDada's eyes, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. Dadiji just arrived back in Madhuban from a tour of Madras, Bangalore, Mysore and Calcutta.Seeing Dadiji, BapDada said:Service of multimillions is merged in your every step. You became the ruler of the globe, went on a tour and created your memorial places. How many pilgrimage places did you create? For mahavir children, to tour around means to create their memorial. Every tour has its own speciality. In this tour too, there was the speciality of fulfilling the desires of many souls. To fulfil the desires of their hearts means to become a bestower of blessings. You became a bestower of blessings and also a great donor. According to the drama, whatever programmes are created are filled with significance. The significance make you fly. Achcha.BapDada meeting Dadi Janki:You give everyone the donation of a name. What is the donation of a name? What is your name? To give the donation of a name means to be a trustee and to give a blessing. What would everyone remember as soon as they mention your name? Liberation-in-life in a second and to become a trustee. This is the speciality of your name. Therefore, even if you donate a name, anyone's boat can go across. The Father just now praised your speciality of being a trustee. This is the memorial. He must have been given that word "Janak". There are two stories of the one Janak. One Janak is the one who became bodiless in a second, and the second Janak became a trustee in a second. "Not mine, but Yours." They also show the Janak of the silver age. However, you are the Janak who belongs to the Father, not the one who is Sita's father. Conduct a class on why there is significance in giving the donation of a name. One is able to go across even with the boat of just a name. Even if you don't understand anything else, even if you just say, "Shiv Baba, Shiv Baba", you can receive a gate pass to heaven. Achcha.BapDada meeting a group from Australia:BapDada has deep love for the residents of Australia. Why? What is the speciality of Australia? The speciality of Australia is the good method you have of maintaining courage in yourselves and becoming servers and opening centres everywhere. The Father is especially pleased to see children who have courage. The speciality of London is that everyone there continues to receive special sustenance from many experienced jewels, but Australia doesn't have the chance to receive so much sustenance. Nevertheless, you have been standing on your own feet and bringing about good growth and success in service. All of you have a keen interest in having remembrance and doing service. You have a great interest in having remembrance and this is why you are moving forward and will continue to do so. The majority of you are free from obstacles. Some good children have left, but they still continue to remember the Father even now. Therefore, constantly have good wishes for them too and definitely bring them close to the Father once again. You have such enthusiasm, do you not? Of course some fruit of a tree would fall; this is nothing new. Therefore, make yourself and others so strong that you become embodiments of success. All of you in this group that has come are strong, are you not? Maya will not catch hold of you, will she? If there is a weakness, remove it and become complete before you leave Madhuban. Take the blessing with you from Madhuban of being immortal. Keep such a blessing with you at all times and also revive others with this blessing. BapDada is proud of the double-foreign children. You are proud of the Father, too, are you not? You do have the intoxication that, out of the whole world, you are the ones who have recognised the Father, do you not? Eternally maintain this intoxication and happiness. BapDada has now taken everyone's photograph. Baba will then show you the photograph - that you had come here. Move along whilst being knowledge-full of Maya. Those who are knowledge-full are never deceived because when you know when and how Maya comes, you remain constantly safe. You know when Maya comes, do you not? When you step away from the Father and are alone, Maya comes. When you remain constantly combined, Maya will never come. The speciality of Australia is that it is mostly the Pandava Army who is responsible. Elsewhere, the majority is Shaktis. The Pandavas there have performed wonders. “Pandavas” means those who are always with the Father of the Pandavas (Pandava-Pati). You have maintained great courage. BapDada is congratulating you children for your service. Now simply keep the blessing of being immortal with you always. Achcha.BapDada meeting a group from Brazil:BapDada knows that loving souls remain merged in the Ocean of Love. No matter how far away you live physically, the children who are constantly loving are always personally in front of BapDada. Your love enables you to overcome all obstacles and helps you to come close to the Father. This is why BapDada is congratulating you children. BapDada knows how you have transformed so much effort into love and have reached here. This is why BapDada constantly massages you children with His hands of love. Parents constantly massage their much-loved children with a lot of love. BapDada sees the stars of fortune of you children. You are sparkling stars. No matter what the condition of the country is, the children of the Father will always remain safe because of the fact that they stay in the Father's love. You always have BapDada's canopy of protection over you. You are such beloved, long-lost and now-found children. Children have garlanded BapDada with garlands of many letters. In return, BapDada is giving all of those children love and remembrance. Tell everyone: Just as you have written letters and given your news with so much love, so Baba accepted them with just as much love. And, of course, children who remain courageous definitely receive the Father's help and He always will help them. He received a rosary and even now, BapDada is turning the beads of the rosary in remembrance.BapDada knows that, although you may be far away physically, in your minds you are residents of Madhuban. Because of being constantly “Manmanabhav” in your minds, you are close to the Father and in front of Him. BapDada is seeing personally in front of Him such children who remain close and in front of Baba and is giving each one personal love and remembrance and is giving all the long-lost and now-found children the blessing of becoming elevated and moving forward in the service of making others elevated. All of you should accept love and remembrance, personally, by name. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a master bestower of peace and with the power of silence attract everyone.

Just as you have learned the art of serving through words, similarly, now shoot the arrow of peace. With this power of silence, you can make greenery appear even on sand. No matter how hard a mountain may be, you can make water come out of it. Put this great power of silence into a practical form through your thoughts, words and deeds and you will become a master bestower of peace. Then the rays of peace will attract all souls of the world to the experience of peace and you will become magnets of peace.

Slogan: Observe the fast of the stage of soul consciousness and attitudes will be transformed.


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