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12 Aug 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma kumaris murli today in English - 12/08/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 27/12/83

Don't be a beggar, but one who has a right for all time.

Having gone around the world today, the Father, the Creator of the World, has come into the spiritual, happy gathering of His children at His meeting place. What did He see on His world tour? That all souls, children of the Bestower, are begging in the form of beggars. Some are royal beggars and others are ordinary beggars. From everyone's lips and minds, the only sound you can hear is: Give me this! Give me that! Some are beggars for wealth, some are beggars for co- operation, some are beggars for relationships, some are beggars for temporary happiness and comfort, some are beggars for rest and sleep, some are beggars for liberation, some are beggars for just a glimpse, some are beggars for death and some are beggars for followers. In this way, people are begging from the Father, from great souls, from deity souls and from souls with whom they have a physical relationship, and saying, "Give me this! Give me that!" Having seen the world of beggars, BapDada has reached the gathering of those who are self- sovereigns. Those who have a right cannot beg “Give me this! Give me that!” even in their thoughts. The words of a beggar are “Give me this!”, whereas the words of a soul who has a right are "All of this is my right." You have become such souls with a right, have you not? Without your asking, the Father, the Bestower, has automatically given you a right to all imperishable attainments. All of you had just one expression in your thoughts: My Baba! In just a few words, the Father said: The world of all treasures is yours. Just the one thought or expression became the instrument to give you all rights. The two words, "Mine and Yours" trap you in a spin, whereas those two words liberate you from the all the temporary, sorrowful spins and give you all rights to all attainments. You became free from all the different spinning and took just the one discus of self-realisation, that is, you became a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Whenever you get trapped in any type of spinning through your body, mind, wealth, people or relations and connections, the reason for that is that you let go of the discus of self-realisation. The discus of self-realisation is always shown above one finger. They don't show five fingers or two fingers. One finger means just the one thought: I belong to the Father and the Father belongs to me. The discus of self- realisation spins on the finger of this one thought. When you let go of One and become caught up in many thoughts, you get trapped in many types of spinning. To be a spinner of the discus of self -realisation means to have a vision of oneself and to remain happy and content for all time. If you don't have a vision of yourself, then, instead of being content and happy, you become one with many questions. To be content and happy means to have no questions. Therefore, remain constantly happy and content with the vision of yourself, that is, be one who has a right to all attainments and do not take the form of a beggar in front of the Father, even in your thoughts: "Do this work!" Or, "Make this happen!" "Give me this experience!" "Remove this obstacle for me!" Can there be anything lacking in the court of a master bestower? This is an imperishable sovereignty for the self; it is a kingdom where the treasure stores of all treasures are overflowing. Can there be anything lacking when the treasure stores are overflowing? What is the need to ask anything of the Bestower who automatically gives you everything imperishable and limitless without your asking for it? The Father Himself gives you multimillion-fold more than you thought of yourself. So don't be a beggar even in your thoughts. This is known as having a right. Have you become those with a right in this way? You sing the song “I have attained everything”, do you not? Or, do you sing the song of complaint: I have yet to attain this, I have yet to attain this. Where there is remembrance (yaad), there can be no complaints (faryaad). Where there are complaints there cannot be remembrance. Do you understand?You don’t sometimes take off the dress of the stage of one who has a right to the kingdom and, in its place, put on an old dress of the stage of a beggar who is always begging, do you? You haven't kept anything hidden away in your suitcase of sanskars, have you? Have you burned the suitcase as well as the dress of that stage, or have you kept it aside for a time of need? Let there not be the slightest trace remaining even in your sanskars. Otherwise, you will become two-coloured: sometimes a beggar and sometimes one who has a right. Therefore, remain constantly coloured with one elevated colour. Those of you from the Punjab are clever in colouring something, are you not? You are not those who colour something with a colour that comes off, are you? Those from Rajasthan have a right to the kingdom. You are not those with the sanskars of dependence. You are those who constantly have a right to the kingdom. The third group is from Indore. You are always beyond the influence of Maya, always in- doors. Those who stay inside means those who are always under the Father's canopy of protection. You too are conquerors of Maya, are you not? The fourth group is Maharashtra which means great souls. Great in everything: your thoughts, words and deeds,all three, are extremely great. Great souls are always complete souls. The four rivers from the four sides have come together, but all of you are those who have a right to being embodiments of all attainments, are you not? As well as the four, there’s the fifth: the double foreigners. Where is there a meeting of five rivers? On the banks of Madhuban. There is the meeting of the rivers and the Ocean. Achcha.To the souls who have a constant right to self- sovereignty and are spinners of the discus of self-realisation and thereby always remain happy and content, to the great souls who are overflowing with all treasures, to those who have finished being beggars even in their thoughts, to such prosperous children of the Bestower, eternal BapDada's blessing of, "May you be immortal and constant embodiments of fullness”, love, remembrance and namaste.BapDada meeting groups:1. You are so fortunate that the branches from so many different places have been made into one tree. Now, all of you consider yourselves to belong to the one tree, do you not? All of you have become part of the same sandalwood tree. Previously, you were all different types of sticks. Now you have become the sticks of the sandalwood tree. Sandalwood gives fragrance. True sandalwood has so much value. And people keep sandalwood with themselves with so much love. Even the Father always keeps with Him the elevated souls who always give fragrance just like sandalwood. One is that the Father keeps you with Him and the other is that you are the invaluable jewels in front of the world. The world doesn’t know this yet but, later on, they will look at you with a high vision. Just as you look at a star with a high vision, so too, they will look at you stars of knowledge. So, you are valuable, are you not? You just became part of the sandalwood tree and became God's companions. So you constantly consider yourselves to be famous souls who always live with the Father, do you not? You are so famous that, even today, you are remembered and worshipped in your non-living forms. You are famous throughout the whole cycle.Whilst sitting at home you have become multimillion times fortunate, have you not? Fortune has come to you. You didn't chase fortune, but fortune came to your door. Can anyone else be as fortunate? Your lives became so elevated. A life is not one or two hours. A life is for all time. You haven't just become yogis, but those with a yogi life. A yogi life means a constant yogi. One who is a constant yogi will constantly have the awareness of the Father and the self, an elevated soul, whilst eating, drinking, walking and moving around. As is the Father, so are the children. Whatever the Father's virtues and task are, they are also the children’s. This is known as a yogi life. Such yogis, who are constantly absorbed in the love of One, are those who can stay constantly cheerful. The happiness of the mind also affects the body. Since you are embodiments of all attainments, where there are all attainments, there would be happiness, would there not? There would be no name or trace of sorrow. To be a constant embodiment of happiness means to remain constantly cheerful. There’s not the slightest attraction to the world of sorrow. If your intellect is pulled to the world of sorrow, it means you are attracted there. Those who are always cheerful (harshit) cannot be attracted (akarshit) by the world of sorrow. If you are attracted, you cannot stay cheerful. Therefore, stay constantly cheerful. The inheritance is for all time. This is the speciality.The confluence age is the age of blessings. Those who play parts in the age of blessings would themselves be those who are always blessed, would they not? When you have a blessing, you don’t need to make effort. Where there is effort, there are no blessings. Did you receive your fortune of the kingdom as a blessing or by making effort? As soon as you became a child of the Bestower of Blessings, you received blessings. The most elevated blessing you received was: May you be imperishable! You became imperishable and so you will automatically receive the imperishable inheritance. You are the imperishable souls of the imperishable age. The Bestower of Blessings Himself has become your Father, Teacher and Satguru, and so what else is there? Always have this awareness. To be imperishable means always to have a constant and stable stage, not sometimes up above and sometimes down below - because you have received the Father's inheritance. Since you have received blessings, why should you come down? So, always remember that you are great souls who always remain in an elevated stage. You became the Father's children and so you have become special souls. Every thought, word and deed of a special soul would be special. Let your words, and thoughts and deeds be so special that other souls also receive inspiration to become special. You are such special souls. Although you may be living in the ordinary world in an ordinary form, you are still unique and loved by the Father. You are like lotus flowers. You are not those who become trapped in the dirt, but those who remove others from the dirt. Those who are experienced will never be deceived by becoming trapped. Achcha.2. Do you always consider yourselves to be those whose intellects have faith and so are victorious jewels? For your intellect always to have faith means to be always victorious. Where there is faith, there is automatically victory. If there isn't victory, it means there is a lack of faith somewhere, whether it is faith in oneself, faith in the Father or faith in knowledge. A lack of faith in any of these means no victory. The sign of faith is victory. You have this experience, do you not? Maya can never shake those whose intellects have faith. They will make Maya shake, but they themselves will not shake. If the foundation of faith is unshakeable, you yourselves will remain unshakeable. As the foundation is strong, so the building is just as strong. If the foundation of faith is unshakeable, then the building of actions will also be unshakeable. You know Maya very well, do you not? You are aware of why and when Maya comes. Those who know the ways in which Maya comes will always remain safe. When you are aware of where an enemy comes from and how he comes, you take safety measures accordingly, do you not? If you are sensible, why should Maya attack you? Maya should be defeated. Constantly have the awareness that you are victorious jewels and that you are victorious ones every cycle and continue to move forward. Birds eat the weak leaves. So, become strong. If you become strong, Maya, in the form of birds, will not eat you and you will remain safe.3. Have you become those who are always embodiments of peace, children of the Ocean of Peace? Do you have the intoxication that you are the souls who will establish peace in the world? Your original religion is peace and your task is to establish peace in the world. Those who are embodiments of peace will be able to establish peace in the world. You are the especially co-operative souls of the Father, the Ocean of Peace. This is the Father's task and so it is also the children's task. Therefore, always remain embodiments of peace; let there be no name or trace of peacelessness. The world of peacelessness has been renounced. You have now become deities of peace. They say: The deity of peace. You have become gods and goddesses who give peace. By remaining constantly busy in this task, you will automatically become conquerors of Maya. How can Maya be where there is peace? Darkness cannot stay where there is peace, that is, light. Peacelessness has run away. You bade farewell to it for half the cycle. You are those who bade it farewell in this way, are you not?

Blessing: May you be a special server and become great by knowing the importance of amrit vela.

A server means one who experiences the company of the Father and the stage of being equal to the Father as soon as you open your eyes. Those who know the special time of blessings and experience blessings are special servers. If you do not experience this, you are ordinary servers, not special. Those who know the importance of amrit vela, thoughts, time and service, those who know the importance of everything, become great and they share the importance with others and make them great.

Slogan: The greatness of life is the power of truth to which all souls bow down automatically.


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