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BK murli today in English 10 June 2018

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 10/06/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 25/05/83

Father Brahma’s one desire for the children.

Today, BapDada was seeing all the children’s charts of service, remembrance and of becoming equal to the Father. You have received so many treasures from BapDada. You have called the Father into the corporeal form from the incorporeal and subtle forms and, out of love for you, BapDada has responded to the call of love of you children and celebrated a meeting. So, as a result of that, what fruit have all of you children become? Have you become instant, visible fruit? Have you become the fruit of the season? Have you become the fruit in just the form or the fruit in the form with sweetness? Have you become the fruit of direct sustenance, that is, the fruit ripened on the tree? Or, has the unripe fruit been made colourful and beautiful on the basis of the chemicals of one or two specialities? Or, is the fruit still unripe? Baba was seeing those charts of you children. According to the speciality of the confluence age, according to this time of instant visible fruit, in every subject and at every step, the ones who give instant fruit and the ones who eat instant fruit in every action, you have to be the invaluable fruit that is full in all three - colour, beauty and sweetness – because of having ripened with the Father’s sustenance. Now ask yourself: Who am I? Have I become equal to the Father in having the colour (rang) of constant company (sang), in having the form of constantly being equal to Father Brahma in revealing the Father, and in having the sweetness of all attainments? Nowadays, Father Brahma especially is constantly seeing to what extent the Brahmin children have become complete and equal. All the time, He keeps the images and activities of all the special children in particular in front of him and is constantly seeing to what extent they have become equal. Who have become the beads of the rosary and how many have become set in their own number? Seeing the results in terms of this, Father Brahma especially said: A Brahmin soul means one who reveals BapDada in every deed. You have become spiritual artists who, with the pencil of your deeds, draw the image and form of the Father on the heart and intellect of every soul, have you not? Now, Father Brahma has one desire for the children's result this season. What desire does he have? The father constantly desires that every child should give a vision of the Father through the mirror of his actions, that is, that the child follows the father at every step, becomes a subtle angel equal to the father and plays the part of a karma yogi. Is it difficult or easy to fulfil this desire? From the beginning Father Brahma always put into the practical form, the sanskar of "Instant donation is great charity". Did you ever see practically any sanskars in him of "I will do it, I will think about it, I will make plans later"? You saw him with the sanskar of doing everything immediately through his thoughts and actions, did you not? Given that, what desire would he have for the Brahmin children? He would have the desire for the children to become equal to him, would he not? First of all, BapDada keeps those from Madhuban in the front. You are at the front, are you not? Where does everyone see the best samples of all? Madhuban is the biggest showcase of all, is it not? People from this land and abroad all come to Madhuban to experience everything, do they not? So, Madhuban is the biggest showcase. The showpieces to be placed in such a showcase would be so valuable, would they not? You don’t come here just to meet BapDada, but you also come here to see the practical forms of the family. Who will show you those forms? Who are the practical samples of the family, the practical samples of karma yogis, the practical samples of the tireless servers and the practical samples of being the forms of embodiments of blessings? It is the residents of Madhuban, is it not?Great importance is given to listening to what is most important in the Bhagawad; there isn't as much importance in the whole Bhagawad. So, you Brahmins are what is the most important in the land of divine activities, are you not? You do remember your own importance, do you not? Does it take effort or is it easy for the residents of Madhuban to become embodiments of remembrance? Madhuban is a place that gives blessings to both kinds of souls - subjects and kings.Nowadays, even subject souls are going back having claimed a right to their blessings. Since the subjects are claiming their blessings, imagine how full of blessings the souls who live in the land of blessings would be! According to the present time, all types of subjects have begun to come here from all over to claim their rights. Everywhere, the number of co-operative souls and souls in connection is increasing. The season of subjects has begun. So, the kings are ready, are they not? Or, is it that the crown of the king sometimes fits you and at other times doesn’t? Only those who are seated on the throne can be crowned. Those who are not seated on the throne cannot be fitted with a crown. This is why you get upset over trivial matters. This getting upset is a sign of not being set on your throne. Let alone people, not even nature can upset souls who are seated on the throne. There is no name or trace of Maya. So, you are such crowned souls who are seated on the throne and are bestowers of blessings, are you not? Do you understand the importance of the Brahmins of Madhuban? Achcha. Today, it is the turn of the Madhuban residents. All the rest are sitting in the gallery. You have been given a very good gallery. Achcha.You original jewels have come in your original stage, have you not? You have forgotten the middle, have you not? You have let go of all the branches etc., have you not? All of you original jewels are going back as flying birds, are you not? Don't go chasing the golden deer. Don't come down due to any type of attraction. No matter what type of circumstances come to shake the feet of your intellects, constantly remain unshakeable and immovable, destroyers of attachment and humble, for only then will you become flying birds and enable others to fly. You will constantly be detached and loving to the Father. Don't have love for any being or for any limited attainment. It is those limited attainments that come in front of knowledgeable gyani souls as the golden deer. Therefore, o original jewels, remain constantly incorporeal, viceless and egoless like Adi Pita, the First Father. Do you understand? Achcha.To the charitable souls who reveal the practical form of the Father through their every deed, to those who follow Father Brahma in their every action, to those who become artists in front of the world and show the picture of the Father, to the elevated souls who are equal to Father Brahma, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.Amongst the plans that the maharathis have made for service, there have been plans made especially for the youth, have there not? Before you do service of the youth, since the youth wing is moving forward with the thought of revealing themselves in front of the Government, since you are coming onto the field, always pay attention to one thing: Speak less and do more. You mustn't show them through your words; you have to show them practically. Give a lecture of actions on the stage. If you want to learn how to give lectures with your mouth, learn that from politicians! However, the spiritual youth wing is not one that gives lectures just with their mouths, but their eyes, their foreheads and their actions become instruments to give lectures. No one can give lectures with actions, but many people give lectures with words. Actions can reveal the Father. Actions can prove spirituality. Secondly, the youth wing must always keep with them a spiritual lucky charm for constant success. What would that be? To give regard is to receive regard. This record of giving regard will become an imperishable record of success. Let the youth wing constantly have on their lips just the one mantra of success: You first! Make this great mantra firm in your minds. Not that you say, "You first" with your lips and internally you feel that it should be “Me first”. There are some such clever children who say in words, "You first", but they have the feeling internally, "Me first". When you accurately finish “I first” and make others move forward and so move forward yourself, moving ahead with this great mantra, you will continue to achieve success. Do you understand? If you constantly have this mantra and lucky charm with you, then the drums of revelation will beat. Achcha.The plans are very good, but you have to put the plans into the practical form with a plain intellect. You may do service, but definitely also reveal the knowledge. Everyone in the world also says, “peace, peace” and they mix peace with peacelessness. Externally, everyone is chanting the slogan that there should be peace. Even those who are peaceless chant slogans for peace. Peace is needed, but when you have programmes on your own stage, then speak with your own authority, and not according to the environment. You have been doing that for a long time, and at that time, it was fine. However, now that the land has been prepared, sow the seeds of knowledge. Let there be such topics. You people change the topics so that people of the world take an interest. However, only let those who are interested come. You have had so many melas, conferences, seminars, etc., and for so many years you had topics based on those people. For how much longer are you going to remain incognito! Now be revealed! Whatever happened, happened according to the time. Now, through the Godly bomb on your own stage, at least let their heads turn as to what you are saying! Otherwise, they simply say that you said very good things. So, it just remained good and they stayed where they were. At least create some upheaval. Each one has his own right. Give them the points with authority and love, and no one will be able to do anything. In many places, they believe that you are very powerful in making your things clear. You have to consider what methods to use, but let there not be just authority – both love and authority have to be together. BapDada always says: Shoot the arrow and then also massage them. Give a lot of regard and also prove your truth. You speak God’s versions, do you not? You do not speak your own words. Those who are going to get upset will get upset even with the pictures, so what do you do then? You don’t get rid of the pictures, do you? What was the impact of the sakar form speaking in front of anyone with authority and intoxication? Was there ever a quarrel? You learnt this method of lecturing, did you not? You studied how you have to speak when it comes to sharing knowledge, did you not? Now, study this. You changed yourselves in terms of the world, and you also changed your language. So, when you were able to change yourselves for the world, then what can you not achieve in the practical form? For how much longer are you going to continue in this way? You are happy when they tell you that what you say is very good. Ultimately, it has to be known in the world that this alone is real knowledge. It is only through this that there will be liberation and salvation. There is no liberation or salvation without this knowledge. Now, people go away having done the yoga camps. When they go outside, they say the same things about God being omnipresent. Here, although they would say that they enjoyed the yoga very much, their foundation hasn’t changed. They are able to be transformed on the basis of your power, but they themselves do not become powerful. Whatever happened was also essential. This was the only right method to plough the land which had become infertile and to make it fertile. However, ultimately the Shaktis are going to come in their Shakti form, are they not? They came in the form of love, but these are the Shaktis and each word of theirs is one that transforms the heart and changes the intellect so that ‘no’ becomes ‘yes’. This form will also be revealed, will it not? Now reveal it! Make a plan for that. They come and they go back happy. Those who have such rest and comfort, receive so much love and hospitality would definitely go back content. However, they do not go back as a form of Shakti. Father Brahma used to ask for a questionnaire to be used at all the exhibitions. What was in that? The things mentioned were like arrows, were they not? They were asked to fill in the forms. Write down whether this is right or wrong, yes or no. You used to get them to fill in the forms. So what was the plan? To get them to fill in the forms just like that? Just to get them quickly to say whether something is right or wrong? However, instead, you must explain to them and then get them to fill the forms. In this way, they will fill in the forms accurately. You have to prove it to them. Make those plans among yourselves, so that there is authority and also love; so that there is regard and also that the truth is revealed. You will not insult anyone just like that, will you? You know that they are your branches and that they have emerged from here. It is your duty to give them regard. It is your custom to give love to the young ones. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a master bestower who imbibes kindness and finishes everyone’s problems.

Whoever you come into connection with, no matter what type of sanskars they have, whether they create opposition or have a conflict in nature or are angry and go against you, your feelings of kindness will finish their strong karmic accounts of many births in a second. You simply have to make your original and eternal sanskars of being a donor emerge, imbibe kindness and all the problems of the Brahmin family will finish.

Slogan: To transform every soul with your merciful form and drishti is to be a charitable soul.


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