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Advance Murlis (August 2019)

ईश्वरीय भेट स्वरुप आज आपको शिव बाबा की आने वाली ज्ञान मुरलिया in advance भेज रहे है। इसका लाभ वो उठा सकते है जो travel करते होंगे व अन्य कर्मो में busy होने कारन आने वाली मुरली अभी ही पढ़ना चाहे व notes लेना चाहे। समझा?

Shiv baba Advance murli

( As a form of Godly gift, today we are sending you Shiv Baba's Gyan murlis in ''advance''. Those who are travelling or those who are busy in loukik tasks can take benefit from this. Download these murli PDFs and keep in record. Study whenever you get time. Understood? )

निचे अगस्त मॉस की पहले 18 दिनों की मुरलिया 3 भागो में रखी है।

( Below we have kept all Hindi Murlis in PDF for the first 18 days of August. You can download, save on phone or print. Do SHARE this blog post to others who can receive this gift )

30 July to 4 August Murlis

5 August to 11 August Murlis

12 August to 18 August Murlis

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