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Today's Murli essence May 20 2019

Essence from today's gyan murli of Shiv baba, on behalf of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly University. Date: 20 May 2019.

Sweet children, the Father has come to change thorns into flowers. The biggest thorn is body consciousness. It is through this that all other vices come. Therefore, become soul conscious.


Due to not understanding which of the Father’s tasks have devotees considered Him to be omnipresent?


The Father is the One with many forms and, wherever there is a need, He enters any child in a second and benefits the soul in front of that one. He grants visions to devotees. He is not omnipresent but is a very fast rocket. It doesn't take the Father long to come and go. Due to not understanding this, devotees say that He is omnipresent.


1. In order to become worthy and sensible, become pure. Do service with the Father in order to change the whole world from hell into heaven. Become a helper of God.

2. Renounce the systems of the iron-aged world, opinions of society and family codes of conduct and observe the true code of conduct. Become full of divine virtues and establish the deity community.


May you easily cross all storms by considering them to be gifts and become surrendered and complete.

Everyone’s aim is to be surrendered and to become complete, so do not be afraid of small things. You are to become idols and so there will definitely be some hammering. The ones who are at the front have to cross the most storms. However, you must not find these storms to be storms, but gifts. These storms become gifts to make you experienced. Therefore, welcome the obstacles and as you become experienced, continue to move forward.


In order to finish carelessness, continue to check yourself while you keep pure and positive thoughts for yourself.

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