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Today's Murli essence May 12 2019

Essence from today's gyan murli of Shiv baba, on behalf of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly University. Date: 12 May 2019.

To be a complete conqueror of vice means to go beyond all limited desires.


May you be a Brahmin who is to become an angel who maintains imperishable intoxication and experiences spiritual pleasure and joy.

You Brahmins who are to become angels are even higher than the deities. Knowledge of the Father will not emerge in the lives of a deities. There won’t even be the experience of a meeting with God. Therefore, now, always have the intoxication that you are Brahmins who are to become angels and are even higher than the deities. Only this imperishable intoxication will enable you to experience spiritual pleasure and joy. If you don’t constantly have this intoxication, then you will sometimes be in pleasure and sometimes confused.


Surrender even your service to the Father and you will then be called a surrendered soul.

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