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7 days Raja Yoga course PPT (English)

This is a PPT (powerpoint presentation) of our introductory course, well-known as the "7 days Raja Yoga meditation course". We call it "RajYog course" shortly, and it is an essence of entire spiritual knowledge as taught by God himself and we at Brahma Kumaris Godly University, study it, apply it in daily life.

★This course explains:
➥ The Self (SOUL)
➥ The Supreme Soul (GOD)
➥ The 3 worlds that exists
➥ World Drama cycle of 5000 years (divided into 4 ages)
➥ Law of Karma
➥ 7 virtues, and 8 powers of the Soul
➥ Method and practice of 'RajYoga meditation'

★Click the button "Visit this Service" to free download the PPT file.

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