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The Spiritual Beauty Of Christmas (Part 1)

1 ● Christmas reminds us of God and His pure actions of creating a new world tree, full of beautiful attainments that all human beings enjoy and also share, without any sense of ego or false ownership over them. This is the world that God is creating at present in which there is immense unity, equality, and respect amongst each other and no sense of superiority and inferiority in human beings.

➤God is shown on the Christmas tree as a big star on top of the tree and human souls are shown as small stars on the branches of the tree and attainments are shown as the decoration on the tree, which all human souls receive from God. God is shown on top because He lives in the soul world above and the world tree exists on Earth below.

2 ● Santa Claus is a very important figure in Christmas celebrations and He symbolizes God – the Supreme Father of all souls, who visits us at this time in the night of humanity, when there is a fall in human values, principles, and goodness in the world and He distributes to all human beings in the world the gifts of peace, love, joy, and wisdom. It is said that on the night before Christmas day, which is on December 25th, Santa Claus visits people from the North Pole of this physical world, which is very far away and where he stays.

➤This represents God visiting us at present from the soul world, which is also very far away and exists beyond the physical world. The soul world is the spiritual world where God stays and also where all human souls originally stay, before coming down to Earth to play a part in this physical world. Santa Claus is said to come down chimneys of houses in the night to leave his gifts for children, which represents God’s incarnation in the dark old world of the present times. The spiritual gifts that God gives us, bring a new morning in the world – a beautiful Heaven or Golden Age, in which everything is perfect, pure, and positive and there is nothing in the new world that any human being lacks or desires.

(continues tomorrow...)

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