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Protect Yourself From Gossips

Just like we practice not to speak about people’s behaviour or life issues with a negative energy, being judgmental, critical or stating their weakness, let us now practice the same for people whom we read and listen about on social media. Let us protect ourselves from all forms of gossip about others, insulting others and judgment. You decide not to participate in gossip in any form: untruths, half-truths, private truths, rumors and judgments. But your social media news feed is full of stories about people close to you, people you barely know and about absolute strangers.

➤How do you withdraw and yet maintain strong social bonds? People increasingly spread rumors or vent criticism through social media. But we have a responsibility to not participate or spread them. It’s their opinion, we are not a part of their story, their issue or their solution. So, there is no need to be a part of that gossip as well. Whether someone’s image is being damaged, someone is filing for divorce or someone was fired from a job, it’s their private matter and not an invitation for anyone else to discuss.

➤Let’s have the courage to politely but firmly withdraw or express our disinterest. We can even change the direction of the conversation. And if we ever need to talk about people, let’s make a compliment. Otherwise our aura gets stained and so will our integrity. Remind yourself everyday - I am a pure being. I use social media responsibly, and refrain from gossip. I choose and consume information wisely.

➤Sit back and see yourself using social media with the right energies. Remind yourself that you are a knowledgeful being. Understand what is right for you. Read, watch and listen to information with care. Absorb only that which is healthy for your emotional health. Be stable as you read and watch information about others.

➤Pause and ask yourself is it the truth or is it someone’s perception? Is there something I can do for it? If yes, share your perspective, a positive perspective, give a constructive feedback. Ensure that your intention is for betterment, empowerment and to create change with respect. Contribute to positive transformation with your pure thoughts and words. If there is nothing you can do, then remain silent. Your silent mind will protect you and protect others and it also preserves the spiritual energy of the environment.

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