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Key To Beautiful Relationships: "Unconditional Love" (Part 1)

We all live in a world where love is the most precious virtue or quality that exists and we are all souls full of love. It’s only when we lose access to our inner treasure of love that we start expecting love from others and begin searching for it outside, from others. We even search from the physical world, which we commonly call flora and fauna. Flora refers to plants around us and fauna refers to animals. It is not wrong to love and be loved by humans and nature.

➤That is not searching for love. Giving love to humans and animals and receiving love from them and also loving plants and nature in general, has existed in the world right from the time the world was a beautiful paradise. That paradise was full of happiness, love and purity. That world is also called the Garden of Eden or Garden of Allah or Swarg or commonly called the Golden Age or heaven.

➤There is a difference between receiving love and experiencing happiness because of that and searching for it from others. Also, when we make ourselves dependent on this love for remaining happy, it means there is an emptiness inside us. The love that makes us empty instead of filling us and giving us a feeling of fulfillment is a love based on a physical consciousness.

➤On the other hand, a love based on soul consciousness is a love that does not attach itself to the other person so much, so as to bring about sorrow when it is not received or when the love is no longer available to us. This happens when the other person leaves us or stops talking to us or goes away or does not love us anymore for some reason or the other.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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