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Appreciating People Genuinely & Generously

People around us aspire for a little more appreciation than they already get for who they are and what they do. Recognition does wonders to people’s motivation and efficiency. Yet appreciation seems to be a blind-spot, we often overlook praising others, in our personal and professional relationships. If you take a closer look at people around you, there are plenty of incredible people supporting us incredibly. They are selfless in their love, they are stretching limits, and making sacrifices at different levels. Have you taken out time to appreciate them?

➤We don’t always acknowledge people for who they are. We take their goodness and kindness for granted. We also overlook their efforts to make our life better at home or at workplace. While they may not complain, we need to step up and speak up. Who does not like a pat on the back or a sincere thank you? Let’s accept that everyone out there, is being and doing the best they can. Time to go beyond our hesitation or ignorance that stops us from giving them credit. The power of our appreciation for others remains underestimated. Take out a few seconds today to praise someone and see the difference it makes to their day and yours.

➤From today, everyday start appreciating and empowering people and inspiring greatness in them. Recognize that everyone nurtures beautiful qualities. Notice and appreciate them for who they are apart from what they do. Don’t just think of their goodness and mentally show gratitude, but express it in your words and actions. Do not wait for an occasion to tell them, do not postpone it. Immediately take the time to say a genuine thank you. Your kindness and love makes people comfortable and motivated.

➤It makes a difference to you and them. Appreciate your family for being there for you unconditionally, your friends who support you, your colleagues who co-operate in meeting work-deadlines and bring so many skills and give their best. Appreciate even strangers who do a random act of kindness. Feel the good vibrations yourself as you radiate compliments to them. The more you appreciate people, the more reasons you find to appreciate.

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