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8 Powers To Experience Success (Part 4)

When starting a day, talk to yourself that from the first moment till the end of the day I will remain stable and not be lacking any of the 8 powers. The 8 powers are - the power to tolerate, power to accommodate, power to face, power to pack up, power to discriminate, power to judge, power to withdraw and power to co-operate. Then, step into the day on a determined note and see what difference this first powerful thought brings to the day.

➤It’s like getting up and saying Good Morning to everyone around you. By doing that, not only the morning but the complete day is spent in a positive way. In the same manner, a morning thought of determination to succeed on an emotional level is a great start of the day. This goes a long way in making us immune to the effects of the different types of problems that come our way throughout the day. It can be called a morning mantra which keeps us strong till the night.

➔A determined start of the day is half the work done and is the foundation of a day filled with success in keeping the mind under control and relationships successful. Also, the role in the family and at the workplace keeps running smoothly. Also, there is stability while handling wealth and lastly there is freedom from the sorrow experienced due to physical illnesses, if any.

➤So, don’t ever be in a hurry to start the day. A hurried start to the day is a sure method of bringing about confusion and powerlessness in the complete day and is the main cause of experiencing failure repeatedly. The power to succeed does not only mean success on a physical level but also the ability to stay happy, content, peaceful and light while doing anything.

➔So, enjoy the day on a physical level but do not forget that without the experiences of lightness and power you will not feel satisfied from inside and will not be able to enjoy life to its fullest. And for that, a morning pledge of power and determination is of utmost importance.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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