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Are You Emotionally Overweight?

Taking care of the body to prevent excessive physical weight is normal. Do we pay attention to excessive emotional weight? We have piled up layers and layers of needless thoughts, hurtful feelings, limiting beliefs and overdose of content. There has never been greater awareness about physical fitness, weight loss therapies and diet charts than we see today. We all take measures to not be physically overweight. But when it comes to emotional baggage, we are not even aware of the heavily negative weight we are carrying.

1 ● No-one else can clean the emotions you have held on to, on your mind. Practice meditation and consume spiritual wisdom daily to know how to clear emotional toxins.

2 ● Pay attention to what you think and feel about yourself and other people. Accept them and radiate respect. Abstain from gossip, judgment and criticism. Think right for everyone. Be yourself, don’t copy others or seek public approval.

3 ● Don’t label small situations as challenges in life. Even if the worst has happened, never say – I cannot forget this or I cannot forgive this person. Releasing the past is one thought away.

4 ● Remaining internally light should be your priority. Love yourself and choose purity and positivity in your lifestyle. Focus on your goals and be disciplined in achieving them.

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