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Realizing Attachment & Its Types (Part 2)

Each time we attach ourselves to anything which is external or internal, we create fears, amongst which the main one is the fear of loss of what I am attached to. The attachment not only gives rise to fear but also brings with it emotions like anger, ego, sadness, jealousy, greed, comparisons, hatred etc. All these emotions have their roots in attachment, which gives rise to insecurity and discontentment.

➥ Attachment is a sanskar that is so deeply embedded inside our consciousness that it seems normal to us. It is just a sanskar but it has immense amount of power and it manages to imprison us emotionally and spiritually, but most of the time we do not even realize that we are imprisoned. The negative emotional states connected with this kind of attachment create a state of internal mental pressure or an inner emptiness and make us feel absolutely helpless and emotionally weak at times and harm our consciousness negatively.

➥ Over a period of many births, we have become so accustomed to attachment and the various forms of suffering connected with it, that we have started believing that it is an integral part of the human personality and human life since the beginning and is, therefore, natural. And so we continue with the sanskar of attachment and even keep strengthening it, never ever thinking that it should be removed. We do this with internal stress and unhappiness to the point that even our health, work and relationships get affected negatively.

➥ The natural state of the self is free and not attached to anything. Attachments, whether to anything external or internal, were acquired at different points of time in the birth-rebirth cycle and are not natural or there from the beginning. All the things mentioned in the last two days’ messages have existed from the beginning but attachment to them has not. The present suffering indicates to us that attachment is something abnormal or not natural.

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