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Realizing Attachment Its Types Part 1

Attachment can be at two levels - either internal or external.

✤Some common examples of external attachments are attachments to➔

➥ your own physical body,
➥ people (their physical body, physical personality, their role of any type, their actions, qualities, specialties or any other sanskars),
➥ objects,
➥ your position or role in your family, society or in your professional field,
➥ money,
➥ places,
➥ food,
➥ shopping and physical comforts,
➥ clothes,
➥ technology and different mediums of technology,
➥ the way you look or dress up or present yourself physically or your complete physical personality,
➥ a particular skill in action,
➥ a particular interest or hobby like watching movies, online social networking, etc.
➥ your routine or a certain way of working at home or at the workplace,
➥ respect from others,
➥ how people see you or behave with you or what they think of you

and many others... We have mentioned a few examples, which we need to check closely and start overcoming. Spirituality teaches us soul consciousness and also Supreme Soul consciousness. These are the two primary experiences, which empower the soul to overcome external attachments and its different forms, which prevent the soul from experiencing complete freedom.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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