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Spiritual Message on HOLI festival

Holi is a beautiful festival of India that brings together people from all ages and backgrounds and unites them in a beautiful bond of love and togetherness as everyone celebrates the festival with a pure heart and lots of enthusiasm. While it seems quite enjoyable to everyone and the atmosphere is very festive and light on Holi, some of us also think about what is the deeper essence of the different things which we do during Holi celebrations.

➦ Holi is a symbolic representation of God colouring the soul with His 7 beautiful spiritual qualities - peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom, of which He is an Ocean. We then sprinkle these colours on others which makes us and the ones whom we share the colours with, both happy and full of goodness, and it increases our spiritual bonding with God and with each other. Each colour of every quality is very deep that God colours the soul with, and it is life transforming for the self and for others.

➦ Also, when we become close to God, we imbibe holiness or vicelessness in our lives and help others also become holy or viceless, by connecting them with God. As a symbol of that, people wear white clothes on Holi, which represents divinity and holiness. Holi also means past is past – ho-li in Hindi. On Holi everyone forgets their differences of the past and gets united and the vibrations are full of harmony and good wishes. Ho-li in Hindi also means I surrender to God completely and shape my life’s journey as per His wishes, with no questions and doubts in my mind, with the help of which I become perfect in all my thoughts, words, actions and relationships.

➦ After the celebrations of Holi get over, everyone cleans the colours, but carries the positive memories of the festival with them. This represents the soul imbibing the colours of all qualities from God by listening to spiritual wisdom and practicing meditation and sharing them with others and making them its natural sanskars with the help of that. Whatever it imbibes, they become its natural sanskars. Whatever it shares, it imbibes in its sanskars while sharing and by receiving back the positive energy of the qualities from others, whom they are shared with. These sanskars of all qualities it carries over many births and experiences the benefits of a spiritual and holy life with God.

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