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Why did I Join Brahma Kumaris?

21 points as a reason that I joined the Yagya of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris - by BrahmaKumar (BK) Anil (Bombay, India)

Why I have joined Prajapita Brahmakumaris Godly Spiritual University? Here are the 21 Points that may interest you and touch your life story as well. I hope, by reading and listening to this, you receive benefit. If you, do SHARE your experience to others, so that they can find their way.

21 points, because it is now 21 years since I joined the Yagya (brahma kumaris):

1. There is no shortage of organizations and ashrams (hermitages) in the world, but to connect with the divine (godly) family, which God himself has created through Prajapita Brahma, I have joined this organization.

2. There is abundant of knowledge in the world but to acquire true godly knowledge I have joined this knowledge path.

3. Discovery over secrets of the universe is a path of Science in the world, but as a true seeker of God, I have joined this spiritual path.

4. Satsang (spiritual gathering) mostly happens everywhere in India and the world, but to transform sanskars through true Godly company and true Brahmin company, I have joined this true satsang.

5. Physical service does happen in this world but for true world welfare through spiritual service, I have joined this knowledge sacrificial fire.

6. Selfish physical love anyone do in this old vicious world, but to achieve selfless and detached love for all souls, I have joined this new godly relation.

7. Physical perishable income earnings every human being have or search for, but with an objective to earn spiritual imperishable income I have joined this godly university.

8. Yoga is being taught in various ways in the world, but in order to learn ancient Rajyoga through God, I have joined this Yogashram (university).

9. Sustenance through physical (loukik) parents, I have taken in many births, but to experience spiritual sustenance through our spiritual parent (God), I have joined this godly family.

10. Learnt worldly education through Physical teachers birth after birth, but to learn the secret spiritual knowledge about the creator & its creation from Supreme teacher (God) himself, I have joined this Spiritual University.

11. Physical education does have numerous aim objects but with an elevated aim to become a deity from human being, I have joined this spiritual study.

12. Followed Physical Guru birth after birth for attaining God and Salvation, but for a direct meeting with God and attaining liberation - liberation in life of heaven - I have joined this spiritual Gurukul.

13. Taken bath in ganges (ganga) for many birth for purification, but to purify the soul from impurities of 5 vices, I have joined this ganges of knowledge.

14. Met many physical Pandas (guide) who shows worldly path but to know the path of Paramdham (the Supreme Abode), I have joined this Spiritual guide (Shiv baba)

15. Seen many personalities who have touched worldly attainments but to meet the supreme personality who is an ocean of all spiritual attainments, I have joined this spiritual meet.

16. Many of us become limited masters but for becoming an unlimited world master of the Godlen age (as like Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan), I have joined this spiritual course.

17. Numerous friends do meet by shaking hands, but to gain the powerful hands of Shrimat (elevated divine directions) and long lasting company of a true friend, I have joined hands with this God friend.

18. One do become Surgeon to cure diseases of the body but to free the soul from the diseases of five vices (lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment), I have joined this Spiritual hospital.

19. Physical militants are stationed for the protection of country from enemies, but to relieve all souls from the slave to maya in the form of vices, I have joined this Spiritual army lead by God.

20. Every soul is experiencing the vicious transient joy of the hell but to experience the true super sensuous joy, I have joined the true, spiritual joy giver.

21. Celebrated meeting with the physical beings in every birth but to celebrate meeting with the Supreme soul, I have joined this Mahakumbh (Great fair) of Sangam (confluence age)

**** Om shanti ****

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