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Upliftment on loss of a Family Member

The question was asked to us by Minal Chawla on 18 July 2018 and here is our response.

Original Question:

''Dear Sir/mam, Greetings! 2 days ago I lost my grandmother and I could not have imagined this ever. Throughout her life she has severed endlessly to Brahmakumaris and today when I m facing trouble I thought this is the best place to seek answers. I have no words to describle how much faith she had in Shiv BABA. I dont know how to decribe my sorrow and how bad I feel after this loss. This is the only thing I would always regret in my entire life. I keep thinking about her day long and cannot come out of emotions. It is becoming too tough for me to move forward. Her smile,gentleness, and face cannot go away from my eyes. I know if there is life then death is there too but believe me I cannot still take this fact and still I m in complete grief. Please help me understand this and tell me how to come out of it. i hope you are understanding my trouble and will guide me. There are som many questions but I dont know how to express them. I m sure you understood it. please help me. Yours truely,

Minal Chawla . Age-17''

Our Answer:

To: Minal Chawla (and everyone reading)

Dear child of Shiv Baba

You would have expected a very sweet response with lots of emotions and healing words. BUT if we tell you that, then you will further get in darkness. Instead light should be given. Truth should be told.

Dear Minal, for whom are you in sorrow? Are you in sorrow for that body, for that smile, that face, that relationship (grandmother) or for that soul.

If you feel sorrow for her kindness and gentle relationship, then there is nothing to be in sorrow. Life and death are a part of cycle. One who was took a birth, will have to die. One who came in your life, will go and also come back. No one can escape.

For whom do you feel sorrow? If you feel that your grandmother was extremely nice - so why did God took her? Yes?

If your grandma was liked by you all, then would be not liked by God? God also liked and hence he took her. Isn't it?

AND If you feel sorrow for that soul, if you are soul conscious, then there cannot be a feeling of pain/ Soul is a child of the supreme soul. We all are brothers. Not even sister. We are brother only - when we are a soul (without any body) - Why male? - because we receive an inheritance from the supreme father the supreme soul.

You Dadi (grandma) was in Gyaan and hence became very sweet? Who made her this sweet? - It is Murli only Mina, which made her sweet and powerful.

Do you miss her? - In few days, you will forget her. It is true . Time heals everything. There is ONLY 1 way that you will not miss.

Become like your Dadi. You dadi was virtuous and had love for shiv baba. You also recognise your supreme father (Shiv) whom we call baba. Listen Gyaan Murli.

Become more sweet and virtuous then your dadi. Your dadi's soul will see you and will be happy.

Do this for your upliftment. You will know many secrets when you daily listen Murli. GOD HAS COME. World is getting to know. You ot to know when you lost someone. So isn't that good? Have you lost anyone ? Is your dadi's smile, virtues and love not with you ? Do you not feel it?

Similarly, the love, powers and help of God the almighty is always with those who remember him alone. You also have to become like your dadi.

Come. Know the highest purpose of human life.

Reognise your self and destroy the 5 vices within you. You are a powerful soul. You are NOT this body, are you? Take this GODLY knowledge and make your life.

Age of your body is at such stage when you take a decision. At this age only, a transformation happens.. isn't it. So what do you wish to do? Go with this world OR turn towards the light? Decide within 24 hours.

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