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Thoughts for Today (a Book) Part 1

Tought for the Day is a book published by Raja Yoga centre, Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University, Mount Abu. Book delivers thoughts for our daily (everyday) life which is the Slogan for the day derived from Sakar and Avyakt Murlis. This slogans are worth implementing in life so that to make our life purposeful and prosperous with wisdom.

Thoughts are the food of the mind. A new thought every day will not only be fresh food but will provide the necessary nutrition and stimulant needed to keep the mind healthy and enthusiastic about life. In this day of disruption and chaos, this is important. Each day has its own ‘Special for the day’ (Monday-Peaceful; Tuesday-Loveful; Wednesday-Powerful; Thursday-Knowledgeful; Friday-Purity; Saturday-Merciful; Sunday-Blissful) each offering a‘full’ selection from which to feast the mind.


Bliss is the happiness beyond the senses, beyond the laughter, the merriment. Away from the sways of the joys I’ve known. Not lost in the gentle pulls of the winds, nor using the eyes to see that which lightens and brightens, not using the ears to be hypnotized by the musicale manifique, and not using the mouth to taste the sweetness of the first fruit of the season.

Rather, sitting alone with myself; quietly. ...silently...thoughts turned within. Listening to the sound of silence. Then, thoughts turned beyond the physical, in tune with the spiritual - the peaceful, the pure. Few thoughts. ..the union with my Father, the Blissful One; experiencing His peace -- being peaceful; experiencing His love--being loveful; experiencing His bliss--being blissful.


1. Even with a small bank account, the one who is contented finds himself with great wealth.

2. Freedom starts in the mind not by cutting ropes.

3. To give happiness to others is a great act of charity.

4. Cheerfulness keeps up the spirit of the one who possesses it and brings a smile to the lips of others.

5. A smile can make short work of any difficulty.

6. Give a lot of time to the improvement of yourself, then there is not time to criticise others.

7. To taste the sweetness of life, you must have the power to forget the past.

8. Waste work will make you heavy and tired and positive work makes you happy, light and refreshed.

9. Those who remain very happy will never have internal laziness. Laziness is a great vice.

10. Balance is the real foundation of a blissful life. Keep this always in mind and your present and future will always remain bright.

11. Contentment and bliss go hand in hand. These qualities create great fascination for you among others.

12. If every step is taken in the remembrance of God, just imagine how much fortune there is in every moment.

13. If through some error yesterday was lost in grief, don’t lose today by keeping it in your memory.

14. Cheerfulness is the beauty of the face. He who is sullen is really ugly.

15. Life is like a drama. If I understand the plot there is great happiness.

16. The more you enjoy putting in good efforts, the greater will be your happiness on receiving the fruits of those efforts.

17. When you smile, not only do you feel happy but you bring a ray of light into the lives of others.

18. To have balance in all situations is the key to happiness.

19. Many people will want to quarrel and fight with you; realise that the only weapons you need are a smile and a loveful attitude.

20. Sometimes a smile can be like a drop of water in a desert.

21. You must enjoy yourself and have recreation, but check whether it enriches your life internally.

22. If I make THIS MOMENT happy, it will increase my chances of having the next moment happy also.

23. The wealth of a rich man can be stolen or burnt, but the happiness and wisdom of the wise remain.

24. In the world of constant sorrow what brings greater wealth, money or happiness?

25. A person is pronounced great when he can face a difficult situation with happiness and laughter.

26. Physical beauty can be lost with marks of age or through accident. Spiritual beauty cannot be destroyed.

27. The fool wants others to see him; the wise man smiles in the audience.

28. The one who is honest and has a true heart will always feel light and tension free.

29. True victory means complete control over the sense organs.

30. If your mind is caught in bondages and problems of the past, you will not experience the joys of the present.

31. If you want to advance in life make sure that your WANTS don’t advance.

32. To forget your troubles remember God.

33. If you wanted and didn’t get, may be you don’t need.

34. Condition your mind and remain cool under all conditions.

35. In the long run the most difficult thing is to search for an easy way out.

36. Nothing is just coincidence, every tree in life’s garden bears significance.

37. The one who knows how to adjust is the one who knows how to survive.

38. If others are against you don’t put your back against the wall, see what you can gain from the company of God.

39. If you give your heart to someone they might break it; give your heart to God and have it strengthened.

40. If you beat your head against the wall when problems come your brain will get messed up.

41. When the world becomes like a wild storm the most beautiful shelter is God.

42. If you do everything with the feeling of happiness there will be no task too difficult to perform.

43. When you try your best and your best is not good enough, leave it in the hands of God.

44. Remember that you are very special. NO ONE can play your role better than you.

45. Loneliness comes when I forget that God is my Supreme companion.

46. Pin all your hopes in God then you will not be pinned down by man.

47. To age does not matter, but by taking on matters you will age.

48. If there is no filament in a bulb there is no light, if God is not in your life there is no life.

49. The more you understand yourself, the easier it is to remain happy and peaceful.

50. When all your attachments are with the One God, then your achievements are many.

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