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Daily Thoughts: March 2024

March 2024 official post: Get daily thought of the day written and sent from Madhuban (Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Mount Abu, India). These are inspirations for our Purusharth and for better living in general. Get thought messages of the entire month on this post. Please SHARE and send this post to BK brothers & sisters in your connection.

1 Mar

A good practice whenever you meet someone is to ensure that you have shared something with the other person e.g. If a person comes to you and he is lacking love, just look at him and create a pure and positive thought in your mind that this person will experience his original quality of love and share the same with others.

2 Mar

A very big negative influence on the heart is the anxiety associated in dealing with people of different natures and working with them either in the family or at the workplace. Looking at every soul's positive specialties with the help of spiritual wisdom read or listened to every day, helps us experience joy constantly and be free from any burdens

3 Mar

Many times life brings situations, which are difficult and seem impossible to work on. But there should be the ability to transform something as big as a mountain into something as small as a grain of sand. To do this means to look for solutions instead of looking at problems. It also means to make effort to find the right answers for the problems.

4 Mar

The ones who aim to become victorious never think of not being faced with obstacles. Instead, they look at each obstacle as a chance to use and express their own inner powers. So there is constant progress visible in them.

5 Mar

The one who is simple is able to see through the complications of situations and people. He has the ability to only pick out what is useful and worthy from the expanse of all that is available. A simple person's words and actions are the ones that give happiness to those around.

6 Mar

When I have courage, I have hope. I will not give up the task mid way, but will put in continued effort. Because of this there is no difficulty experienced even whilst putting in extra effort but I do everything with enthusiasm and happiness. So nothing seems difficult and I easily move towards success.

7 Mar

Every day we meet so many people of different types of personalities, some positive and some negative also. Gift a pure smile full of humility and a positive greeting through your words to each and everyone. Bless the other soul with goodness.

8 Mar

The ones with an easy nature constantly think of solutions instead of problems. So such individuals are free from the burden of problems and are constantly contributing to make things easy for themselves and others too. The right environment to bring out the best result is naturally created by them.

9 Mar

Our home and workplace are the two places where we spend most of our time. If I as a responsible child of God take up the responsibility of making these two places full of God's qualities like peace, love and joy, I radiate these vibrations to the world and help in creating heaven in the world.

10 Mar

The more we interact with and remain in the company of positive minded people and have positive conversations with them, we give and receive positive energy and the more our past gets erased from our consciousness.

11 Mar

When I only continue to worry about my problems it is like cursing the darkness. It will not bring light. All I need to do is light a little lamp and I will find the light coming in slowly spreading all around. I find that it is very easy to find the solutions that are already within me.

12 Mar

When I am honest with myself, I am able to find the joy of learning from my mistakes. Mistakes don’t make me heavy because I know I have something to learn from them. There is constantly enthusiasm to bring about a change and move forward. So I find that I am constantly progressing and also becoming an inspiration for many to bring about change.

13 Mar

When I learn the art of speaking to my mind with love, I am able to free myself from waste thoughts without any feelings of suppression. Concentration too becomes easy and all thoughts are directed towards the right direction.

14 Mar

The one who keeps checking himself is also able to bring about a change in himself. Such a person takes each situation as a chance to learn something new and bring about some change for the better. So there is constant improvement in his life.

15 Mar

When you face any criticism from someone, see what you can learn from it, instead of feeling bad about it. Even things that go wrong have something to teach, for the ones who are willing to learn. With your humility continue to learn.

17 Mar

To overcome any cravings towards addictions, meet many positive minded people, and share positivity and goodness with them. This will make you positive and fill you with a feeling of well-being and as you connect with them and become busy, addictions will become unimportant.

18 Mar

The ones who are happy, always find something new. Even in the most ordinary and routine situations, they are able to find something interesting. So they are able to use everything that is with them in the best possible way.

19 Mar

When I understand the importance of having good wishes for all, I am able to receive good wishes from others too. I am able to be free from the influence of the negativity of the situations and people. So I constantly experience inner happiness and contentment, even if I don't get something outwardly.

20 Mar

I need to develop the art of looking at specialities in people. The more I am able to see their positive qualities, the more I am able to relate to them with that speciality. This encourages the other person further to use that speciality. This will naturally keep me constantly enthusiastic.

21 Mar

Let us always carry a positive book or messages and talks on our phone. Any moment we feel disturbed or low, immediately read or listen. Even a 5-minute intake of elevated and positive information in the day stops the series of negative thoughts in our mind. The message may give us a solution to our problem.

22 Mar

The one who is able to remain in the present is able to learn from the past and bring out the best from the self. Also there is a clear vision of the future, so all the energies are directed towards that vision. The mind is neither totally caught up with the past nor with the future.

24 Mar

The best way to slow down your thoughts in the entire day is to begin your day with a deep connection with God - The Ocean Of Peace and Silence. In the morning our mind is very fresh and if we make it silent with meditation at that time, the whole day is influenced because of that and we hurry less and work more.

25 Mar

To be accurate means to take up full responsibility for every task and do it to the best of one's ability. That means all resources that one has are used in the best possible way for the best result of the task. This naturally brings perfection in everything that is done.

26 Mar

Each challenge actually brings forth some hidden strength, some latent power. The one who is able to understand this, is able to face and in fact invoke challenges. Such a person with constant and unshaken faith moves on towards victory.

27 Mar

When I am free from excuses and free from comparison with others, I am able to be light even in the most challenging circumstances. I am not caught up with my own mistakes or those of others, but am able to constantly add on to my treasure store of experiences and be richer and richer with every new challenge I face.

28 Mar

The one who has a clean heart is the one who always tries to do the best for those with whom he comes in contact. Thus, the person develops the ability to accept others as they are and ignore anything wrong done by them.

29 Mar

When I consider myself to be fortunate I never experience fear inspite of difficult situations. I am always happy with whatever is happening. Along with it I also have the enthusiasm to make effort to better the situation. I never worry but am able to enjoy each and every moment and make the best use of it.

30 Mar

The moment someone criticizes us, insults us or taunts us, emerge your soul conscious vision for them and see them as beautiful souls with beautiful original qualities and remind yourself that their anger and ego a temporary form of impurity, that was not a part of their original, pure nature.

31 Mar

Love is reflected in the love that there is for the person and also for the task. When there is love for the person, there is the ability to give cooperation without any expectations or demands. And when there is love for the task there is the commitment for completing the task, whatever the obstacles that come up in the process of doing things.

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