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The Powerful 3 WORDS Secret from Murlis

A special article on an 'essence' of entire knowledge given by Shiv Baba in Gyan Murli in terms of 3 words. Here are 84 points that covers the 3 words secrets from both Sakar and Avyakt Murlis. Do read and further SHARE to BK brothers and sisters in your connection.

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1. Soul, Supreme Soul, Nature (Play of 3 powers)

2. Beginning, Middle, End OR Past, Present, Future (3 aspects of Time)

3. Seed (Supreme soul), Root (Confluence aged Brahmins), Leaf (souls of all religions), 3 parts of Genealogical tree)

4. Supreme soul Supreme father Shiva Truth, Benevolent & Beautiful (God's introduction)

5. Highest, All knower, Ever Benevolent (God's 3 identities)

6. Incorporeal, Point of light, Truth, conscient, Blissful (Forms of the Supreme Soul)

7. Ocean of Knowledge, Peace, Bliss (3 virtues of Supreme soul)

8. Non-Doer, Non-Thinker, Non-Enjoyer (3 characteristics of Supreme soul)

9. Three Eyes: Knower of 3 time aspects, Master of 3 worlds (3 glories of Supreme soul)

10. Creation, Sustenance, Destruction (3 Acts of Supreme Soul)

11. Supreme Father, Supreme Teacher, Supreme Sat guru (3 relationships with God)

12. Diamond age, Golden age, Silver age (3 ages established by Supreme soul)

13. Brahmin, Deity, Warrior (3 religion established by Supreme soul)

14. Brahma, Vishnu, Shankar (3 prime male deities/devta)

15. Lakshmi, Saraswati, Parvati (3 prime female devi)

16. Corporeal Subtle Incorporeal (3 worlds)

17. Abode of Happiness, Abode of Sorrow Abode of Peace (3 Abode)

18. King, Wealthy, Subjects (3 Status)

19. Wordly, Non-Wordly, Spiritual (3 Father)

20. Rosary of 8, 16000, and 108 (Vijay Mala)

21. Soul, Supreme soul, Drama ( 3 Point remembrance)

22. Unborn, Immortal, Imperishable (Soul nature)

23. Mind, Intellect, Impressions (3 faculties of the soul)

24. Health, Wealth, Happiness (3 attainments of Heaven )

25. Three Point remembrance tilak, Victory tilak, Coronation tilak (3 types of tilak )

26. Responsibility crown, Purity crown, Jewel Crown (3 Crowns)

27. Immortal throne, Heart throne, Royal throne (3 Throne)

28. Fortunate, More fortunate, Multi Million fold fortunate (Our 3 Fortune)

29. Satoguna, Rajoguna, Tamoguna (3 Qualities of Soul and Nature)

30. Karma (bearing results), Akarma (Neutral), Vikarma (Sinful)~ 3 Types of Karma or Actions

31. Knowledge, Devotion, Disinterest (World Play)

32. Wordly knowledge, Religious knowledge, Spiritual knowledge (3 types of Knowledge)

33. Brahmin, Angel, Deity (3 Forms)

34. Child the Master, Godly Student, Server (Remembrance of 3 forms of self )

35. Donors, Great donors, Bestower of blessings Giver, Giver of fortune , Giver of blessings (3 Types of donor/givers)

36. Holiest, Highest,Richest (3 Praises of Brahmins)

37. World Server, World Transformer, World Benefactor (3 duties of Brahmins )

38. Image of support, Image of upliftment, Image of example (3 Images )

39. Body, Mind, Wealth (3 Services)

Explained: Mind (donate power), Words (donate knowledge) , Deeds (donate virtues), Purity & Clarity in Thought, Truthfulness & Sweetness in Words & Goodness,Royalty, Humility, Contentment,Cheerfulness in Action.

40. Time, Breath, Thought (Three Treasures to be made worthwhile)

41. Unshakeable, Immovable, Constant (Stable) ~ 3 Stages

42. Well-wisher, Good feelings, Pure wishes (3 Attitude towards others)

43. Active, Alert, Accurate (3 Qualities of a good actor)

44. Honesty, Purity, Simplicity (God likes these qualities)

45. Shiv Baba, Murli, Madhuban (3 Vitals in Brahmin life)

46. Inheritance, Study, Blessings ( 3 attainments of Confluence age)

47. Vision, Versions,Toli (3 Rights of Brahmins)

48. Ras (Dance), Rang (Colour), Naad (Music) (3 source of energies in heaven)

49. Amritvela yoga, Murli class, Traffic control (3 imp rules for Brahmin life)

50. Title, Q&A, Main Murli (3 part of Murli) Essence, Blessings, Slogans Love remembrance, Good morning, Namaste

51. I am a peaceful soul, resident of soul world and child of Supreme God father Shiva ( 3 meaning of Om Shanti)

52. Corporeal, Subtle, Incorporeal (3 drills for intense Yog Purusharth)

53. Laziness, Carelessness, Excuse (3 obstacles in effort making)

54. Mind dictate, Others dictate, Elevated dictate of God (3 types of dictates)

55. Contemplation about Self, Others, God (3 types of Contemplation)

56. Others dictate, Contemplation about others, Viewing others (3 Obstacles in self-progress)

57. Patience, Peace, Love (3 tablets to remain healthy)

58. Power to Tolerate, Power to Accomodate, Power to Packup Power to Judge, Power to Discriminate, Power to Transform (Pair of 3 main Powers)

59. Tolerance, Patience, Contentment (3 essential virtues)

60. Truth, Purity, Introvertness (3 basic virtues)

61.Determination, Stability, Contentment (Prime amongst virtues)

62. Raazyukt (understanding knowledge secret), Yogyukt (endowed in yoga), Yuktiyukt (Tactful) ~ 3 Signs of a Knowledgeable soul

63. Contentment through Self, God & Brahmin Family (3 Certificates of Contentment)

64. Destiny account, Merit account, Blessing account (3 types of Account)

65. Elevated dictates, Surrender, Service (3 things to become Ever ready & Equal to father)

66. Incorporeal, Ornamental, Benefactor (3 Means to make an elevated stage)

67. Sudden, Ever ready, Long time practice Become point, See point, Put point (3 points to remember for intense effort)

68. Who am I, Who is mine, What I have to do (~3 Basic Questions)

69. Obedient, Trustful, Honest (~3 main Disciplines)

70. Spirituality, Spiritual intoxication, Merciful (~3 things to make Complete stage )

71. Seeing formless soul, Control over organs, Control over thoughts (~3 Steps to pass )

72. Love, Faith, Co-operation (3 things to strengthen and enhance an organization or a family)

73. Self-respect, Ever Haji or Positive, Full faith in God father & all relations with him ( the 3 Specialities of Mamma)

74. Becoming Virtuous Seeing Virtues Donating virtues (Mamma was firm in 3 things)

75. Instrument, Constructive, Pure words Full, Content, Complete Pure (~3 main slogans of Dadi)

76. Incorporeal, Vice less, Egoless + (Obstacle free, Thoughtless, Innovator) are the 3 main blessings

77. Mine Baba, Lovely Baba, Sweet Baba (3 loveful words for Baba)

78.Self-respect, Ever Haji or Positive, Full faith in God father& all relations with him (3 Specialities of Mamma)

79. Becoming Virtuous Seeing Virtues Donating virtues (Mamma was firm in 3 things)

80. I am a peaceful soul, resident of soul world and child of Supreme God father Shiva ( 3 meaning of Om Shanti)

81. Wah Baba, Wah Bachche, Wah Drama (~3 words of Wah Wah song )

82.Sweet Children, Lovely Children, Long lost and Found Children (~3 loveful words for children)

83. Holiest, Highest, Richest (~ 3 Praise of Brahmins)

84. My Baba, Lovely Baba, Sweet Baba (~ 3 loveful words for Baba)

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