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Short Films and Documentaries from YouTube

Short Films and movies, documentaries and message clips from Prajapita Brahma Kumaris God Fatherly University. Best of selected videos free to watch from YouTube. One platform for access to all films made on Shiv baba, Murli, World Drama Cycle with scientific explanation, and Godly message (sandesh).

In this post, we present you 8 videos on World Drama, Raja Yoga meditation and GOD Shiv. Please SHARE this page to your contacts.

Polaris Star - World Transformer Brahmastra FULL movie - MUST watch

'Polaris Star' movie in English

'Polaris Star' film in Hindi

True Love - Short Film

Meditation for Beginners - Life changing Video

RajYog & Holy Science of GOD Shiva (English)

RajYog and Holy Science of ParamAtma Shiv (Hindi)

Raja Yoga commentary to remove 5 vices (English)

Raja Yog commentary to remove 5 vices (vikar)- Hindi



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