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Service, Scenes and Stage at the End of World Drama

What would be the scenes? How will service be done? and How our stage of purusharth (effort making) be? during the end time of world drama cycle. This article will clarify all these answers.

1. How will the Service be done?

I, the Soul combined with Supreme Soul with the awareness of my self-respect can do unlimited last final moment service through this combined form. This has been depicted in the image of combined self-respect.

During last moment when destructive dance will take gigantic form in the world due to world war, civil war, dreadful diseases, natural calamities there will be no scope for any physical service, at that time we will have to do double service through our complete form i.e. invisible, subtle, double light angelic form stage being stabilized in Shiv-Shakti combined form.

Shiv Shakti combined Yog with Shiv baba

Double service means service through determined thoughts and behavior, face, vision or through subtle form where subtle body and incorporeal form is emerged in double light form. God Father Shiva shall also be revealed through this form. In Satyug, the soul (incorporeal form) and subtle body (angelic form) is in emerged form that is physical form is just for name sake which means no bodily feelings, completely light, no sinful karmas.

Now, during final moment before departing for soul world incorporeal form and subtle angelic form should be in emerged form of virtues and body consciousness in merged form, ruling controlling power must be such that whenever you wish you must be able to detach yourself and do double service in incorporeal, subtle form. Only those souls who have developed elevated and highest stage through practice of knowledge and yoga for a long period, those who would have unlimited vision and disinterest would be able to perform this service. Since we are the instrument souls to show the path of Mukti dham (Soul world) and Jeevan mukti dham (Heaven), the souls who are craving for happiness and peace, fearful, involved in sorrow and pain will see both the path through our vision i.e through one eye Mukti dham and through other Jeevanmukti dham. At the time of destruction one with the authority of experience can impart Mukti (Liberation) & Jeevan Mukti (Liberation in life). In Treta yuga there will be both Ruling and Religious authority, which is based on true knowledge of soul. In Dwapar yuga there is Ruling authority based on body consciousness, In Kaliyuga even though there is Science authority, all ruling and religious authority will have less effect and in Sangam yuga (Confluence age ) the base of attainments is Yoga siddhi or authority of Experience.

2. How will be our Stage and Service?

In the present final moment, Baba demands maximum percentage of those children who are stable in their incorporeal, subtle forms who can do service in subtle world through their incorporeal subtle forms. Such souls can activate the subtle body, subconscious mind and awaken the subtle / dormant energies of souls.

Urdhavreta yogi, Shivyogi, Rajrishi, undeviating remembrance, Parkaya pravesh (entering in another’s body ) all these are related to subtle body which has connection with the practice of Rajyoga.

Therefore, today there is demand for double service. Through this you can change the mind or impressions of anyone. This is a refine form of service for becoming full and complete which can be done by those who are in highest stage. For this you will have to increase the stability of mind and concentration of the intellect through powerful Amritvela since this is blessing time for making the soul powerful. Secondly, as far as possible practice to be free from waste and vicious thoughts and try to stabilize in powerful thoughts so that waste thoughts are avoided and mental energy is stored. Thirdly, try to experience double light angelic form intermittently many times in a day by becoming detached from the physical body. Fourthly, keep attention to have a pure aatmik (ruhani) vision since body consciousness is the only obstacle that comes in the way of service through thought and marching towards flying stage. Lastly, observe silence as far as possible and come in voice only in case of dire necessity since this will make us free from waste words, retain the mental energy, help in becoming introvert which in turn make easier to achieve constant stage.

In Mansa seva i.e service through mind there are 5 things:

1) Vibration - through positive thoughts. 2) Yog Sakash - through lightness – 5 forms / Angelic form practice. 3) Search light - One can do far off place service through the intellectual vision of unlimited. (Behad ki Buddhi) 4) Current - through the power of churning and of a powerul mind. 5) Charge - through embodiment of awareness and giving light of knowledge.

Difference between Vibration and Sakash :

Physical vibration of 5 elements will only reach corporeal world or physical body whereas Sakash is a spiritual healing for both body and soul. The subtle power of sakash can reach any souls. There can be ups and downs in vibrations but not in sakash. Sakash is received through light and might of Supreme soul. As per one senior sister Sakash include these 7 things : 1) All treasures 2) Good wishes 3) Godly wishes 4) All blessings 5) All virtues 6) All powers 7) All attainments.

Light & Might / Yoga and Yaad :

Jyoti means Light and bindu (point) means Might. Mukti is through Light and Jeevan Mukti is through Might. Through Light one get connected to Paramdham and through Might one get connected to Supreme soul. Light makes us detach while through Might our sins get absolved. Yoga is through relation and Yaad is through renunciation. (To remember God with every relation whilst being detached with the world). There are varieties in yoga while in Yaad there is no variety, only one baba.

Different stages of Yoga :

1) Dehbhan mukt (Beyond body awareness ) 2) Ashariri or Bodiless stage ( detached from 5 sense organs ) 3) Dehi abhimani ( Being in the body, to realize self as soul different from the body , awareness of karavanhar ) 4) Atam abhimani ( soul consciousness ) : To see self and others with atmik vision. 5) Avyakt ( To make use of body while being detached ) 6) Videhi : Experiencing only light in Paramdham ( soul world ) 7) Beejrup ( seed form ) : Experiencing only might in Paramdham ( soul world )

3. Final Stage and Scenes

Visualise painful scene of upheavals on the screen of your mind. The cleaning of old Kaliyuga world has begun. Earth quake has started, except, some regions of north India, all other continents are getting submerged in the huge tsunami waves of the ocean, and everything is turning into ashes by the horrible heat of sun, in the monster form of volcanoes and fire of atomic bombs. Entire natural resources and human made artificial scientific support are getting destroyed causing external and internal darkness. The sky element has become dumb observer to destructive echoes and toxic pollutions. Approx all 700 crore souls, creatures of the world are shedding off their bodily costume and departing towards soul world. Every soul is getting ready to fly with the eternal God father Shiva in original soul point light form leaving body related fame, honor, position, people, material, splendor, gross wealth, land, property etc handing over it from where it has acquired and clearing the karmic accounts of innumerable births.

All Brahmin souls are stabilized in the swadharm of peace i.e own religion of peace. Having vision of new yuga and new dynasty. They are uttering Hai Hai and Wah Wah song is emerging from inside us. Wah Baba ! Wah kalyankari drama ! Wah my fortune. Everyone has attained unlimited disinterest in the old world. All sweetness and all relations through one baba, only one similar thought passion “Now have to return to original abode (Paramdham) with Consort or Father and then come back in deity costume in deity world of Satyuga. We are uplifting all souls being stable in the stage of ancestor, great donor, bestower of blessings, world benefactor, image of support, image of upliftment and merciful, being Light house guiding them the path of Mukti ( Soul world) and Jeevan mukti ( Heaven), being Master Satguru giving them Salvation and being Master God fulfilling the wishes of devotees.

All the souls will experience the satisfication while heading towards destination place (home of peace and eternal light) singing the glory – Oh God your play is boundless, you only know your destination and thoughts.

Source: Most of the above article feed is from Avyakt and Sakar Murlis. Some from visions given by Shiv baba to Sandeshi's (who frequently goes in trance and see divine visions)

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