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Secrets of Shrimat Bhagavad Geeta - BK Usha

BK Sister Usha discusses the secrets of Shrimat Bhagawad Gita (geeta) that reflects the present time and the words of God which are relevant to the present time. Topic will cover - the truth of MahaBharat and shrimat Geeta written by Ved Vyas and the true significance (meaning) behind it.

Dear reader, you may already have read or heard the bhagavad gita in some or other ways. You also know that Ved Vyas had written this both texts (Geeta, Mahabharat) around 2500 years ago. Do you know the true significance of this ?

Who is considered as Arjun ?

Who are those 5 pandavas ?

What is the meaning and significance of the names given in the Mahabharat ?

How and to whom does God have taught the knowledge of Gita ? Why only Arjun ?

Does Gita encourage an external violence through a war OR does it say the war between good and bad within every human soul ?

Does the supreme being, the incorporeal God teaches us violence OR does him teaches us to overcome our weaknesses and conquer the self ?

Who am i ? Who is the self, the one who thinks, decides, creates and enjoys the life?

Gita is the book of humanity, not only of Hindus. Geeta is the source of all knowledge and answers every question of life. But which Geeta? Who is the God, the speaker of Geeta?

Krishna is a deity, a human figure, someone whose has a body, is called a human being. God is always known to us as formless, eternal figure, the truth and one who knows everything. Many religions still worships God as an embodiment of light. God is one.

What is the relationship of ours with that supreme being?

In Gita, it is rightly told by god that: ''I reveal myself millennium after millennium whenever there is a decline in Dharma O arjun. I will come and re-estblish the dharma (principles of the original self, the soul)

It is a promise thus made by God, to come and renew the world, whenever the sorrow or unrighteousness prevails. This is that time. This is the time when the mahabharat is going in every house of world, when there is a great war between the righteousness and unrighteousness. The God is with those who are righteous . They all are Arjun. Their victory is pre-destined.

In below video, you will learn the truth of Shrimat Geeta written by Ved Vyas. How was it written and what is the meaning behind it. This is a God's revelation.


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