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Podcasts for Daily Sustenance on SoundCloud, Google, Apple

Here is a Good News. We have started podcast giving daily sustenance: including: Daily Gyan Murli, daily Purusharth, important BK classes, new songs, imp audio, etc. for Hindi and English listeners. Our podcast is available via many platforms for all BK brothers and sisters.

You have all available options:

Podcast audio listen

Podcast on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the first choice for audio, and it is a simple app which unables you to 'follow' a channel so as to listen its daily uploads/feed. Our channel: "Brahma Kumaris Official" on Sound Cloud daily serves Murli Today in Hindi and English, daily Purusharth by Peace of Mind TV and BK Suraj bhai (mount abu), and occasional important classes and other audios.

✱How to Listen on SoundCloud?

  1. Download SoundCloud mobile app from here.

  2. Follow our channel.

  3. Go to daily feed and 'refresh' the page (or restart the app)

Now you will see our daily uploads right in your app's feed.

Podcast on Google

Podcast on Google

If you are using an Android phone, you may already have Google Podcast installed. If not, just install Google Podcast app on your phone, and then Subscribe to our channel: Brahma Kumaris Audio to receive our daily uploads right on your mobile app's feed.

How to Listen on Google Podcast?

  1. Download/install their app - for your Android phone OR for iOS iPhone

  2. Visit this link and 'subscribe' to the channel

  3. Open your daily feed section in the app and listen daily uploads

Podcast on Apple

Podcast for iPhone Users (on Apple)

If you are using an apple iPhone, you may prefer to listen to our daily podcast on apple's Podcast app. The same service as SoundCloud and Google podcast provides, is avaiable on apple podcast also.

How to Listen on Apple Podcast?

  1. Download/install Apple Podcast app on your iPhone.

  2. Subscribe to our channel: Brahma Kumaris Audio

  3. Restart the app

You will now see our channel in Library section of the app, where daily uploads are presented under "My Episodes".

Podcast on ListenNotes

If you are a regular internet user, you may also know about ListenNow, which is a "podcasts search engine" and a private platform which derives our podcast from our SoundCloud channel. Use ListenNotes if you do not want to install any app our your mobile phone.

How to Listen on ListenNotes?

  1. Visit our ListenNotes page (bookmark this link)

  2. Login with Google, facebook, etc

  3. Follow our channel page to get notifications when we publish daily audio.

Useful Links

Online Services (daily sustenance)

Godly Resources (for BKs)

Audio Library (all our 'audio' services)


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