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My Experience with Shiv Baba, BK Sudipta

A Life experience of Brahma Kumari Sudipta Rath, New Delhi about How came in touch with Shiv baba, what wonder happened and seeing of a divine light in dreams. Then randomly saw PMTV channel where she came to know about Brahma Kumaris and then took the 7 days course to begin. This all is shared in some detail.


At the time when I was desperately searching for a real meaning and purpose of Life, Baba Himself came to me and introduced himself that I am HIS child. ~ Sudipta Rath

BK Sudipta Rath, New Delhi

I felt like sharing little background of my journey towards Raj yog. I was a strong believer of God since my childhood days and had been in Bhakti Marg.

Eight years back (in 2011), I saw a bright shining light in my dream. I woke up with a calm mind and could not understand why I saw such a unique light that was pretty different from Sun and moon.

(The first seed sown in my mind)

After few days of seeing that light I travelled to Sweden to attend an International conference. I saw the morning moon when the sky was dark, during taking off of my flight & thought that perhaps this was indicator of my success. Since Sweden is a Scandinavian country and during my visit there was summer I was so fortunate to see mid night Sun there. Again I thought perhaps this was the dream as I had to see this amazing experiences of 24 hr Sun light. Sirf Praksh hi prakash hei. I felt as if I have landed in Heaven. Then in 2013 I relocated to Delhi quitting my job and winded up all my sources of income to stay with my family as my husband had been staying in Delhi & I was in Odisha. I was working in development sector.

My life had taken a different turn and I didn’t want to return to the same traditional pattern of 9-5 job which was very stressful & sucking all my time & energy. I was searching some way to deliver my service to the world as a social worker and do something I am passionate about. I love reading good books as well as writing. Hence from God's grace I got an opportunity to write articles on Self Development & started working from home. One day in the afternoon I was sitting before my laptop and writing an article suddenly my eyes went towards the door of our living room. I saw rays of different colours coming straight towards me through a small opening on the door. It was amazing and rays were changing colours within fraction of seconds very fast just like flips. (2nd time a knocking from supreme power in 2015)

My mobile was at my hand I tried to capture the colours and took it. Then they were no more visible. I ran towards the door and found sun that changed its direction. But it was amazing to see the ultraviolet rays in open eyes. Next day when at the same time I tried to see them, but could not. It was a divine feeling and I have started a mission “Discover Yourself- a mission towards a world of happiness, peace & ecstasy” using this captured sun rays as the Logo.

I began my journey towards discovering for searching the meaning & purpose of my life. I started doing meditation under the rising Sun in 2015.

( in the mean time I had developed a love towards rising Sun)

Wherever I see Golden, white or red lights it used to attract me much spiritually. One day, a thought came in my mind to publish a book. A word popped up in my mind Like soul, origin & the like. I questioned what’s that? Next day again while I was meditating, a the Word “Womb” popped up in my mind. And I started writing the book titled as “Womb- Your Eternal Soul within”. ( It was about a Soul’s journey in body from birth to the end of life”) The book got published in Amazon just within 2 months, but I was still wandering 'who has written this book?' It wasn’t me. Tears flown through my eyes every time I read this book and always I felt as if someone has written this book to show the world that we are all Souls. Another book has been written and now with even accurate understanding of Soul (through Gyan/knowledge). This book is also published on Amazon.

Then, again Baba’s incarnation in my dream. Just for a fraction of second I saw I was in a place written as Baikunth (Golden age/ Heaven). I loudly read that and with my own voice I woke up. Scared and sweating. Heart was pulping at a faster rate. Again a big question mark?? I had never thought of going to Baikunth and I thought I may leave this body within few days. I suffered from viral fever and was in rest for a week and was feeling very week. I was randomly changing TV channels to pass the time. I was not feeling like watching anything. Then again all of a sudden I heard the voice “Mein ek Atma hoon - I am a soul”. I stopped my remote on that channel. It was Tata Sky Guru & I never watched this before. The voice was of Sister Shivani, whom I didn’t know. I watched the programme and felt that whatever she was telling I had already published in my book. I jumped from bed and so much energized and felt as if all weakness had gone from my body. I felt, I am on the right track and not going to be mad. Then I started watching Peace of Mind TV regularly for a month & started Amritvela meditation as per Raj yog. I started feeling wonderful. Then I visited my nearby centre at Green park and enrolled for Raj Yog Meditation 7 day course in 2017.


I hugged that Red Light and said “Baba Mujhe kabse pukar Rahethe, Par Mujhe pahechan ne mein 6 saal laga diya. Yahan tak mujhe lane ke liye Kya kya Drama Kiya. Meri Noukri chudwaliya, Mujhe Odisha se Delhi Le Aye. Mujhe bankrupt bhi bana diya, aur Mere Parivar ke saath rakha, Mujhe earning ka source bhi de diya. I found the meaning & purpose of my life.

Wah Mera Bhagya Wah.. Wah drama Wah


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