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Mother's Day Inspirations

12 MAY 2019 was the Mother's Day. Here is our message.


★ आज की प्रेरणा ★

माँ वो नहीं हैं जिन्होंने कभी संघर्ष नहीं किया...माँ वो हैं जो संघर्षों के बावजूद कभी हार नहीं मानती। *आज से हम* परमात्मा को दिल से शुक्रिया करें कि उन्होंने हमें जहान की सबसे प्यारी और शक्तिशाली माँ दी हैं...


Mothers are not the ones that have never struggled, they are the ones that never give up despite the struggles!

* TODAY ONWARDS LET'S, show our gratitude to God (our Parloukik parent) and also our loukik parents...


Happy Mother Day

🧚‍♀ ★HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY★ 🧚‍♀ No combination of any alphabets in any language can adequately describe a MOTHER! But MOTHER is a desription of the WHOLE WORLD and ETHER (heaven)!!! A MOTHER is -> Our Mentor Our True Guide, Trusted Friend, Honest Advisor, Every Helping Companion, Real Guru The most fragrant rose in the garden of children's life.... * Her smile can brighten any moment,* * Her hugs put joy in all our days,* * Her love will stay with us forever,* * And touch our lives in precious ways...* It is impossible to describe a Mother in specific words. On this Beautiful Day, a Great Salute to all The Loving and Caring Mothers on this Earth. * Wishing All Mothers A very Happy Mother's Day * 🧚‍♀🧚‍♀★🧚‍♀🧚‍♀

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