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Mamma Day 24 June - Know about the World Mother

24 June is remembered and celebrated as the Mamma Day among the Brahman family (divine family of prajapita brahma kumaris). Remembering the virtues of Mateshwari Jagadamba (world mother), we all try our best to follow the path and become equally virtuous. Mamma was a living example of the 7 virtues that are gained from knowledge and Raja Yog.

So lets's today (24 June 2018), again explore the divine virtues and qualities Mamma has shown during her life and the great serving and simple life lived by this great soul.

' Baba use to call Mamma - the brightest star of the sky.'

Whom the world remember as Aadi Devi (first deity) or Eve (in Christianity) or Bibi (in Quran/Islam), let us learn the biography of that soul.

In Vedas, Saraswati is described as the goddess of Knowledge. We now understand that Saraswati is spiritual daughter of Prajapita Brahma and also is the World mother (Jagat Amba) through whom God fulfills everyone's wishes. Therefore Jagadamba is worshiped so much. Wishes are fulfilled by incorporeal one, through this world mother. Come and know the divine journey of 'most worshiped' human soul. How serving and simple the life of our Yagya mother was, know through those who actually lived with her, witnessed her virtues and spiritual stage, listened the nectar of knowledge flowing from Mamma's mouth.

The above video is the Picture Story of Mamma and the Yagya itself. Now have you listened to Mamma's Murli ?

Mamma has spoken many murlis during the services across India (in Delhi, Kolkata, Bombay, Pune, etc) and those Murlis are recorded and now available to listen in mp3 version as a playlist on this website:

Mamma's murli is full of wisdom. Mamma had a very sharp intellect. She would explain Baba's Murli in classes after churning the knowledge said in murli. Churning, dharna, introspection, inner joy, silence, royalty and belongingness to God - these are few of the qualities Mamma acquired after coming in Yagya. Mamma had won hearts of all surrendered brother and sisters. Everyone loved her. Mamma's motto was 'One Faith, One Power' & 'Never give or take the sorrow'. Mamma was actually a reflection of what Murli or Shrimat is. Mamma was the ideal Godly student. No one matched her in obeying Shrimat. Mamma use to wake up at 2 AM in morning for Amritvela Yog (meditation). Not only she mastered the Self and senses, but also guided many in this path of spiritual upliftment, in becoming a deity from a human. By only seeing Mamma, many decided to give away their 5 vices and become as pure and great as her.

After continuous 28 years of effort making and churning of knowledge, Mamma became complete on in June 1965 and flew to God to be his right hand in World Transformation. Brahmans yet remember the life of Mamma, her virtues, words, and actions (karma) and take inspiration.


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