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LIVE Seminar of BK Shivani and BK Jayanti - Healing the World - 19 April 2020

IMPORTANT. Writing to all dear BK brothers and sisters, Brahman souls, Shiv Baba's direct children and lucky stars of world, that from today (Sunday, 19th April 2020), till the first week on May, we have organised a LIVE seminar where BK seniors will give an online class for 30 minutes or so on a specified topic; and then we will have powerful Yog (meditation) for another 30 minutes.


These classes will be specially for the present time condition and to remind Brahman souls that it is our prime duty to send peaceful and powerful healing vibrations to our brothers and sister who are some or other way suffering either from a disease like Coronavirus (COVID-19) or by mental disturbance or by a family or a financial situation.

✤ WHEN and WHERE? ✤

The online seminar will be shown LIVE on Awakening TV channel at the below given time:

BK Shivani's Live seminar ➜ Sunday, 4 pm (Indian time)

BK Jayanti's Live seminar ➜ Sunday, 9 pm (Indian time)

(To stay updated and receive regular sustenance, join our WhatsApp group)

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Note ➜ We will continue to add main points from everyday classes and seminars being held online, so that all of you can not only listen or learn but also can experience and make other souls to experience God's unlimited treasure of peace, purity, love, joy and powers.

✪ BK Sister Shivani and BK Sister Jayanti will start the day 1 of these online seminars, starting from 20th April 2020 ✪

BK Shivani LIVE seminar, April 2020

Come join us in giving Sakaash of light and might to heal our brother souls from pain, sorrow and grief and take them towards the light of love, peace and joy.

*** Main Points from Today's seminar ***

Coming soon (visit later)

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