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Language of Soul - Thoughts and feelings

Discussion on the Language of Soul - Thoughts and Feelings. Shiv Baba constantly reminds the children that to pass the “Final Paper” of becoming the “embodiment of remembrance and conqueror of attachment”, it is important that you master the final course and become “the embodiment of the language of thoughts and feelings”. This is required as a means to protect yourself from the impure vibrations of the atmosphere as well as to fulfil the precise needs of impure souls by having the ability to discern the vibrations of their thoughts at the final moments of the cycle. (Refer: End time scenes)

Shiv Baba gives the method through blessings in 02.06.07, “In the final moments, there will be upheaval and sounds of people and nature everywhere. There will be the atmosphere of screaming and upheaval. At such a time, only the practice of becoming a soul in the avyakt angelic stage and the incorporeal bodiless stage in a second will make you victorious.'' Therefore, there should be the practice over a long period of time of being the master and playing the instrument of the mouth whenever you want and of listening through the ears whenever you want. If you don’t want to use them, then put a stop in a second. This practice will bring you into the rosary that is remembered, that is, the rosary of victory, the Vijayanti Mala.

In the murli of 22.01.70 Baba says, “Just as when you come in front of BapDada, He knows the thoughts and feelings within your mind without having to tell Baba about it, in the same way, you children have to study this final course. Just as you speak the language of the mouth, in the same way there is the conversation of the spirit, which is called heart to heart conservation.'' When you stabilise yourself in the spiritual stage, so the spirit will be able to know another spirit easily and clearly, just as in this world, you know the feelings of one another by your speaking about them. (Refer: Avyakt Murli audio clips)

Thoughts come from the “mind” whereas feelings are generated in the “intellect” and both thoughts and feelings are influenced by the “sanskars” of the soul. It is therefore very obvious that to master the language of thoughts and feelings, all three subtle powers, the mind, intellect and sanskars must obey the orders of the soul, the real master. The deep secret is to have the faith in the intellect that what successes you experience or attain, it is Shiv Baba’s drishti that gives the power to discern fulfilling the needs of souls through sakaash and vision

* The Main Practice required to Master the Language of Thoughts and Feelings *

Shiv Baba says that the main practice is to remain beyond sound. In the murli of 22.01.70, Baba gives the method “There is sound in this world, whereas in the subtle region there is no sound, and this is why Baba is teaching all the children the drill to take them beyond sound. The practice of coming into sound in one second and going beyond sound in one second is absolutely essential at the present time.'' The time will come when you will stabilise in the avyakt stage and be able to know the feelings within someone’s mind through the signals of the eyes. It will not be necessary to speak to or hear about it from anyone. Such a time is now going to come. A good guard should be able to discern and decipher the needs of anyone from a distance. Only maharathis with the lighthouse and mighthouse stage possess this specialty.

Shiv Baba explains this in AM 6.12.75 quote “To discern someone through that one’s sanskars, words and activity is common, but to be able to discern someone through the vibrations of his thoughts is the real power of discernment…This is the discrimination power of the maharathis. You will be able to increase this power when you are able to discern the presence of others even though they may not be in front of you. This is known as the success of the powers. This stage will also come, but only for a few and only for a short time. This is why Baba’s says: Those who stay till the end will be able to see and experience these scenes.” (Source: Sakar Murli original)

Source of Feelings Feelings first come in the form of thoughts, secondly in words and then in actions. As are your feelings, so you would view the activities and words of others and with this attitude, this is how you would listen or come into connections with them. Feelings can change intentions. If at any time, you have feelings of jealousy towards anyone, then you would find that a misunderstanding will always arise in whatever they have to say or do. That person may be doing something good, but because your feelings is one of jealousy or hate, you will always find some fault with their activities. Your feelings towards them would be one of arrogance with a self-righteous attitude that you can do things better or you have all the answers. There would always be conflict and you would withdraw your cooperation or assist if you have to grudgingly.09.1.93. Through the power of pure feelings, elevated thoughts, elevated attitude and elevated vibrations, you have the capability to serve the whole world from anyone place. The method is to be a lighthouse and mighthouse. The mind and intellect should always be free from wasteful thinking. 06.11.87.

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