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GOD OF GODS the Movie

God of Gods is a spiritual film created by Prajatpita Brahma Kumaris - Films and media division. Written and filmed by BK Venkatesh. Learn, watch or download.

This movie will give the true understanding of the self (soul), of God (the supreme soul) and the eternal World Drama of 5000 years, passing through the four ages (Golden age, silver age, coppe and iron age). Movie explains when and how God comes and transforms the old world (iron age) into new (Golden age), which is remembered by many names: Satyug, Heaven, Paradise, Garden of Allah, Vaikuntha and more.

This is our 'official' page for all info, videos, Full movie, download, and useful links of this movie.

✦ Watch: FULL movie - GOD of Gods - Hindi ✦

Download Full movie in HD (use a PC to download)

✦ Watch: FULL movie - GOD of Gods - ENGLISH ✦


Here is a public review (experiences) of the movie ->


✦ Movie Review by BKs and Non-BKs ✦

Movie was released on 3 March 2019 (on the day of Maha Shivratri). This is the first ever film made on our spiritual father (Shiv baba) and world drama cycle that will be displayed in general cinemas.

*** Official Movie Poster ***

God of Gods movie poster

This film will be a beautiful and meaning story of human souls (us) who took a journey of 5000 years within the 4 distinct ages (Golden, silver, copper, iron). This is the story of victory and defeat, rise and fall, of knowledge and ignorance. How God comes at the end of cycle to re-create the Golden age (heaven) in world. It is a true story of us human souls (human beings). Revealed by the God father, our most beloved Shiv baba, in Murli, through prajapita brahma. Welcome to the God fatherly university for liberation in life for all the souls.


You can watch this film as it releases on 3rd of March, at your nearest PVR theaters.

Here is the list of cinemas which will show this film. You may download using PC or simply visit the Google Drive shared folder. Download Zipped OR Visit the folder.

✪ (video) Blessings from seniors in Yagya ✪


✪ Watch trailers of the movie (God of Gods) in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu ✪

▶Watch trailer in Hindi + Review - हिन्दी मे देखे

▶ Watch Trailer in English + Review

Watch in Tamil - தமிழ்

Watch in Malayalam - తెలుగులో చూడండ

All Language Trailers (YouTube Playlist):


▶ GOD OF GODS Movie Making

You can visit the same in Hindi - GOD of GODS in Hindi

~~~ Movie Production Team ~~~

Producer ➞ BK Jagmohan & BK IMS Reddy

Executive Producer ➞ BK Karuna (mount abu)

Writer /Director ➞ BK Venkatesh

VFX Supervisor ➞ BK Ajeet

Cinematographer ➞ BK Karan

Production Controller ➞ BK Parsuman

Digital Painter ➞ BK Subhash

✣✣✣ Useful links ✣✣✣

Video Gallery (important videos)

About Brahma Kumaris (introduction)

Resources - Audio collection

On God-fatherly World Service

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